Thursday, 21 November 2013

Red's Story (Pokemon:The Origin review)

Genre: Adventure

Episodes: 4

Well this is going to be a short one, because I've never really reviewed much when it comes to OVAs, and honestly, there really isn't much to say about "Pokemon:The Origin". As the title states, this is an origin story that's completely separate from the bullshit "Pokemon" anime that has been running for over 700 (it may very well be 800 now) god damn episodes , featuring everyone's favorite stupid ass "Pokemon Master", Ash. "Pokemon:The Origin" takes the series back to its roots, back to how it all started, back to the old days, Its needless to say that this is geared towards fans of the first generation, but again, this is an anime that appeals to many different types of audiences. Fans of Pokemon overall will love it, those that loved gen one and never played anything after that (I know many people in this category) will love it, and those that are new to Pokemon (I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't know what the f**k Pokemon  is) can start here. It is a good entry to the series that you should already know of.

The ones who started it all! Red & Blue (Green in the anime)!

Rating: 8.0/10

You honestly cannot go wrong with "Pokemon:The Origin", but its easily leagues better than the OTHER "Pokemon" anime featuring Ash. Its only 4 episodes long, so everything might feel a little bit cramped, and it feels like there wasn't enough time to fully feature Red's journey of becoming a Pokemon master. Even though in the short span of 4 episodes we get a quickly summed up journey of how Red became the legend that we all know and love today, it still feels satisfying to watch. The anime covers the most important major story arcs in the original "Red" and "Green" games, while leaving some of the less important ones in the dust (which would have been awesome to see, but oh well). There weren't many characters to introduce as Red traveled by his lonesome self (like a badass), and his journey through the Kanto region felt enlightening as to how us players travel through the regions in the game ourselves. To put it simply, the anime gives off a sense of relevance and nostalgia. To top it off, the action here is pretty darn intense and exciting to watch!

Yes, this is not a dream.

I'm sure we all know of the plot by now (if you don't, you have no childhood. Not a proper one, anyway), but I'll go through it anyways. Red is a young boy living in Pallet town, and has always wanted to go on a journey. He shares the same motives as Green, a boy that he has been friends with since young. One day, Professor Oak tasks them both with completing the Pokedex, a device he has made which records any Pokemon seen. Of course, they both get to choose one of the 3 starter Pokemon to help with their journey. Red picks Charmander, and Green, the scumbag that he is, picks Squirtle just to counter Red. Both set off on their journey, Red wants to complete the Pokedex and become the most experienced Pokemon trainer, while Green intends to just find the best Pokemon team to become the strongest trainer. With different goals set in stone, the both set off on their journey into the great world of Pokemon!

So that's all for the origin story of Pokemon. It serves as a great starting step for newcomers into the series, and it serves as an amazing source of nostalgia for those of us who wanted to relive the old days. Of course, you can always hook up a GBA or Emulator to play the games yourselves, but if you want a faster and equally entertaining way to do so, "Pokemon:The Origin" will strike you with tons of nostalgia!