Opening songs
OP 1- Passionate (Iori Nomizu)

Ending songs
ED 1- Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (Rie Yamaguchi)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


So we're back to this again. "Kore wa zombie desuka? Of the dead" is the sequel to the original "Kore wa zombie desuka?", well that much was obvious. We are back to living life as a zombie through the eyes of our unfortunate cross dressing protagonist, and all seems well. Well for one I think this sequel is a step down from the original. While it still remains as a good anime, it lacks some of what the original used to had, which was a good mix of action, comedy and the slice of life elements. In the sequel there is not a single satisfying fighting scene or action based ark, and they decided to go full out comedy and slice of life here. A little disappointing, and with such a short length of 10 episodes, it kind of degrades into a regular harem anime.

That's right Ayumu, keep having those delusions!

The opening song is "Passionate" by Iori Nomizu, and its a great theme song for the anime. Even though I watched "Kore wa zombie desuka? Of the dead" quite some time ago, I still find myself hooked to this song at times. It just feels so epic and intense...its my kind of song! "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu" by Rie Yamaguchi is the ending song, and well, it isn't bad. It a little catchy at the start, but it doesn't really appeal to me vocal wise. Plus, the ending animations are just too retarded to take seriously.


I really loved the original, unfortunately the sequel had to dumb itself down. It totally stripped out awesome fight scenes that the original had (the first fight with Kyoko was at least 2 episodes long, and the fight with the king of the underworld was pretty damn awesome in my opinion), because I cannot recall a single amazing fight sequence in "Kore wa zombie desuka? Of the dead". Its still funny, and the characters are still really likable, but the show just feels really dumbed down. One can't help but feel its a step down from the original. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself with it anymore, you just won't be getting as much satisfaction out of it.

I would totally buy from this store.

Well, nothing's changed. The underworld lord was sent away, Kyoko has been caught and imprisoned by the great Dai-Sensei, everything is going well. Ayumu continues his life as a zombie high school magical girl guy while Haruna continues to recharge her magical powers. Nothing's changed, that's right. One day though a megalo attacks Ayumu school and he is forced into action again as a magical girl. After defeating it he sought to erase the memories of all witnesses, like he usually does. BUT this time, Misteltine, the chainsaw used to transform into a magical girl, breaks down! Now the entire school views him as a cross dressing young man without any shame. Can Ayumu live with this?

This isn't a good sequel, I'll say it. The "Kore wa zombie desuka" franchise can become much more than this. However as an anime of its own, its still funny and there's a lot to like, so I guess its still a good anime overall. If they do intend to bring the series further, I do hope to see them go back to how the original was made. Well maybe for this sequel they had to follow a less action based plot, that would be unfortunate.