Opening themes
OP 1- U-n-d-e-r--STANDING!(Aki Misato & SV TRIBE)

Ending themes
ED- Kimi no Maji o Choudai (Momoyo Kawakami, Kazuko Kawakami, Miyako Shiina, Christiane Friedrich, Yukie Mayuzumi)
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy


Anime is all about high school, I have come to that conclusion after a few years of being an otaku. A little slow, but better late than never. All the awesome animes have something to do with high schools...and it doesn't really take a lot of effort to realize that. "Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai" is yet another high school anime, and as luck would have it, its a pretty great one. Even if it was based off an eroge (many anime are), its funny, it has good fights, it has girls fighting over the main character, and it has fan service. In other words, its another show guys wouldn't mind indulging themselves into!

A cool character cast demands cool artwork.

The opening song is catchy as hell. "U-n-d-e-r--STANDING!" is an incredibly upbeat song with great vocals from Aki Misato and awesome rapping from SV TRIBE. In my opinion its a great choice for such an anime and since it sounds great, I can't complain. The ending song is "Kimi no Maji o Choudai" by all the female seiyuus, and well its pretty catchy on its own, but stands nowhere near the standard of the opening.


Well its safe to say I really liked "Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai!", despite its really long title. Action + comedy + romance + fan service is always a great combination to rake in loving viewers. Its true that many animes with these mix of genres may not get the most out of all 4 of them, but even so they are incredibly fun to watch, just like this one right here. It may not be anything new and it bears some similarities to "Kyokai Senjou Horizon", but if you go into this with a good mindset, you will come out a happy man.

Call what...? CALL WHAT?

Yamato is another regular high school kid, but with a twist. He belongs to a high school where fighting is prioritized over everything else and class fights take place for classes to hold their heads high in pride when judged for their fighting spirit. Yamato cannot fight, but is a brilliant strategist. His classmates back him up like true friends, most of which are composed of a few guys and 5 girls, all of which are really good at fighting. Like all harems, 4 girls look up to him, while Yamayo himself likes one of them, Momoya. He confesses to her, but is turned down. Now he follows her as an underling, with everyone that likes him following behind his back.

"Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai" is one of those under appreciated animes that needs more love that it has right now. Among all of its genres, its best when its concentrating on comedy, because its pretty funny. I'd recommend this anime to any sensible male otaku, because no guy would want to miss this.