Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Top 5 badass villains (anime) 05/12/12

Its been a long time so here we f**king go again! 5 villains from 5 different anime (also note how I have been spelling villain wrong this entire time), all of which I think are bad ass or memorable one way or another. Once again these are all based on my opinion alone.

Spoilers for the following anime:

Yumekui Merry
Guilty Crown
Umineko no naku koro ni

Crushing the dreams of others seem like a big deal don't you think?

From:Yumekui Merry

The major antagonist from the "Yumekui Merry" anime, she made the biggest impact when it comes to being the bad guy. So, here's Mystletainn, the dream demon of Ryota Ijima's mind!

Mystletainn is a complete bitch in my opinion. She doesn't know anything, and exists only to see others suffer. She has the power to force dream demons into humans, and then she kills them so that the human loses all their hopes and dreams. She has no problems doing this because she's so f**king strong. A complete whore if you ask me.

Humans who lose their dream become like a hopeless doll that does nothing but mope around, and since that's her goal, you can guess how much of a villain she is. Towards the last episodes of the anime she tries to kill Isana's dream demon, and a whole lot of people team up to fight against her to preserve Isana's hopes and dreams. Merry, Engi and even Lestion, who was hesitant at first. She was defeated in the end, but needless to say it was a long, hard and epic battle. Lestion even sacrificed himself during the course of the fight.

Oh, so now you think you're a bad ass because you have white hair?

From:Guilty Crown

Gai is actually one of the few main protagonists early on in the show, until he f**king died during the end of the first half of the anime. Then he comes back all shiny and a villain.

Gai should have stayed dead in my opinion, but meh, whatever, they had to surprise the viewers I guess. Gai already comes out to be a complete ass the minute he reappeared. First he cuts off Shu's void arm and implants it into his own. Then he uses to voids of surrounding students to demonstrate his powers, and destroys those voids, turning those students into crystals.

He then goes all "wack" mode and says shit like reviving Mana and reshaping the world, you know, ordinary villain stuff. He is the main cause of everything happening during the second half of the series, and you all should know he's an ass because of this. He strips Inori of her identity and memories to revive Mana, and we all know breaking up love is bad. He still put up a good show all the way to the end though, IMO.

In an anime like "Another", people break often. And the break hard.


To be fair, there aren't any villains in "Another", but during the final ark, in one way or another everyone goes crazy and wants to kill one another, that is more than enough to justify everyone being complete psychopaths. 

Takako isn't really a villain, but she is someone you cannot forgive and someone you can never forget. SHE IS SUCH A BITCH! Everybody in the class is already f**ked enough and under pressure that they may die anytime soon because of the "inexistant one", then she goes and pulls off the final straw that needed to break down the entire class: announcing Misaki to be the dead person.

So yes even Izumi says it, she was completely insane and emotionally unstable. After announcing that everyone wants to kill Misaki, but she isn't even the dead person! Everyone wants to kill her, and due to people dieing because they tried to kill her, people started killing each other. Kazami went on his stabbing spree, and Takako just roamed around with a sharp pike in her hand ready to impale the nearest person she sees. 

Now every time I think of dark knights, I think Lancelot.

2.Berserker/Lancelot of the Lake

There are quite a few villains in "Fate/Zero", but all of it points to Kotomine, which I already covered before in a previous villain post. Lets take a look at my favorite bad ass dark knight, Lancelot.

Lancelot IS a villain, even if he isn't one intentionally. Since he is reincarnated as a berserker he is naturally insane, and even more so than most other berserkers because Kariya cannot control him at all. He is insanely strong, and you know that's the case when you see someone as bad ass as him taking control of a fighter jet to go face to face with the king of kings, Gilgamesh.

He has a tons of powers, aside from being uber powerful. These include making anything he touches into his noble phantasm, such as a random stick, a lamp post or even an army mini gun. He can also take the appearance of others to deceive his enemies, just like how he mimicked Rider to deceive Saber. He put up a good show, though in the end he had to get defeated by Saber, his leader in his past life.

A sexy witch is always a crazy witch.

From:Umineko no naku no koro ni

She is the obvious antagonist from "Umineko", and while she has a good ton of accomplices, it all boils down to her being a brutal slaughtering magical woman.

Beatrice is so memorable because of the many sides of her you get to see. Most of the time she's just an incompetent slut trying to outsmart Battler and convince him that the death of his family were due to the cause of magic. With that, she kills her victim in the most f**ked up way ever possible, and while the anime censors the really brutal deaths, you can still see the extent she goes to.

Shes a really tricky one because she tries many things to get her way, and there was even once where she acted kind to gain Battlers favor to win him over, but of course that was all just a trick. In the end even when she got outsmarted and defeated by Battler with the power of the words, you still won't feel sorry for her, at least I didn't.