Wednesday, 1 July 2009

wild arms alter code F

Gamespot score:7.2(good)

my score:8.0

Before I get on with the review,I gotta say that since exams are closing in my computer usage time is limited,thus I shall not be able to post very often.I may come in once every few days to do minor updates or maybe post a little here and there but I wont be posting as often as the previous few months.

Witouth further ado,heres wild arms alter code F.Its a classic RPG using the classic turn by turn battle system.Its actually a PS2 remake of the PS game wild arms.This remake is obviously much better and made more fun.The game was released in 2005,and for that time this game has rather good and impressive graphics(altough I have seen better).For a RPG game this game has some good values in it.Gamespot's score for it is rather low though,it should get higher.

Now on with the story.The game centers in on 3 adventurers.Rudy,a lone wanderer,jack,a treasure hunter seeking some supreme power,and cecilia,a princess.The game's main character is Rudy though,he travels the land of filgaia,finding a place that no one will shun him for his supreme power.You see,having wielding an ARM,a powerful and said to be demonic weapon,he is shuned by towns and villagers.One normal day he travels to this town,where he runs into jack and cecilia,they get to do a job together,but later the town gets attacked by demons,and that revealed cecilia to be a princess.When the king of the town gets killed cecilia goes on a journey to prevent other towns from having the same fate as her's.Rudy and jack just tag along.

The battle design is okay,its a basic turn by turn that can be understood by almost anyone.The battle animations can be pretty nice at times,making battles quite interesting.But battles can get boring due to many random encounters.

However something that I like about the encounter system is that one can actually negate the encounter.I cant remeber what button one must push to negate an encounter but it can actually be done a few times,saving you the trouble from going though battles.If your party is strong in a certain area,battles can be negated without any cost,but if the monsters are particularly strong,they cannot be negated.

Finally the character and boss designs are good,especially the bosses.
They look great and when fighting you can see how the battle flows nicely.Altough the random critical animations can sometimes be quite annoying,everything else is good.

Quite a good old style RPG,I like it.So will RPG fans.