Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pervertic Post 5:Flatness behold!

More hot virtual women, this time their flat (well, to me anyway). Once again, gorge yourself into the beauty of the lack of boobs!

Once again this is all about how attractive they are, story and personality don't matter.

Its not difficult to mistake her for a pretty boy instead of a pretty girl.

Name:Saber/Arturia Pendragon
From:Fate series

Its no wonder Gawain from "Fate/Extra" didn't mistake Nero for Arthur when you pick Saber as your servant, Nero's boobs are so much bigger! Gawain probably said "Nah, it can't be King Arthur". The classic Saber we all know and love is so adorably attractive, people may like her for her cool personality, her face, or just her body overall. It doesn't matter, she's hot and we all know it, even if she is lacking in the chest area.

*Cheers from guys all around the world*

Name:Misaka Mikoto
From:To Aru Majutsu No Index/To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

I have been contemplating for a long time whether I should put Misaka into the flat category, or the average category. But seeing that she looses in the chest department to so many girls in the "Index" or "Railgun" series, its safe to say she's flat. But hot damn! She may be flat but we cannot deny her hotness! Its so hard to not like her, and believe it or not, we want to see more moments with Misaka when she lacks pants XD.

Dem tights.

From:Megaman ZX/Megaman ZXA

Aile is definitely flat, if I'm not wrong, she's only 13! Even so, I think she is the first girl in any "Megaman" game to earn my seal of sexiness. It was about 5 years ago when I first played "Megaman ZX" and my young lustful heart told me to pick Aile because she looked so cute. Well, I didn't regret it, even until today. Thumbs up for the first "hot" Megaman girl, even if she is flat (Well, Marino from "Megaman X:Command mission" was kinda hot too).

Rin is awesome, deal with it.

Name:Kagamine Rin


Rin is just awesome. While girls flock over to Len, all guys will flock to Rin in that same aspect. She's really cute and her default costume is already pretty sexy with those hot pants. Its also good to note that she's always made fun of in fan arts to have the smallest boob size when she compares it to the other vocaloid girls like Meiko, Miku or Haku. Don't worry Rin, your boobs may be small, but you're still hot!

There are cuties in horror animes too.

Name:Misaki Mei

"Another" is a horror anime, but it doesn't matter, because Misaki Mei is a gem among flat girls! Not only does her mysterious/scary aura make her all the more attractive, that flat chest of hers is just delicious. When she's all quite and unemotional, it only serves to give us guys better things to fantasize about when she decides to be uber cute.

Peace, for you know there will be more.