Opening Songs
OP 1 - Signal Graph (Annabel)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Kaze No Naka No Primrose (Ceui)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 13

Its time for another high school comedy/romance/harem hybrid! "Love, Election and Chocolate" is another one of those animes that seem all too familiar, with its very common and generic themes. Its not like we haven't seen these come into play in an anime before, but at the same time its what makes the beauty of watching anime...I dunno, beautiful? For one, "Love, Election and Chocolate" is based of a game, a visual novel in fact. Now I'm not too familiar about the VN game version of "Love, Election and Chocolate", so I don't know if there's adult content in the game, but I do know that the anime's relatively safe, like most other VN anime adaptations. Well, since it originated from a VN, we can expect good things, right? Fortunately, "Love, Election and Chocolate", is pretty good (I would watch a "Hoshizora No Memoria" anime adaptation in a heartbeat).

Shinonome san. Please.

Well since "Love, Election and Chocolate" is more towards the serious side and less of the f**king around, we don't get that super hyped up, super cutesy or super catchy opening song. I'm not too big of an Annabel fan, and with the opening song "Signal Graph", it stays that way. Its too lighthearted and too peaceful of a song for me to truly enjoy, because as you know me, I love loud, energetic and catchy songs. The ending theme "Kaze No Naka No Primrose" by Ceui, is not much different. Slow and peaceful, that's what it is if you're into that type of song.

Rating: 7.5/10

I like the story and a couple of characters, that's pretty much it for me to be satisfied. It starts off relatively simple, but there are twists in the plot here and there that you might not have expected, which was what made the whole thing relatively satisfying towards the end. And the end, mind you, is not some bullshit end that leaves you hanging, it was actually an end that I thought was good. Plus, watching Chisato grow throughout the whole series was a really good experience, in how she became a decent character from being the most hated girl throughout the entire cast at one point. That 13th episode however, was just for the lols, like in most animes.

How to start an anime 101

Ojima Yuuki is a very normal high school boy in a very lazy club....known as the food research club. What do they do there? They eat sweets, snacks, drink tea, talk about unimportant things and just enjoy their lives to their fullest, like any high school student should. Damn even their sexy club adviser drinks beer while in the club room, its like a perfect slack heaven. However, with the student council president election coming along, a few very likely candidates started to share their manifestos, and the current one leading the standings, Shinonome Satsuki, has her manifesto stating to disband all useless clubs, with the food research club being number one. How do Yuuki and his friends save the club from being disbanded? Of course, for someone to roll in for president, and to keep the club alive. Who did they sent to be the representative? Well, its always the main character, right? 

For a pretty standard anime with such a standard plot, I did enjoy "Love, Election and Chocolate" quite a bit. There was enough intrigue to keep me interested to the very end, which had everything explained of course, no stones were left un-turned, if was a satisfactory experience. Between the VN version and the anime version, I'm not too sure which is better, but if the VN version has 18+ scenes, I might....look into it.