Opening Songs
OP 1 - Magneta Another Sky (Hitomi Harada)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Pieces of treasure (Jun Fukuyama, Tsubasa Yonaga)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 12

Okay so this is a first for me, and probably a big surprise to you readers. I think among all the animes I have watched, "Arcana Famiglia" is the first reverse harem in there. I have no idea how I got suckered into watching this, but well, here I am with my thoughts. I would have NEVER watched a reverse harem under any normal circumstance, but I guess I just got duped here. I saw fan art of it online and it looked pretty badass, with all the mafia dudes, the stuff about tarot cards, having different powers....all that shit. In the end all of that didn't really play into satisfying the part of me that wanted to watch badass guys with different tarot cards, powers and weapons fighting each other....this was just not that kind of show. Instead, just picture every regular high school harem you've watched, now reverse it with a girl as the protagonist, and lots of guys around here....throw in a sub par mafia theme...there you go. That's "Arcana Famigila".

Honestly, who wouldn't want to marry Felcita? That girl is gorgeous. 

Surprisingly enough, the songs for "Arcana Famiglia" are pretty damn good. The opening theme is "Magneta Another Sky" by Hitomi Harada, a well known singer and voice actor (Himeji and Asuka go go). It sounds pretty badass, with guitar rifts and a badass melody, fitting for one of those shounen action animes, which this is not. The opening animations....are rather misleading (I was pretty hype when I saw it for the first time, but the anime had close to 0 of that). The ending song is "Pieces of treasure" by Jun Fukuyama and Tsubasa Yonaga, which, as much as I should hate the song, is actually not bad. Imagine a good Kaito song, its pretty similar really.

Rating: 7.0/10

I wouldn't say I hated my experience, not at all. It was...intriguing, to say the least. I've never tried to watch a harem which appealed to the female audience, and it was an interesting experience overall, which led to a lot of after thought, believe it or not. The many different male characters have a ton of personality, ranging from the surprisingly normal, the guy with a troubled childhood, a straight out deranged awesome gambler psycho dude, or the manly as hell bald strong guy with the heart of a true mentor. It all opens up well, really. In fact, the first episode was a fantastic build up. I expected a whole lot of awesomeness after the first episode, then came episode 2, 3, 4....I wondered when the build up would just stop, I wanted to see badass fights! Unfortunately, none of that really came, and all it really delivered was an average reversed harem experience (hence the term reverse harem). When the fight finally came, it was quite the disappointment. 

Liberta my boy, you just put yourself in danger for 2 seconds of pleasure...

Felicita was the daughter of the boss of a great mafia family named Arcana Famiglia, and as such, she has lived her life differently from most other normal girls of high nobility. Her feminine side is lacking in her personality, though looks wise, she is a fine woman (a very fine one at that). She dresses in shirts and blazers like everyone else in the family (the term the mafia use to describe themselves as a whole), despite being one of the few girls in there. One day, Mondo, her father and head of Arcana Famiglia, announced that he would be giving the position of leader to someone else. As such, he will hold a duel between the entire family, and the strongest would be given that position. As a side bonus, the winner will get the right to marry Felicita. Not happy with her father trying to control her destiny, she fights back, only to be beat down. Felicita now works with Liberta and Nova, two of her closest friends inside the family, to work out a solution so that everyone can be happy with the end results of the duel.

Reverse harems sure are different, at least in a guy's point of view. I can't say I would be going back to them anytime soon, because my time with "Arcana Famiglia" was pretty much just average. In my terms, its "meh". I didn't exactly hate it, but my time could be better spent elsewhere, honestly. Maybe I went into it with the wrong mindset, since I was expecting action. Hardcore, legit, and well paced action....but that's not the case here. "Arcana Famiglia" is what it is, a harem for the female audience. Maybe to the girls, this is some great stuff? I should get some feedback...