Wednesday, 29 July 2009

crisis core:final fantasy 7

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.4

O.O.Editor's choice.As many game players around the world know about rpg games,they should have heard the name final fantasy,and ppl who know about final fantasy will know it's 7th entry as well as its great accomplishments.This includes the movie "advent children" and the PS2 game "dirge of cerebus".And about a year ago,they released crisis core,the 1st FF7 release for the PSP.And this,without saying is a great game,but in my opinion,MY opinion(dun get any wrong ideas),the original was better.Anyhow,on with it!

As we all now(actually,only ff7 players)cloud once had this colleague named zack.Well this game is about him.It explains the events of what happened before the story of final fantasy 7.It tells about how the 3 great SOLDIERs,angeal,genesis and sephiroth(now where have we heard that?).Also,zack is within them,but oni as a normal friend of some sort.In this game,genesis goes haywire and threatens destruction.And somehow,zack 's dream,"to be a hero",kicks in.The story is very appealing and it does explain the events before final fantasy 7 very clearly,I like it!.

Now then,on with gameplay.The graphics is pretty ok,but quite nice for PSP.The character and monster designs are awesome,I think they cannot be improved further(well for a PSP game ,that is).The difficulty for this game is quite....meh.Its just a little too easy,even the last boss was kind of no kick.However if one decides to clear all the optionals,it will be sslliiightyy harder.Just slighty.

Well then,on the field,its jus seen that zack is just running.Nothing special here.In ff games,when monsters attack,they will hack the classic screen shatter and then shift to battle screen.But in this,monsters jus appear out of nowhere and whoa!Battle time.Well I prefer the screen shatter thing,makes things look cool,but this is cool too.In battle,its simply thrilling!Much better than most(or all)final fantasies.Instead of turn by turn,you get to run around and just attack the enemy by just clicking X.And to use skills,jus click the respective buttons.

No final fantasy would be complete without summons,and this game has them!Before getting the summon,its required that they be defeated,and trust ne,they make normal enemies look like jus flies.Summons are basically the hardest things in the game,you wont find anything harder.One thing,they look awesome.
Overall great,for gamespot to give it a 9 is well,proving its greatness.I recommend it to gamers everywhere.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

mock exams


Life is sad as a secondary school student in singapore.Once again exams creep around the corner,in fact,its actually tommorow.

And life is worse for me cuz im a gamer,and exams will most probably mean no gaming.But the thing is,I still play games even if exams come.BUT the OTHER thing is,this coming august,there are no fun game releases.

August is gonna be mother farking boring.Studying would seem as the best possible choice for me to burn time this august,in preperation for the incoming O levels this coming august.But studying just aint my thing.Ill consider doing it.But im jus gonna mosey on and hope for august to pass....

Bleh,why am I even posting when mock exams are tommorow.Damn,this is such a pain.Shouldnt I be studying?Well,I did a total of 3 hours and 40 mins of studying today.To some it might be little,but to me its a huge amount,massive gamers such as myself cant take too much wording and mathematics.

ZZZ.I better go play some games before I sleep at 11.30 today,as the nxt day is just a day of crap examining.

Friday, 24 July 2009

shining tears

Gamespot score:6.4(fair)

My score:7.0

Meh,soon ill be running out of good games to talk about. Today's game is shining tears on the PS2.This game is really old.I think i bought it when I was 11.Thats like 4-5 years ago.Anyway,no matter the time gap this game is still quite good.But this game like many other games I post about has flaws to it that prevents it from being great or close to perfection.Now let the wording begin.

Now for the story.One day,some random guy came washing up the shores of the city.An elf girl named elwyn was taking a stroll,and well,she saw the body,which seemed really injured at that point of time.She brings the body to the doctor,where he takes cares of the guy's wounds.When he comes to,he remembers nth buy his name,Xion.He has 2 dragon rings.When the story progresses as he tries to repay the doctor for pathcing up his wounds,he realises that the dragon rins,when shared between one character and himself,will gain massive power!The story advances where a war is about to take place...

The graphics aint the best,in fact,I think its rather PS1 graphics,which aint really good.The animations are weak,and the characters arent that nice.Portraits are pretty good however,nice detail.

Battle aint simple in this game.Its more of an action RPG,where in battle you just walk around and slash to your heart's content.But the slashing part ain that simple.This game has a bad habit of letting you die many times.The monsters have high dmg output,meaning you can die in the few slightest hits.

