Friday, 17 July 2009

Boring life

Ok,time to talk about the boring crap ass life that i am currently experiencing right now.O levels are coming,and EVERY FKING DAY,I have to godamn mother fking stay back until 5PM earliest,if im unlucky 7pm.Thats like 12 hours of school.My usual gaming life of 5-6 hours of games a day has drop to less than an hour.

My friends say im crazy,I think so too.I have suddenly drop so much gaming,my mind yearns to play lots of games,but i cant.Thanks to this daily shyt I have to experience in school,I have become crazy.I start to do crazy stunts in the school fitness corner,such as falling from a high height and then doing a roll right after that,or even doing backflips.

I have gone mad,officially.Boring life has caused me to die.The old me has died,behold a new me,a me that doesnt play much,studies alot,but does not take studying very seriously,as I am GOD SICK OF IT.