Friday, 3 July 2009

phantasy star portable

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.0

Damn,Im so tired...

Well,here we are with one of the most anticipated PSP games last year,I guess.Phantasy star portable is an action RPG game where you move around and slash monsters/mobs.Then you keep doing that until you reach the end of a certain dungeon or area and then you will fight a boss,which will mostly pawn ur ass if you are underleveled.A pretty stoned and stiff action RPG but it is still quite fun in a sense that you dont play it too often.

Lets start off.You are a member of the union,a group ensuring peace between worlds(or something like that).One day on your mission of patrolling on the deck of a space ship you and your partner vivienne discover some terrosist activities and before you know if both of you are in some special squad.The game's story trails of as your unnamed character gets posted to different planets to do different missions.You will meet other union members along the way though,thus getting more party members.The game's storyline is actually quite bland,not much twists/turns making the story just okay.The game itself is still pretty ok though.

One thing to note about this game is that the battle system is pretty normal.Nothing good,nothing bad.Its just normal.The only flaw is that you cant jump.You can use a variety of weapons ranging from pistols,greatswords,double blades and fists.That is acutally pretty cool,and you can use items without pausing the game via something called the pallet.Just hit the button and let go.You can use the pallet to change weapons in a middle of the fight too.

Now,on to mobs and bosses.Some mobs look sucky,but they are generally okay.There are some good looking mobs too.The bosses are a different story,they look awesome and really nice.The creators sure put some effort in making the bosses.

One disturbing thing,you will have to train hard.Why?If you dont you will get owned by bosses(unless you spam healing items).The later bosses are hard which makes training a must in this game.

Overall not a good game,but not a bad one too.Pretty average,plain battle style but nice bosses and generally boring looking mobs,with the exception of a few.This game may not be suited to all.