In battle,the characters you use are rather small,and the slashing and killing aint that impressive too.But i gotta say it aint really that bad.It provides some sort of fun to kill all the crapload of enemies that keep coming.Also,its important to choose the correct partner for the correct missions,the wrong partner may screw you up.

Overall,not to bad,but i seriously think that they should make leveling up easier,or the players of the game will easily lose interest.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

megaman star force:dragon/pegasus/leo

Gamespot score:6.0(average)
my score:7.1
The megaman star force series,a game that was suceeded from the GBA game series megaman battle network(which was by no means a great series). Capcom decided to continue the finished story of battle network to the NDS with star force,altough there wasnt much of a story link between the 2 series.In my opinion,star force is another great series to the addition,a good sequel as well,but in many ways battle nerwork is more fun than starforce,find out in this post.

Like many of the battle network series,this game has multiple versions to it.Dragon,leo and pegasus.I bought pegasus.Meh it was all the same,expect for the form change and the boss which determines your form.In this game,the story sets a few hundred years after battle network,where geo,a boy who lost his dad in a space exploration,is a dam emo who stares at the stars.One day however,a FM being,fuses with him to become megaman!And hes basically a hero that stops all aliens coming earth whom are hunting for war-rock,the alien which fuses with geo,as he is an outlaw in his home planet.

The in game graphics,or shall i say,animation,is the same as battle network,no changes,no tweaks to it,its expactly the same.Since the game is on DS,they could have made it much better.But,meh.Also,there isnt much of a use with the stylus,so like,wad?

The different versions are like no diff,the only diff,as i mentioned abv,is the form determining boss fight,and the form of your megaman.Its quite dumb if you ask me,not much of scenerio changes.Battling is well,weird.I much prefered the old battle network battle system.It was good,entertaining,and it really tests one's skills.
In star force however,the same applies,but its in 3D,which really screwed up.The 3D graphics are not really the best,but its just that they would be better off with 2D.Anyway,battling is still fun and enjoyable,skills are still tested,in fact,they are tested even more than in battle network,instead of having 9 panel moving spaces,you only have 3!And there are certain attacks from bosses that can attack your entire move area!

Thats why they invented block in this game.Dont go like,huh?Block?Whats the damn point of dodging then?Bloccking requires PRECISE timing.If you block too early,or too late,your hp goes boom.Like in previous games,hp goes up by finding hp mems,whcih is ok.

Overall,not tooooo bad.Gamespot really made a major blow by giving it 6.I still like,i managed to play through the whole game without hating it too much.

Its jail time.

The moment you enter the jail cell,leave the room and try to leave to hear a scream.Head south to the recreation room and face..

deck name:stampeding bulls!
deck power:940
The difficulty should only be 2.5,but your using someone else's deck,which is not a really good one.Just play smart with what you have,use stall monsters such as dandelyon to tribute out your powerful cards like blue eyes.

Alrihgt after you win you will meet my hatest character in the game,chief.After the scene with him,go talk to yusei.Then,talk to everyone around the prison to gather cards.When you get enough cards.SAVE.I cant emphasise enough,save the godamn game.

Now go out and face chief.

deck name: Go takasu C!
deck power:950
Actually chief should be a 2 difficulty,cuz now your deck sux even more,difficulty goes up alot.Your cards now are based more on monsters that will help you when 1st summoned,then screw you up later on.Just use traps wisely and pray he does not use his godamn deck destuction tactics.

Once you win,a few scenes and your out.Just move south and enter the 1st entrance you see west.Talk to the bar keeper and solve 3 out of 5 puzzles.Check for solutions on google,cuz i cant solve em myself.Lol.

Leave and blister will pick you up.After the scene ,take the machiner's sniper in his room.Leave south,north and south again to leave the bulding.Then keep going east until you see a kid named nico I to him and duel him with strucure decks.Use zombie madness for easy winnings.

Now go back and talk to blister.Hear the plan and save your game.Leave the building,go east and north.Examine the card scanner and youre in.Now move east,avoid the security guards,its quite easy,now move up the door and press the button.You have 2 mins to reach your deck.Now this part is godamn tedious.Avoid th guards or you will have to start all over,i mean literally,FROM THE VERY START.

When you finally get your deck back,get some dp and a new duel disk in the room.Now for your duel runner,head up north from the entrance and west,avoid more guards.When you get the duel runner,one more chase with trudge,save before that,i warned you.

