Friday, 24 July 2009

shining tears

Gamespot score:6.4(fair)

My score:7.0

Meh,soon ill be running out of good games to talk about. Today's game is shining tears on the PS2.This game is really old.I think i bought it when I was 11.Thats like 4-5 years ago.Anyway,no matter the time gap this game is still quite good.But this game like many other games I post about has flaws to it that prevents it from being great or close to perfection.Now let the wording begin.

Now for the story.One day,some random guy came washing up the shores of the city.An elf girl named elwyn was taking a stroll,and well,she saw the body,which seemed really injured at that point of time.She brings the body to the doctor,where he takes cares of the guy's wounds.When he comes to,he remembers nth buy his name,Xion.He has 2 dragon rings.When the story progresses as he tries to repay the doctor for pathcing up his wounds,he realises that the dragon rins,when shared between one character and himself,will gain massive power!The story advances where a war is about to take place...

The graphics aint the best,in fact,I think its rather PS1 graphics,which aint really good.The animations are weak,and the characters arent that nice.Portraits are pretty good however,nice detail.

Battle aint simple in this game.Its more of an action RPG,where in battle you just walk around and slash to your heart's content.But the slashing part ain that simple.This game has a bad habit of letting you die many times.The monsters have high dmg output,meaning you can die in the few slightest hits.

In battle,the characters you use are rather small,and the slashing and killing aint that impressive too.But i gotta say it aint really that bad.It provides some sort of fun to kill all the crapload of enemies that keep coming.Also,its important to choose the correct partner for the correct missions,the wrong partner may screw you up.

Overall,not to bad,but i seriously think that they should make leveling up easier,or the players of the game will easily lose interest.