Jamming to some Megaman X music right now. Sorry I haven't been posting for these past week, I have been...sort of busy with school work and games.

So, lots of high schools in today's post. "High School DxD" is something I reviewed not too long ago, and well if you don't already know, I loved it. Fan service and great concepts galore. "High school of the Dead"...the forgotten gem. I have no idea what happened to HOTD, the manga releases SOOO slowly and the anime just died down. It was a good combination of zombie killing and fan service.  "Higurashi" is just all sorts of good gore and amazing mysteries, I'd highly recommend it if you don't mind a little violence (Correction, a LOT of violence).


High School DxD

So, what's the deal with "High School DxD"? Well, no shit bro, it has a boatload of fan service, a pretty good story and solid fight scenes. Its one of those shows that's easy to please any male otaku, and I'm glad to say I'm one of them.

She's like, one of the many queens of sexiness.

Say hello to queen sexy of "High School DxD". Rias Gremory is a girl Issei would fap to, and I won't blame him. Just LOOK at how sexy she is. Anyway, her sexiness is just one of her many good qualities. Rias has what it takes to be a true demon family boss, and as the king piece for her rating games, she does a good job.

Outgoing girls that like to flirt their way through are always cool in anime. Rias always struck me as a little bit of a slut early on, and while she does cool down on the slutty attitude a little bit later, its made apparent that she does care for her underlings and that she eventually grows feelings for Issei. 

Choosing to make Asia her bishop was the first step of her growing as her leader. She was scouted by Riser to be another one of her girls but refused and even fought him to the end in another rating battle, though they lost. It was all in her good spirit, although I will still say that her sexiness plays a huge part of me loving her. F**k it she's just too sexy.

High School Of The Dead

HOTD is old business now. Its a zombie anime, and that's good. However HOTD took a route I didn't quite expect. Sure the promo art showed a ton of sexy girls in school uniforms, but even I didn't expect it to be a carnival of fan service. It had more fan service than zombie killing, and whether or not that's a good thing I'll leave it up to you guys, I thought the anime was pretty good.

We need more sword wielding badasses in zombie related stuff.

When you think of zombies, be it movies, games or anime, what's the first thing that comes to mind when our heroes fight off the zombies. Guns. Look at big time franchises like "Left 4 Dead" or "Resident Evil", its all about shooting them zombies. Sure there are knives and melee weapons in these games, but most of the times it boils down to shooting the zombies in the head. We need a bad ass ninja or samurai type character in these games/movies! Saeko Busijima is a great example.

Not only is Saeko the only sword wielding bad ass among the group (sure Takashi fights up close most of the time too, but come on, he's not even half as bad ass as Saeko), she freaking sexy. Then again the anime makes all the girls look sexy by making them wear skimpy outfits or tearing their school uniforms. Saeko acts as the "big sister" of the group and keeps a cool head throughout while smashing zombies in with her wooden katana.

However the best part of Saeko (besides being hot) is that she just goes into ecstasy mode when killing zombies. One part of the anime Saeko obtains a real katana and uses it in stead of her wooden one. That scene was just unforgettable. Her going all happy and insane while chopping up zombies didn't only make her look high as f**k, she still had to go and scream "I'M WET" after killing so many zombies. Man she's crazy.

Higurashi Series

Oh god. Just making me remember about this series makes shivers run down my spine. I won't deny that its a masterpiece, but I also won't deny that it made me feel a little uneasy throughout most of the series. Seeing children get stabbed continuously as they scream and die or dismembering witnesses with butcher knives ain't exactly the best thing in the world. 

I'll shut up now.

Chop, Chop Chop. Why would a cute girl do so much chopping?

Rena is probably the most memorable character of the "Higurashi" series in my opinion. Sure almost every character is bat shit insane in this anime, but Rena left the biggest lasting impression. Its like every freaking time I think about Rena, she's always holding her chopper, ready to kill some bitches. And yes, she has killed tons of bitches.

Rena is yandere, just like Gasai Yuno. There aren't many yanderes in anime, but to be honest I wouldn't want to see too many of them. Rena is the the 2nd yandere queen, behind Yuno. She starts laughing like a crazy bitch for no apparent reason and is actually happy about killing. Also, her crazy face is super scary (then again ALL of them have scary crazy faces).

There's nothing much I can say about Rena. She's yandere, and probably everyone will remember her for that. Rena is like the "mascot" character for "Higurashi". When you think "Higurashi", you think crazy, and boom, you think Rena. There's no going around it. You just do not f**k around with her around.