The next race is harder,with electricity and rising blocks,you can really lose this time.Just maximise the use of breaks and avoid turning.

When you escape,you get another scene,now you meet the twins leo and luna(whom is very cute).You duel leo.

deck name:transform, Ta Da!
deck power:1100
Not too hard,but can be annoying.Morphatronic monsters can be annoyingly powerful if you manage to let them swarm the field,kill the 1st morphatronic monster the moment it appears,whatever it takes.Also,using a XYZ deck can nag you a win pretty quick,just like mine,bring out XY dragon cannon to dominate the field.

Peace for now.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Boring life

Ok,time to talk about the boring crap ass life that i am currently experiencing right now.O levels are coming,and EVERY FKING DAY,I have to godamn mother fking stay back until 5PM earliest,if im unlucky 7pm.Thats like 12 hours of school.My usual gaming life of 5-6 hours of games a day has drop to less than an hour.

My friends say im crazy,I think so too.I have suddenly drop so much gaming,my mind yearns to play lots of games,but i cant.Thanks to this daily shyt I have to experience in school,I have become crazy.I start to do crazy stunts in the school fitness corner,such as falling from a high height and then doing a roll right after that,or even doing backflips.

I have gone mad,officially.Boring life has caused me to die.The old me has died,behold a new me,a me that doesnt play much,studies alot,but does not take studying very seriously,as I am GOD SICK OF IT.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

odin sphere

Gamespot score:7.6(good)

my score:8.5

Oh yeah!!Time for a game of awesomeness.I personally say that im a fan of 2D side scrolling games.Ive been playing them since the day of the old 2D retro style megaman games.Well this is a 2D side scrolling game,just like the old days,and I must say,I love this game!!!Being a 2D side scrolling game,it has amazing artwork,great game flow,and an amazingly impressive story.The gamespot score was good,but well I would give it alot more,its awesome.

Now then,the game's story revoles around a little girl in a library of some sort,with 5 books on the ground.She picks up the 1st one,and reads it.You get to play the story shes reading.The 5 books are somehow related and are always linked togehther in the main storyline.Each book represents a character you play as,and they are are amazing.Each character playthrough has a mix of love,betrayal and irony in thier story.

Character 1,gwendolyn,the valkyrie,daughter of odin.

Character 2,cornelius,a prince,cursed to take form of a pooka.

Character 3,mercedes,fairy princess,destined to lead the fairy empire.

Character 4,oswald,armed with the power of the shadow knight,destoryer of all.

Character 5,velvet,the lost daughter of odin,seeker of vengance.

Okay,gameplay is simple.You select a book,play the story.On the map,you follow the path which branches on the map,area by area.Each area has plenty of enemies for you to work with,or even mini bosses to kill you.The last area is always the boss.Like < <,such a nice dragon,it made me go wow when i 1st saw it,wtf man.

Along with gameplay,the cutscenes are also in the 2D environment that you play in,so dont expect much,but they are still verywell awesomeeeee.The graphics are WOW for a 2D game,im not kidding,I have not seen such smooth 2D gameplay before.Each strike dealt by a character has its own effects,usually beautifully animated.

The characters,enemies,bosses and stuff,needless to say,are great.10/10 to me.I was speechless beyond words when encountering a different enemy or character thx to its nice art.The story at times may be hard to understand,but it all links together as you play the different characters so its all good.The best thing in art for this game,to me its the dragons,wowzers at such beautiful and nicely drawn dragons.

Overall a good 2D game.Im sure it will provide a 2D experience like never before to many people,awesome all in all.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

S4 league

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

Yoyo its time for the S4 league.A game featured through a DJmax song"supersonic".It was created by pentavision of course,featuring music from different DJmax titles.Its an online TPS,with a huge twist,which makes it incredibely enjoyable.

Okay,this game has a huge gameplay range.Its hard to explain in words.Its like when you 1st log into the game,you will suddenly feel real pumped up and you will really want to dive into the game.The moment you head in the game you jump into tutorial,and with the tutorial alone,you can already see how fun it is.

This game has good weaponary,they are very creative with this.The weapons have a very retro/furturistic feel to it.Even thier handguns look great.They have revolvers,semi auto rifle,counter sword,plasma sword,cannonade......theres alot to list.

Game modes range from touch downs to deathmatches.

