Opening Songs 
OP 1 - Sister's Noise (Fripside)
OP 2 - Eternal Reality (Fripside)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Grow Slowly (Yuka Iguchi)
ED 2 - Links (Sachika Misawa)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction

Episodes: 24

"Index" is the shit. "Railgun" is the shit. Both of these animes take place in probably my favorite anime "universe" of all time. I believed I mentioned it somewhere before, but the world in "To Aru Majutsu No Index" and "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun" is the best I've seen in anime...its just so full of life and endless possibilities. Scientifically generated esper abilities on one side, and dark, secretive magical abilities blended in another, its a great world with awesome characters that I would never forget. In fact, I was getting impatient during the time of "To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S"'s release, we've never gotten an "Index/Railgun" related anime since "Index 2", which aired in 2010. Sure we've got the movie know nobody really cares about the movie NEARLY as much as they do for the anime series itself (Not to disrespect the movie itself, it was great as well). So, now that we've got "Railgun S", lets dive deeper into the lore and story of Misaka Mikoto!

Come on guys, just make it happen already!

This franchise has ALWAYS had amazing songs, and believe it, they didn't slip them up in season 2. The first opening theme is "Sister's Noise" by Fripside, which is just...simply amazing. It has the PERFECT "Railgun" feel that "Only My Railgun" and "Level 5 Judgelight" had. However, while the song itself is amazing and feels right for the series....nothing beats "Only My Railgun"! "Sister's Noise" is probably ranked 2nd among all the opening themes. The 2nd opening theme, "Eternal Reality", however, isn't that amazing. It is a rather good song on its own, but it feels very generic in terms of Fripside's discography, and sounds similar to a lot of their very...normal songs, which lack variety (Fripside's only weakness IMO). 

The ending themes for "Index/Railgun" animes have been either hit or miss for me. Season 1 "Index" had boring endings, while season 2's ending themes by Maon Kurosaki were pretty good. "Railgun"'s endings by Elisa were great back in season 1, though season 2's fall somewhat short IMO. "Grow Slowly" by Yuka Iguchi is the first opening (I have no idea why Index's VA is singing an ending in "RAILGUN" btw), and its slightly above my bar of expectations. It's not too cutesy, and it sounds perfect for an ending, actually. I didn't enjoy "Links" that much, the 2nd ending theme, though it doesn't sound too bad as well....Its a decent song, I guess.

Rating: 8.0/10

Its a step up, I believe. "Index" has been more about plot, girls and action, while "Railgun" has always just been more of the slice of life thing, where 4 girls run around the city doing whatever they want, with bits of action and intensity popping up here and there, though it doesn't match up to the levels of "Index". The story arc of "Railgun" in season 1 lost its intensity after the level upper arc, and got a little bit of it back with the original story of Therestina, but it stopped at the most crucial point of the "Railgun" story line, the sisters arc. "Railgun S" gives us the full blow of the sisters arc, which is f**king amazing, despite us having seen it already in the first season of "Index", its worth a re-watch as Misaka's point of view this time around. It definitely feels more epic in "Railgun S", that's for sure. The original anime arc after the sister's arc wasn't too bad, but its probably on par with Therestina's arc in season 1.

I've been waiting FOREVER for Meltdowner's debut in the anime!

Like all sequels, "Railgun S" puts us in the shoes of the protagonist of its predecessor, Misaka Mikoto, as she continues her life as a middle school student in the glorious academy city. She has been going through her everyday life as per normal, hanging out with her lesbian number 1 fangirl Kuroko and 2 of her closer normal friends, Uiharu and Saten. One day though, she runs into another Misaka Mikoto, and realizes that the girl standing in front of her is none other than her clone. Doubting what she had seen, she dug deeper into the secrets of the higher ups in academy city, and found a plan named the "Level 6 shift project". It concerns using the DNA of the Railgun to spawn 20000 clones for the Accelerator to kill, in order for him to reach level 6. Unable to accept the reality of the situation, she intends to bring the entire academy city as her enemy, just to stop these inhumane experiments....

And so it ends. I really enjoyed myself with "Railgun S", more than season 1 actually. The "Railgun" spinoff series has been more of a slack experience instead of "Index"'s usually more serious tone, though "Railgun" can get pretty epic at times, as shown in this second season. Hopefully with the conclusion of "Railgun S", it could mean 2 things for us fans. Either we get a "Railgun" movie (unlikely), or we get season 3 of "Index", which I have been waiting for AGES! Come on J.C Staff, get to it, like, RIGHT NOW.