Centipede Demon
HP: 3432
Skills: Arm Swing, Tail Swing, Slam*, Grab, Lava Spray
Souls: 40000

Difficulty: 2/5
Times dies on 1st playthrough: 1

If you can't tell already, the Demon Ruins is MASSIVE, even after the Ceaseless Discharge, you have to travel quite a ways more to face the Demon Firesage, and then after that boss, you have to travel through a short section of a destroyed temple to face your next challenge. Say hello to one of the most grotesque bosses in the game, the Centipede Demon.

Yo, we be running.

Despite looking so scary, he's actually a simple boss to beat. No strings attached, there aren't any tricks to defeating him. In fact, he's even EASIER if not for the pesky lava that's spilled all over the arena. Without the lava, this boss would probably be 1.5/5 in terms of difficulty. His attacks are really easy to read, they are mostly blockable if you have respectable stamina, and he doesn't really do a lot of damage except for 1 attack. Just play it safe and this should be a cakewalk...unless you make mistakes.

Arm Swing - He just swings his arm at a cone shaped arc in front of him, dealing moderate damage. Can be blocked or dodged, with ease.

Tail Swing - Same as the Arm Swing, but with bigger telegraphy. This one is easier to dodge, but can also be blocked.

Slam* - He jumps mid air and slams one of his centipede tentacles down on you, smashing your guard and dealing heavy damage. Heavily telegraphed, can be blocked.

Grab - He grabs and noms you for pathetic damage. You can break free by spamming L1/R1. Just roll away from his arm.

Lava Spray - He just spills balls of lava that home in on you. Can be blocked completely with a good fire shield, otherwise, it doesn't hurt too much if you just block the attack with a regular shield.

Let's just make this a quick post, because this is a simple boss to beat without much explanation. He goes down very quickly because of his weak defenses and low health, but because of the lava filled arena, this boss is longer than it needs to be, and requires some dodging before he can even be hit. The battle starts with him at the center of the entire arena, standing on top of a sea of lava. You cannot get to him because touching the lava means almost instant death, so you have to wait for him to get to you.

While he is taking his stroll towards you, he'll throw a few attacks your way every few steps, and you cannot counter attack because of the lava. You'll just have to dodge his attacks until he makes his way to safe land, then you can start attacking him. Sounds frustrating, but it gives you time to memorize the movements of his attacks before he comes into melee range, in which then you should proceed to destroy him 1 vs 1 up close. Of course, if you're a ranged attacker, ignore what I just said and blast him into oblivion. His health and defenses are low, so you most probably going to enjoy torching him until he dies all too quickly.

When he finally makes it to safe land, its time to hit him with all you've got. Up close, he's got little answer to you hitting him. His attacks are mostly meant for to sweep at you from afar, and up close, he's only going to be able to hit you with his Slam and Grab attacks. Grab is pathetic, so there's no need for me to elaborate. Even if you do NOT dodge grab, mashing the triggers will get you out without damage (and even if you let him nom you, the damage is at dangerous levels). Slam is his only respectable damage move, but its easily dodged as its his only move where you see him jump into the air.

He's on land! Its time to strike.

Lava spray is a rarely used move, but in any case he does use it, blocking it will suffice. It doesn't do too much damage anyway, so its not too bad. In any case, all his attacks leave him to huge recovery times, so you have all the time in the world to chuck a few flasks down or hit him a few times every time he does an attack. Close ranged magic spells like Crystal Homing Soul Mass will make this fight a complete JOKE, and with powerful DEX based or STR based melee weapons, he'll be done in a few short combo swings. You can even chop off its tail to disable slam and tail swing! Making this fight a lot easier.

Well there's another boss down, one of the easiest in the game, might I add. He gives 40000 souls and the Oranged Charred Ring, which is a lifesaver for treading on lava. Still, there's only 1 boss left in the Demon Ruins, and that's the soul lord, the Witch Of Izalith. Time to continue treading deeper into the ruins, until you reach Lost Izalith, your final destination.