1st up Im gonna talk about touchdowns.A touchdown game is consisted of up to 12 players(6v6).Each team has to reach to a point of the map where a fumbi(the ball) is and grab it,then they run as fast as they can to the opponent's touchdown point.It sounds simple,but when the player with the fumbi gets killed by another player,the ball drops on the spot,giving chances to whoever is nearby to grab it,even enemies!The fun of touchdown is that players have to cover each other as well as the one who has the ball.They have so set some players in thier own team's touchdown point,to fight off whoever is bold enough to rush in to score a touchdown.There are many touchdown maps,this means there are many different experiences to the mode.

Next up is deathmatch,its horribly simple to understand.You just kill each other.Once again its a 6v6 game.This time,you just beat the crap out of anyone whos not your teammate.The maps are made differently,the players can jus shoot or slash the opposing team.This time skills and weapons are put to the test.Players use skills,such as flying or summoning a shield and many other stuff to take the upper hand and destory the opponents.

This game is seriously fun,but DO NOT play it too much.You will get bored of it real quick.Also,the reason this game didnt go above the 8 mark,is cuz noobs will seriously get owned really bad.The controls are a little flimsy to get used to,which is another flaw to this game.

Overall its great.The game can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

best game character:8 july 09

Its really been quite awhile since I done this.Ah well.Today's best game character features vayne.Main character of the 1st mana khemia game,the sequel to the atelier iris series(which is an awesome series).Now then,why vayne?Well,he is in many ways likable as a good character.

Well vayne is a student to an alchemist school,being a very anti social and lonely boy that he was be fore he came to the school,he tries to avoid attention as much as possible.He is indeed an emo,even his voice sounds so.

I like his style in thinking things.He doesnt realy care and does not want any part of anything most of the time.He just wants to avoid trouble.Thats what of a person I am anyway.This is definetely a plus.Well when he 1st enters the school his only friend is sulfer the cat.He can somehow understand what he is saying.Weird.

Now on to my favourite part.The way vayne fights and his weapon is probably the most creative I have ever seen in the history of weapons and fighting.In battle,Vayne wields a claw,in which the nails are swords,and on his other hand there is an eye which scans the enemy I guess.The main arm,the one with the swords,can shapeshift into many different blade forms which suit the flow of battle.This is actually very cool.Seeing it on the PSP or PS2 is much better.

There may not be many good traits other people see in vayne,but this emo boy has actually much that makes him deserve this title.Mostly its his fighting style.Well peace for now.

Its been awhile so I 4got where we left off.

After the run go back to the subway and you will be brought back to the highway due to change of events.Out run trudge in the highway.Quite easy,no problems here.Head back to the subway after that and nervin will tell you to go to the plant.Now head west of the bike shop.

You should have your decks upgraded,so test it on these 2 guys.

deck name:duel factory
deck power:615
I didnt really catch his strategy,he just uses many monsters that are hard to destroy and swarm you real good.Use lotsa monster removal.My dragon deck pwned his ass so there shouldnt be too many problems.

deck name:Valley below wind
deck power:619
What?What did this guy just do.I dont noe.This guy for some reason is really weak.I could not get to see his strategy,not even once.I defeated him before he could do shyt.The only time he did SOMETHING was summon the warrior of the mist valley.

Ok move north and push the blocks away and press the swtich.Reach the gate in 7 secs in tink,move fast and there should be no prob.Follow the path and you will see Lug.

deck name:from the sea
deck power:689
An umi type deck.Quite easy,he has no real threats as long as you get rid of umi.Bring more s/t destruction if you dont wanna see tornado wall.Becareful of his orca whale if he brings out umi.I won with XYZ in 3 turns,so wtf.

Save blitz,head up the door and keep going north to duel a "ssssssss" guy.

deck name:ssss ssss ssss
deck power:708
This guy basically summons alot of big level 7 and above boys.He does so via mauloslem of the emperor,so take that out and its smooth sailing for you.To win it easy,pack monster removals and bring his hp below 2000 as fast as possible,that way he cant summon his lvl 7++ monsters.

Before you do anything,go back,save and talk to tank.After the conversation he tells you hes too scared to move(-.-).Move south and meet lenny,and tank comes running(I though he was too scared to move).Duel time.

deck name:lotsa bugs
deck power:780
Ok,your 1st real and exciting duel.And its gonna be quite a tough 1,provided he doesnt get a bad hand.His deck is very consistent and battle flow will very easily go in his favour due to many of his insect effects.Even having alot of monster removal may not get you through this.Bring and many battle position changing cards such as securtiy to save your skin.Just duel as well as you can,if you lose, game over.So dont lose.Cards to beware of are chainsaw insect and doom dozer.

