Opening songs
OP 1- KINGS (Angela)

Ending songs
ED 1- Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori (Mikako Komatsu)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Mystery


No matter how stupid it sounds, "K" is actually a gem of an anime. Its another anime that I finished  after it ended yesterday. It has a really cool world, background and an awesome concept overall. "K" is incredibly unique, its almost impossible to imagine such a setting, but "K" does it perfectly. Its packed with intense moments all around, and a good deal of mystery and intrigue as well. It has great action, but these moments are a little lacking at times and these are some pointers they can take when they start with the 2nd season (it has already been confirmed). Overall though for giving us something cool and different, "K" is a pretty great anime in my opinion.

Unfortunately though K is made up of mostly guys :P.

It has really been awhile since my last Angela song. The opening song is "KINGS" by Angela, and believe me when I say they haven't lost their touch despite not hearing from them in awhile. It is a strong tune and its safe to say Angela fans will love it, since this is one of their better songs. The ending is another ballad type track called "Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori" by Mikako Komatsu, the seiyuu of Neko. I don't dig slow songs, but since it IS the seiyuu of Neko I guess it deserves some credit nyan XD.


There is quite a lot of "K" hate going around for some reason (or just some people really do not find this anime nice at all), but I stand by as one who likes the anime. It has a brilliant episode 1 but slows down for quite a few episodes before sparking back up at around episode 5 or 6. It then slows down again and becomes tremendously awesome for the last 3-4 episodes. In a way, its like a roller coaster where it has tons of ups and downs. The downs themselves aren't too bad where they just degrade into average mystery solving while the ups are nothing less than bad ass fights and awesome moments.

Yes...stare into the loli's eyes. Don't let the scary guys behind intimidate you...

Isana Yashiro is your average derpy high school kid once again, but a very unlucky one at that. In the modern day japan in this anime, the country is being ruled by 7 colored kings and their respective clans, and unfortunately for Shiro, a man that looks exactly like him kills a member of the howling flame clan, and now the entire howling flame clan PLUS the blue clan known as scepter 4 is after his ass. However, Shiro has no recollection about killing this man, and so many people are after him, and one of them is known as Yatogami Kuroh, the black dog. Kuroh gives Shiro a chance to prove his innocence, and now Shiro is being tailed by him and his cat Neko, as he tries to clear his name to save his life.

"K" is great. It may not be as amazing as everybody thought, but it is still very much above average and better than the tons of incredibly mainstream animes out there. Think of it as a "DRRR" but less realistic, because it works that way. A brilliantly made world along with some likable characters make this a show that works very well in the anime industry. Now if only they can follow up season 2 just as well...or even better.