Wednesday, 8 July 2009

best game character:8 july 09

Its really been quite awhile since I done this.Ah well.Today's best game character features vayne.Main character of the 1st mana khemia game,the sequel to the atelier iris series(which is an awesome series).Now then,why vayne?Well,he is in many ways likable as a good character.

Well vayne is a student to an alchemist school,being a very anti social and lonely boy that he was be fore he came to the school,he tries to avoid attention as much as possible.He is indeed an emo,even his voice sounds so.

I like his style in thinking things.He doesnt realy care and does not want any part of anything most of the time.He just wants to avoid trouble.Thats what of a person I am anyway.This is definetely a plus.Well when he 1st enters the school his only friend is sulfer the cat.He can somehow understand what he is saying.Weird.

Now on to my favourite part.The way vayne fights and his weapon is probably the most creative I have ever seen in the history of weapons and fighting.In battle,Vayne wields a claw,in which the nails are swords,and on his other hand there is an eye which scans the enemy I guess.The main arm,the one with the swords,can shapeshift into many different blade forms which suit the flow of battle.This is actually very cool.Seeing it on the PSP or PS2 is much better.

There may not be many good traits other people see in vayne,but this emo boy has actually much that makes him deserve this title.Mostly its his fighting style.Well peace for now.