Its been awhile so I 4got where we left off.

After the run go back to the subway and you will be brought back to the highway due to change of events.Out run trudge in the highway.Quite easy,no problems here.Head back to the subway after that and nervin will tell you to go to the plant.Now head west of the bike shop.

You should have your decks upgraded,so test it on these 2 guys.

deck name:duel factory
deck power:615
I didnt really catch his strategy,he just uses many monsters that are hard to destroy and swarm you real good.Use lotsa monster removal.My dragon deck pwned his ass so there shouldnt be too many problems.

deck name:Valley below wind
deck power:619
What?What did this guy just do.I dont noe.This guy for some reason is really weak.I could not get to see his strategy,not even once.I defeated him before he could do shyt.The only time he did SOMETHING was summon the warrior of the mist valley.

Ok move north and push the blocks away and press the swtich.Reach the gate in 7 secs in tink,move fast and there should be no prob.Follow the path and you will see Lug.

deck name:from the sea
deck power:689
An umi type deck.Quite easy,he has no real threats as long as you get rid of umi.Bring more s/t destruction if you dont wanna see tornado wall.Becareful of his orca whale if he brings out umi.I won with XYZ in 3 turns,so wtf.

Save blitz,head up the door and keep going north to duel a "ssssssss" guy.

deck name:ssss ssss ssss
deck power:708
This guy basically summons alot of big level 7 and above boys.He does so via mauloslem of the emperor,so take that out and its smooth sailing for you.To win it easy,pack monster removals and bring his hp below 2000 as fast as possible,that way he cant summon his lvl 7++ monsters.

Before you do anything,go back,save and talk to tank.After the conversation he tells you hes too scared to move(-.-).Move south and meet lenny,and tank comes running(I though he was too scared to move).Duel time.

deck name:lotsa bugs
deck power:780
Ok,your 1st real and exciting duel.And its gonna be quite a tough 1,provided he doesnt get a bad hand.His deck is very consistent and battle flow will very easily go in his favour due to many of his insect effects.Even having alot of monster removal may not get you through this.Bring and many battle position changing cards such as securtiy to save your skin.Just duel as well as you can,if you lose, game over.So dont lose.Cards to beware of are chainsaw insect and doom dozer.

After you win you get a few scenes.Head back to the subway and talk to tank.Run the stimulation and beat the pipeline timing of 3 mins.After that tank runs off.Leave the tent and duel rally,he hasnt changed his deck so bleh.Next is blitz,still easy as shit.

Now when tank asks you if your ready say yes and its pipeline time.Outrun trudge again,still easy,watch out for fans.

After the run you get caught by securities.Thats all for now.