Hmm....sorry for the delay folks, I have been busy with assignments during the past week so there has been a lack of posts. Worry not, I'll pick up the slack as my holidays are coming (its only a 2 week holiday, but still). Let's not waste any more time because I have a shitload of work to do. Today's 3 following animes are Asobi ni Ikuyo, Chrome shelled regios and Durarara! Asobi ni ikuyo and Chrome shelled are pretty good, but Durarara is great and anyone who hasn't watched it should give it a spin.

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched any of these 3 animes.


Asobi ni Ikuyo

Being your regular everyday harem there's not a lot to Asbo ni Ikuyo other than its slightly superior plot. The heroines are interesting, and its certainly a nice spin to see such an intense love rivalry going on. Other than that the predominant amount of cats can be pretty awesome for cat lovers.

Totally spys:The anime.
Out of the 2 girls caught in the endless love triangle romance rivalry, I would choose Manami over Futaba (even if she's voiced by Kana Hanazawa). Manami is your regular main character's childhood friend who's not ready to take the first step. Being afraid of getting friend zoned, she never dared to get to the next level of friendship with Kio. But little does she know that Kio actually thought Manami already had a boyfriend, when she actually doesn't.

Even after all that, she doesn't go for Kio, and when Futuba finally tells her that she likes Kio, Manami does not protest, and instead decides to help her. Little by little, the jealousy in her built up, until she couldn't take it anymore and let it all out. Manami and Futuba became love rivals, and started competitions of skill to decide the winner.

Her character really grows, and towards the end they all made up like best friends (like they always do). Plus, I always felt that she had more personality in her rather than the over-emotional Futaba or the always-cheerful and not giving a f**k Eris. Also, she's easily the hottest of the 3 heroines. Definitely my favorite girl for the show.

Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome is a good anime. It had the concept and potential to be so awesome, but it ultimately fell so short. It could have been amazing, but they just had to give us an unsatisfying explanation to the story AND a lousy ending. Still, the anime has a couple of character I really love.

Its rare that our main characters get to be such badasses.

Layfon is really awesome. As a main character, I really like him. He is humble, cool, and conservative of his powers. He knows he is the strongest student of the entire academy city, yet he stays quiet about it and doesn't like to show off. He is the very example of what most main characters should be. And though he acts all humble and "nice guy" like, when he gets serious, there are no survivors.

So on the outside he is this nice guy that just wants to get along with everyone, but when you push him to a fight, you are going to get it. In the beginning when Layfon first joined the squadron he pretended to be weak so they won't expect much of him, but during the tournament match, he kicked the enemy team's ass so hard that they went crying home to their mommies. After making up with his team leader, they started to kick major ass.

Layfon, though being the refined young man that he is, was once part of an organization that was once known as the strongest in the world, the Heaven's blade. He quit the group because he wanted to change his way of living, but that soon came to haunt him as his strength was  so recognized that mercenaries and alike came for him. Still, he showed them who's boss. Layfon is my favorite character of Chrome Shelled Regios.

The chick of Chrome shelled, behold Felli's beauty.

I had to include another character here because she is just that awesome, and she is none other than Felli Loss. Not only was she probably the 1st person to ever converse with Layfon in the city, she one of the cutest things I have ever seen in an anime. Her voice is monotonous as hell, but her reactions are totally like that of a little girl in love, and that is downright hilarious!

Felli isn't much of a combatant. She is the team squadron's main support and telekinesis user. She scouts for the team with her petals and assists the team by revealing enemy positions, attack formations and other stuff crucial to victory. She is also like the "big sister" of the team. While Nina keeps everyone in line and tells them not to slack off, its Felli who backs her up and tells everyone to be careful and not to push themselves in a match.

While most of Layfon's team don't get much action when the big monsters come in, Felli gets a piece of the action by being his support. She is always where the action is, and in the end, I think she gets to know Layfon the most out of the team. Layfon X Felli forever! And lets not forget how stupidly cute she becomes when she wears her maid outfit or gets over flustered with emotions.


Durarara is a gem of an anime. It's concept revolves around portraying the certain targeted individuals living in a modern day japan, and stars many different and interesting characters. The overall plot is great and it soon escalates into an intense thrill ride. I may be criticized as a gay, but my 2 favorite characters are none other than...

Blond man grabbing lamp posts and lifting vending machines? Hell yes.
Shizuo...He's awesome, and you can't deny it. THE MAN LIFTS VENDING MACHINES! HE BEATS UP MAFIA GANGS LIKE THEY'RE NOTHING!  And most of all, HE IS THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL! To me, Shizuo is the star of DRRR. He beats up all the bad guys, whether or not he knows them, he just beats them up. Everyone who makes eye contact with him gets practically beaten to a bloody pulp.

Every time DRRR goes into its individual story arcs and suddenly Shizuo shows up, you know shit just got real. Shizuo is cool in almost every way. Since young, he had the talent of being able to lift almost everything at least twice his size and weight. When he was a kid, he lifted a fridge, and as he grew up, he gained a notorious reputation for being the strongest, and almost everyday, he was challenged by gangsters and tough guys alike, only to smash them all into the ground.

Shizuo plays a good part in the major story arc later on. During the war between the Dollars and the Yellow scarfs, he was shot by the yellow scarfs because they didn't want to have to deal with him later on. Of course, little did they know that Shizuo won't be killed by a measly pistol! After being patched up by Shinra, he was up and running again. He went to fck major shit up by throwing a big ass sign board at the villains and destroyed the vehicle before they were apprehended. And lets not forget the slasher arc. KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU...ZENBU KOROSU! 

Now THIS is what you call a scheming bastard!

No homo, I think Izaya is pretty freaking awesome too, on the same level as friggin Shizuo. He is the only man alive to be able to piss Shizuo off...and live. Shizuo proclaims Izaya to be his rivals, but Izaya just sees him as a big obstacle in his plans. Shizuo is god damn strong, and Izaya just isn't happy to have him on his ass all the time. 

Izaya is like, the king of all masterminds in DRRR. He is the cause of almost everything bad in the anime. Being an information broker, not only is he stupidly rich, he can manipulate and give out information to the wrong party whenever he wishes. Also, keeping Celty's head to himself is a pretty bad crime, because I want to see a sexy Celty with her head on.  Lets not forget that while he IS the bad guy, he gets others to fight amongst themselves, so he doesn't actually have to do any of the dirty work himself, like a true scheming bastard.

But perhaps my favorite characteristic about Izaya is the fact that he can be such a badass while remaining a laid back young man. And the fact that Shizuo is always on his ass and then he goes "Oh, Shi-chan is here, gotta run" is always so amusing. Shizuo and Izaya are easily my favorite characters of DRRR, but of course, no homo. That Shizaya stuff can go away.