Sunday, 26 July 2009

mock exams


Life is sad as a secondary school student in singapore.Once again exams creep around the corner,in fact,its actually tommorow.

And life is worse for me cuz im a gamer,and exams will most probably mean no gaming.But the thing is,I still play games even if exams come.BUT the OTHER thing is,this coming august,there are no fun game releases.

August is gonna be mother farking boring.Studying would seem as the best possible choice for me to burn time this august,in preperation for the incoming O levels this coming august.But studying just aint my thing.Ill consider doing it.But im jus gonna mosey on and hope for august to pass....

Bleh,why am I even posting when mock exams are tommorow.Damn,this is such a pain.Shouldnt I be studying?Well,I did a total of 3 hours and 40 mins of studying today.To some it might be little,but to me its a huge amount,massive gamers such as myself cant take too much wording and mathematics.

ZZZ.I better go play some games before I sleep at 11.30 today,as the nxt day is just a day of crap examining.