Tuesday, 25 December 2012

SAO is awesome (Sword Art Online review)

Opening songs
OP 1- Crossing field (Lisa)
OP 2- Innocence (Aoi Eir)

Ending songs
ED 1- Yume Sekai (Haruka Tomatsu)
ED 2- Overfly (Haruna Luna)

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction


Merry Christmas to all you viewers by the way (no matter how little of you guys there are).

I'm quite sure many of you know what "SAO" is right now. It has taken the anime industry by storm, and almost instantly, it has harnessed an insane amount of fans from all around the world. Its what people would call a "revolutionary" anime. I thought it was over hyped, and I was looking forward to watching it once it aired over. The moment the series ended on December 22 I downloaded the final episode and watched the entire series from start the finish...it only took me 2 days to finish all 25 episodes.

You know what that means, that just means it was f**king awesome. You see all the genres listed in the tag above? Yes, it has all of those. It's a little bit of everything, and it all combines together to form one epic package of love, sadness, anger and excitement. If this is mainstream, then f**k it, I love mainstream. I was absolutely addicted to the entire series and after finishing it today, here I am with this post, to share the love.

Ah yes, everyone knows Asuna is sexy. But.....

If you want an epic anime, you need epic songs, and Lisa is here to bring the awesomeness with her voice. "Crossing field" is an amazing song as the first opening to the anime, and well to me it fares a little lower than "Oath sign" for "Fate/Zero" (that song was pure eargasm), but is still an awesome song on its own. The first ending is "Yume Sekai" by Haruka tomatsu (the voicer of Asuna herself) and its a ballad. Unfortunately for me I don't really like ballads, and an ending is an ending, few ending songs catch my attention.

The 2nd opening is "Innocence" by Aoi Eir, whom sang one of the endings from "Fate/Zero", and in my opinion, its better than "Crossing field". This means a lot, and well that just means it an amazing song as well. The 2nd ending is "Overfly" by Haruna Luna, which is actually NOT a ballad. Itsa little upbeat, but I wouldn't call it epic. Its probably an average song for me.

....I am a Lyfa/Suguha fan, much more than Asuna.


Ah it makes me happy that I get to dish out a 9.0 score again, little animes manage to grab me and mesmerize me so well as those with 9 scores. "SAO" is just great on so many levels its amazing. It has great action, it has its own love story (which may I add is pretty emotional and intense), it has character tension and drama....and just so much else. It even spreads across 2 different realms, showing us the beauty of the 2 different games that our hero experiences. Character interaction is just amazing in "SAO". Think of "SAO" as a VERY beefed up ".//Hack". "SAO" may not be the most original anime, but damn son, there is almost no way to not enjoy this unless you're a hardcore anime hater.

Looks awesome already huh?

Kirigaya Kazuto is the worst kind of player you can find in an MMORPG. He's what others call a beater, a beta tester and a cheater. In an age where technology advanced MMOs into a virtual space using a console known as the "nervegear", MMO players get to completely immerse themselves into the game...being in the actual game themselves. In the newly released "Sword Art Online", 10000 lucky players get to dive headfirst into the game only find out that there is no log out button. The game creator himself shows up in the game, telling all players that they are trapped in "Sword Art Online", and that they cannot log out. The only way to escape is to clear the game's 100 floors, and that if they die in game, they die in real life as well. Now desperate, 10000 players are prepared to fight for their lives as they face daily trials of just surviving, or to work together and defeat bosses, hoping to clear all 100 floors to survive this death game.

I just had to review "SAO" asap. Its one of those animes that got my mind so fired up that the moment I finished it I just HAD to review and share it with everyone else. I'm sure most otakus have already indulged themselves into the wonder that is "SAO", but if by any chance you don't know about this anime or don't want to watch it(I don't know why you wouldn't want to watch this), I urge you to just squeeze out some extra effort to your bodies and find ways to just watch this. You will not f**king regret it.

Peace. Kirito X Asuna forever.

Here's to another season , if they decide to do it.