Opening Songs
OP 1 - Vitalization (Nana Mizuki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Next Destination (Ayahi Takagaki) 

Genre: Action

Episodes: 13

Now we all know sequels are most of the time not that much different from their original releases. They might sometimes be worse, sometimes the same, and if you're really lucky they might actually be BETTER than their predecessors. Unfortunately for the "Symphogear" franchise, I thought that the sequel, "Symphogear G" was a tad bit uninteresting until the end, and even then, it wasn't all that fantastic. The entire second season was a decent follow up to the pretty good first season, but it wasn't really interesting enough to stand of par with the first one. While the action, cool powers and magical girl transformations still remain as the series's strong point, the story, plot and everything else took a step backwards. As a sequel, I don't feel that "Symphogear G" is worthy, but at least its tolerable until you make it to the nice parts towards the end.

Que anime theme song!

Well, at least the songs are still pretty awesome. "Synchrogazer" was f**king amazing as season 1's opening, and Nana Mizuki comes back with "Vitalization" for season 2. Needless to say, "Vitalization" was a pretty awesome song as well, even though I did prefer "Synchrogazer" just a little bit, "Vitalization" still packs the energetic punch that its predecessor did and is just great to listen to. "Next Destination" by Atahi Takagaki is the ending theme and it just reeks of sexy beats. The opening few seconds to the song already got my head banging back and forth, and it only gets better!

Rating: 7.0/10

Basically a few problems made this anime pretty boring right from the get go. The opening episode was good, about how they declare war on the world and all, but then none of that actually freaking happens. Its the same procedure of fighting noise again over and over, and then they fight the same 2 enemy symphogear users all the freaking time....Plus, without the lack of new interesting "good guy" characters, the party got pretty stale quickly with just Tsubasa and Chris. They were great introductory material in season 1, but season 2 needed something they added the 3 bad guys..which were completely uninteresting IMO. The last few episodes picked up the pace a bit, but its still not really enough to be on par with season 1. The best thing that happened to season 2 is Doctor Ver, that dude was just psycho to the very end, something this anime needed.

Good guys vs bad guys. Oh boy.....

So the story centers on our air-headed girl Tachibana Hibiki, once again. Months has passed since the Luna attack incident in season 1, which left the moon damaged. Hibki has continued her life as a student like she always had, but tuned in to help fight the noise with her Gungnir every now and then with Tsubasa and Chris. Life was going as per normal for her until they received a mission to guard the Solomon's Cane, a dangerous device that spawns noise out of nowhere. They successfully escorted the cane into safe hands, but it goes missing along with a person that they were escorting, Doctor Ver. At the same time, Tsubasa was having a duet with Maria, a rising star from overseas, in a concert. Knowing that all eyes around the world would be on this concert, Maria took the opportunity to declare war upon the world, whilst spawning Noise to wipe out the entire concert dome. With this she shows that she and 2 of her allies have symphogears. So what can be used to stop symphogear users? Other symphogear users, of course.

Season 2 was a little disappointing to be honest, I expected a lot more. The end conclusion was pretty cheesy and they made it so that a 3rd season would be rather unlikely, but who knows. I never thought "Symphogear" would get a 2nd season anyway, so we'll see about that. Lets hope the girls get another shot on stage so that they'll get the show that they truly need and deserve.