Wednesday, 29 July 2009

crisis core:final fantasy 7

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.4

O.O.Editor's choice.As many game players around the world know about rpg games,they should have heard the name final fantasy,and ppl who know about final fantasy will know it's 7th entry as well as its great accomplishments.This includes the movie "advent children" and the PS2 game "dirge of cerebus".And about a year ago,they released crisis core,the 1st FF7 release for the PSP.And this,without saying is a great game,but in my opinion,MY opinion(dun get any wrong ideas),the original was better.Anyhow,on with it!

As we all now(actually,only ff7 players)cloud once had this colleague named zack.Well this game is about him.It explains the events of what happened before the story of final fantasy 7.It tells about how the 3 great SOLDIERs,angeal,genesis and sephiroth(now where have we heard that?).Also,zack is within them,but oni as a normal friend of some sort.In this game,genesis goes haywire and threatens destruction.And somehow,zack 's dream,"to be a hero",kicks in.The story is very appealing and it does explain the events before final fantasy 7 very clearly,I like it!.

Now then,on with gameplay.The graphics is pretty ok,but quite nice for PSP.The character and monster designs are awesome,I think they cannot be improved further(well for a PSP game ,that is).The difficulty for this game is quite....meh.Its just a little too easy,even the last boss was kind of no kick.However if one decides to clear all the optionals,it will be sslliiightyy harder.Just slighty.

Well then,on the field,its jus seen that zack is just running.Nothing special here.In ff games,when monsters attack,they will hack the classic screen shatter and then shift to battle screen.But in this,monsters jus appear out of nowhere and whoa!Battle time.Well I prefer the screen shatter thing,makes things look cool,but this is cool too.In battle,its simply thrilling!Much better than most(or all)final fantasies.Instead of turn by turn,you get to run around and just attack the enemy by just clicking X.And to use skills,jus click the respective buttons.

No final fantasy would be complete without summons,and this game has them!Before getting the summon,its required that they be defeated,and trust ne,they make normal enemies look like jus flies.Summons are basically the hardest things in the game,you wont find anything harder.One thing,they look awesome.
Overall great,for gamespot to give it a 9 is well,proving its greatness.I recommend it to gamers everywhere.