Opening Songs
OP 1 - Guren No Yumiya (Linked Horizon)
OP 2 - Jiyuu No Tsubasa (Linked Horizon)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Utsukucshiki Zankoku Na Sekai (Yoko Hikasa)
ED 2 - Great Escape (Cinema Staff)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror

Episodes: 25

I'm quite sure everyone of you knows about "Attack On Titan", there's absolutely no reason not to. It is easily the hyped and highly acclaimed anime of 2013, and for good reason. It is one of the most despair invoking anime of ALL time. If I were to add an extra genre to it, that genre would be despair, because that's what it is. You don't really have to imagine yourself in the shoes of the characters, watching the anime itself already invokes despair into your very soul. The world of "Attack On Titan" is masterfully crafted, the overall backbone concept of the plot and everything that exists in the anime is excellent. There was clearly an insane amount of thought put into imagining the state of how the world of "Attack On Titan" works, and well, that's what we see before us. It is intense, it is thrilling, it is horrifying, it is action packed, and above all, it's a masterpiece that is worthy to stand high up in the standings of some of the best animes in the world.

Que Eren's voice, "MIKASAAAA"

By now everyone's heard "Guren no Yumiya", so there's nothing much for me to say. Both songs used as opening themes as sung by Linked Horizon, a pretty new group which I assumed were formed for the very purpose of these songs. "Guren No Yumiya" as a first opening, isn't bad. It portrays the feel of wanting to stand up and fight against a greater enemy, so it fits the theme of the anime very well. However, the full version is...pretty bad. The second opening is "Jiyuu No Tsubasa", which I thought was a grand improvement over "Guren No Yumiya". As a song about freedom, it sure sound badass as f**k, which crazy guitar rifts and loud trumpets. I loved it, way better than "Guren No Yumiya" at least.

"Utsukucshiki Zankoku Na Sekai" by Yoko Hikasa is the first ending theme, which came off as a surprise to me, since Yoko Hikasa wasn't cast in the anime at all (a pity, really). Still, its a pretty slow song that gets a little heated up during the chorus, and you all know I don't really dig slow songs. Its at least good that her song gets featured in such a popular anime, I suppose. The 2nd ending is "Great Escape" by Cinema Staff, which is pretty good, I'll admit. it has this fast and edgy tune that gets you all hyped up. In my opinion, a pop genre tune in "Attack On Titan" would do pretty well, and that's "Great Escape".

Rating: 9.0/10

I'll say it, I love "Attack On Titan". Its common practice really, I got suckered into watching episode 1 during its release back in April, and after that episode, every waking moment of my mind was just consumed, eagerly waiting for the next episode. The despair dude, its contagious. Watching that bleak, horrible world, being pushed around by the enemies of mankind, the titans, it was a trial that I just had to see the characters overcome. The enemies were powerful, big looming titans that would crush any human in an instant, and as always, watching good guys fighting against stronger bad guys have always been interesting to watch. The atmosphere was amazing, the design of the world, the 3D maneuver gears, the walls, the cities within was all a lovely puzzle that was tacked together with perfect precision. There were very little characters to hate, and even the worst one of them all (Armin), turned out to be a f**king badass halfway through the anime. Watching "Attack On Titan" is like taking drugs, you can't stop. Its hard to, anyway.

You're never going to kill someone 30 times your size, give it up.

The story circles around a young village boy, Eren Yeagar, and his family adopted step sister, Mikasa. Mankind has been at the mercy of titans for a long time now, and it has always been Eren's dream to join the recon corps, one of the divisions of the military, so that he may one day help mankind fight off the titans. However, his dream was quickly forced into reality, when the titans breached the wall that had been protecting mankind's cities for centuries. Titans flooded into the interiors, and few were spared. Among the many victims, Eren's mother was in there. Watching his mother getting eaten right before his very eyes flipped a switch, and Eren wanted to get stronger, desperately. Years later he joins the military, and trained along with many others as the 104th trainee squad. Yes, all Eren wants to do is to fulfill his dream, to crush and kill every titan in existence.

This review is really just for the archives, because I'm sure the mainstream mass has already popularized "Attack On Titan" to no end, so everyone already has their share of titan killing in their lives. Because the anime was getting rather close to the manga, it was cut short, and we got somewhat of a cliff hanger ending. For now, the manga has to catch up so that we may get a season 2, which we most certainly will, because of the series' current popularity. Now lets just wait for Eren to show up again, so that we get to see more titan killing, and how this bleak world continues to progress.