After you win you get a few scenes.Head back to the subway and talk to tank.Run the stimulation and beat the pipeline timing of 3 mins.After that tank runs off.Leave the tent and duel rally,he hasnt changed his deck so bleh.Next is blitz,still easy as shit.

Now when tank asks you if your ready say yes and its pipeline time.Outrun trudge again,still easy,watch out for fans.

After the run you get caught by securities.Thats all for now.

Friday, 3 July 2009

phantasy star portable

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.0

Damn,Im so tired...

Well,here we are with one of the most anticipated PSP games last year,I guess.Phantasy star portable is an action RPG game where you move around and slash monsters/mobs.Then you keep doing that until you reach the end of a certain dungeon or area and then you will fight a boss,which will mostly pawn ur ass if you are underleveled.A pretty stoned and stiff action RPG but it is still quite fun in a sense that you dont play it too often.

Lets start off.You are a member of the union,a group ensuring peace between worlds(or something like that).One day on your mission of patrolling on the deck of a space ship you and your partner vivienne discover some terrosist activities and before you know if both of you are in some special squad.The game's story trails of as your unnamed character gets posted to different planets to do different missions.You will meet other union members along the way though,thus getting more party members.The game's storyline is actually quite bland,not much twists/turns making the story just okay.The game itself is still pretty ok though.

One thing to note about this game is that the battle system is pretty normal.Nothing good,nothing bad.Its just normal.The only flaw is that you cant jump.You can use a variety of weapons ranging from pistols,greatswords,double blades and fists.That is acutally pretty cool,and you can use items without pausing the game via something called the pallet.Just hit the button and let go.You can use the pallet to change weapons in a middle of the fight too.

Now,on to mobs and bosses.Some mobs look sucky,but they are generally okay.There are some good looking mobs too.The bosses are a different story,they look awesome and really nice.The creators sure put some effort in making the bosses.

One disturbing thing,you will have to train hard.Why?If you dont you will get owned by bosses(unless you spam healing items).The later bosses are hard which makes training a must in this game.

Overall not a good game,but not a bad one too.Pretty average,plain battle style but nice bosses and generally boring looking mobs,with the exception of a few.This game may not be suited to all.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

wild arms alter code F

Gamespot score:7.2(good)

my score:8.0

Before I get on with the review,I gotta say that since exams are closing in my computer usage time is limited,thus I shall not be able to post very often.I may come in once every few days to do minor updates or maybe post a little here and there but I wont be posting as often as the previous few months.

Witouth further ado,heres wild arms alter code F.Its a classic RPG using the classic turn by turn battle system.Its actually a PS2 remake of the PS game wild arms.This remake is obviously much better and made more fun.The game was released in 2005,and for that time this game has rather good and impressive graphics(altough I have seen better).For a RPG game this game has some good values in it.Gamespot's score for it is rather low though,it should get higher.

Now on with the story.The game centers in on 3 adventurers.Rudy,a lone wanderer,jack,a treasure hunter seeking some supreme power,and cecilia,a princess.The game's main character is Rudy though,he travels the land of filgaia,finding a place that no one will shun him for his supreme power.You see,having wielding an ARM,a powerful and said to be demonic weapon,he is shuned by towns and villagers.One normal day he travels to this town,where he runs into jack and cecilia,they get to do a job together,but later the town gets attacked by demons,and that revealed cecilia to be a princess.When the king of the town gets killed cecilia goes on a journey to prevent other towns from having the same fate as her's.Rudy and jack just tag along.

The battle design is okay,its a basic turn by turn that can be understood by almost anyone.The battle animations can be pretty nice at times,making battles quite interesting.But battles can get boring due to many random encounters.

However something that I like about the encounter system is that one can actually negate the encounter.I cant remeber what button one must push to negate an encounter but it can actually be done a few times,saving you the trouble from going though battles.If your party is strong in a certain area,battles can be negated without any cost,but if the monsters are particularly strong,they cannot be negated.

Finally the character and boss designs are good,especially the bosses.
They look great and when fighting you can see how the battle flows nicely.Altough the random critical animations can sometimes be quite annoying,everything else is good.

Quite a good old style RPG,I like it.So will RPG fans.