Saturday, 22 December 2012

Parties in RPGs - Radiant Historia

So much for the "end of the world".

Time for another party from another RPG to take the spotlight in today's post. Its none other than "Radiant Historia", another great DS RPG. Once again these are my opinions based on the characters and mostly on how they fare in combat.


All heroes hold swords.

Traits:Physical damage, Grid manipulation, Magic damage, Healing, Steal

Its not rare that most RPGs have their main characters to be freakishly overpowered, Stocke is one of those main characters. He's really good in the early, mid and late stages of the game, providing strong physical and magical damage as well as having a ton of grid manipulation skills like left/right assaults. Being the wielder of the white chronicle has made a little cliche of a character...but oh well.

I prefer his earlier personality where he acts like a bad ass and wants to work alone. As he meets more friends he becomes more of the typical RPG hero, but I can't complain. Later on in the game he gets even more ridiculous by earning the ability to heal and revive other party members...along with the minor ability to steal from enemies. As a character with almost every type of tool in the game, he is probably the best there is.

Female soldiers are one of the few character archetypes in RPGs.

Traits:Magic damage

Its fair to note that Raynie is only good for her magic damage, but honestly, that's all she really needs. She is really lacking in all other departments in combat, but her magic damage is top notch. She can nuke bosses down really easily with her insane magic damage, and with AOE spells normal battles can be finished pretty quickly too.

Raynie is a female soldier that joins early on, and her personality is just like that of a normal soldier that just wants to get the job done. She is on very good terms with Marco and tends to be a little sensible, but I have no problem with that. Raynie is a solid choice of a damage dealer as long as the enemies don't have ridiculous resistances.

This guy has one of the best character designs EVER!

Traits:Grid manipulation, Healing, Booster

Marco is a support character more than anything else. I don't really like using him, though he does have a ton of nice tools. But in the rare occasions where I HAVE to use him, I don't get many complaints. His personality is.....a little to "scared" to me. A soldier should just man up you know? Even if he looks like a little boy with a cute metal hat with animal ears.

In battle Marco is a master of grid manipulation. He excels at pushing enemies enemies, though his damage output is rather lacking. He can also function as your team's main healer, as he learns a ton of good healing abilities later on. He also works as a great stat booster, increasing the stats of your team by a large margin each turn. As I said, he is a great support character.

He's only 21. I know, wtf right?

Traits:Physical damage, Grid Manipulation

Rosch is a pretty cool character in my opinion, until you get to a certain part in the story where he becomes a complete pussycat. Sure he gets his mojo back...but what's done is done, I don't see Rosch as the man he was at the start of the game. In the other timeline he's much better. Though because of that one stuck up point, Rosch becomes terribly under leveled and is a complete PAIN to train back up.

Rosch can be good, but he excels in only physical damage. He has some good AOE skills that do good damage, but in a game where magic damage can hit so much harder at such a lower cost, its kind of sad for somebody like Rosch. There are some bosses where he can shine (like that one boss with 3 electric bomb allies), but as a permanent stay in your party.....I'm not so sure.

Loli power!

Traits:Traps, Steal, Healing, Physical damage

Aht would probably be on par with Stocke for being the best character in the game IF NOT for the fact that her effectiveness goes down severely during the final boss battle. If the final boss was actually movable and there was space for traps, Aht would be a 10/10 in rating. She's your typical cute little girl that wants to stay with the main character and suck up to him. I don't mind that actually, not at all.

Aht is so powerful during battles, its not funny. Her traps deal insane damage, and when teamed up with someone like Stocke, Rosch or Marco (characters with great grid manipulation), she wipes the floor with EVERY boss in the game (minus the final boss). To top it off she's also an amazing healer, can steal, and is able to do CRAZY physical damage late in the game with her multi hitting knife skills (can't remember the names).

Gorilla man!

Traits:Physical damage, Grid Manipulation, Self boost

Gafka is actually a better version of Rosch in my opinion. He actually becomes a key single target damage dealer when he learns some of his later skills. He can bash up a boss pretty quick with his self boosting skills and dish out massive hurt. I actually thought Gafka was a good pick against the final boss.

Gafka's personality is a little dry. He's your average duty-driven beast man trying to help out the team with his own ways, nothing too special. He's actually the only self booster character in the game, but he's not that good for long dragged out dungeons, since he runs out of MP quickly.

RPG princesses always end up in your party.

Traits:Physical damage, Magic damage, Booster, Healing

Eruca is the probably the best character in the game after Stocke/Aht. She would be a 10/10 as well if not for her crappy start when you first get her. If you complete the trials for Eruca she gets a skill that deals AOE damage to the entire enemy grid. Needless to say she instantly wipes out enemies and becomes a staple in your team after you get that skill.

Eruca is another one of those damsels in distress in RPGs. She seeks help from your party to aid her in her quest to deal with her screwed up stepmother. You also have to save her a couple of times. Other than her magic damage, she gets good physical damage from guns (if you want to build her that way), is a decent booster and a great healer by the end of the game. Filling up so many roles just makes her an amazing character overall.


Here's my final evaluation of the "Radiant Historia" cast.

My party

Aht (Swapped with Gafka for last boss)



The rest in ranking

Gafka (Swapped with Aht for last boss)



Peace out for now, more RPG patrties to come in the future!