Opening Songs
OP 1 - Starlog (Choucho)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Prism Symphony (StylipS)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Episodes: 10

Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. The anime industry has been so infatuated with magical girls, so much so that magical girls are pretty much dominating the scene as much as everybody's beloved mechas. It has become so relevant to the the extent that it has even infiltrated itself into the universe of "Fate/Stay Night", generating one of the weirdest, yet most plausible anime spin-offs of all time. "Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya" is the magical girl spin-off of everybody's favorite "Fate/Stay Night"/"Fate Zero", whether or not you're going to give it a shot or flame it on first sight, I leave it to you. Instead of making a brand new awesome "Fate" anime that expands upon the canon of what we already have, they decided to make a magical girl spin-off, go figure. Those of you who cannot stand magical girls or anything related to magical girls (stuff like "Strike Witches", "Vivired Operation" and "Senki Zesshou Symphogear" apply), this won't change your opinion, I assure you. Those who like the "Fate" franchise but aren't too sure about what they feel towards magical girls, you might want to give this a shot, for experience's sake.

Super lolis unite!

Now I've been getting the hang of Choucho's songs, so it might come off as a little surprising that I actually grew to like her songs. "Starlog" is just what you would expect from a Choucho song actually, its not too energetic, but it keeps things going enough with the tempo, while remaining as a calm song to listen to overall. Not her best song, but its one of her better ones. The ending theme is "Prism Symphony" by StylelipS, another somewhat well renown artist in the anime industry. Its not a bad song, it falls to the "energetic/catchy" category of endings, but it doesn't net into my preferable levels of "being catchy".

Rating: 7.5/10

I actually enjoyed "Prisma Illya" more than I would....or should I say, "more than I should". It starts off pointless, stupid, and a little unnerving, but it quickly ramps up and develops a pretty exciting, intense, and somewhat cliche plot-line. The cliche-ness is to be expected, and it shouldn't hurt your experience too much as long as you know what to expect from everyday shounen anime main characters. Fights are well thought out, much to the credits of the anime. There is a ton of visual flair during battles, and cameo appearances of the servants from the original anime series make these fights all the more interesting. Rin still retains her tsundere know-it-all personality, and the main purpose of hte anime to look for the class cards can be a pretty thrilling ride nonetheless. While things can get a little to cutesy and frilly at times, fret not, for some good fights await you in later episodes. I would even say that some of these fights are better than those of the main series....

Magical girl rule number 1: moe moe kyun!

The story stars Illya as the protagonist. In the original "Fate/Stay Night:, Illya was the vessel for the holy grail and was proclaimed as Shirou's "little sister". Illya is your regular elementary school girl with no redeeming qualities, but she has one thing that she likes more than anything else. Magical girls and magical girl animes. One day she went home wanting to watch a magical girl anime that she had anticipated for a long time, only to find herself in a little bit of a pickle. Elsewhere in Japan, two full fletched magical girls Rin and Luvia have come into Japan to look for magical relics known as the class cards, which are cards filled with massive power. Rin and Luvia were acting immature, which caused their magical sticks to abandon them. One of the sticks, Ruby, flew around Japan to look for a girl to be her new vessel, and who better than the girl who idolizes magical girls. Illya's became the next magical girl under Ruby's powers!

For a magical girl spin-off, I honestly expected worse. I didn't expect much out of the anime, and what I got in return was a mighty pleasant surprise. With great fights, well developing characters and an overall interesting story, its worth a watch. Unless you completely despise magical girls, there is little reason you won't find yourself enjoying "Prisma Illya", even if its just a little bit.