Gaping dragon
Skills: Tail whip, Body slam, Dash, Acid spit, Flying slam, Consume*

Times died on 1st play through:1

After Sif, we are permanently done with the darkroot garden. We now move on to the dreadful depths, a place where giant rats, huge eyes lizards and slimes roam about. Its not a place that anyone can gladly hang around, but the boss of the place is a pushover. He looks big and scary, but he's nothing more than a clumsy oaf, moving around ever so slowly, lugging his body around. He is very easy to beat, despite being able to one shot you. He is the boss of the depths. 

He may be way bigger than you are, but you can take him down no problem.

He has a ton of attacks, but none of them are particularly deadly. He only has one attack that can potentially one shot you, and it can be broken out of. His other attacks are so slow and predictable..he won't be much of a threat. As long as you are constantly on the look out and always moving, there is practically nothing he can do to kill you, unless you are a clumsy oaf yourself. You can chop off his tail for a free axe with some godly strength scaling.

Tail whip- A simple attack in which he whips his tail if you're hitting it too much. It hurts, but its easy to see this coming. If the tail even twitches slightly, just move away and you'll avoid this. Note that this can still hit you if his tail is cut off.

Body slam- After lifting his upper torso (he'll be doing this a lot), he slams it down for some major pain. This hurts like hell, but you should never be standing in front of him anyways, so this attack is actually nothing more than a stupid attempt to scare you.

Dash- He only does this if his upper torso isn't lifted. He charges forward and tries to ram you for some nasty damage. Again, you should never be in front of him, so this attack is null and void.

Acid spit- He starts to vibrate vigorously, then after awhile he throws up a huge pile of poisonous acid. The acid spreads slowly, but if you're hit by this, your items will reduce in durability, so make sure you dodge this. Just run away when you see his attack animation, or when you see acid slowly eating up the floor in front of you.

Flying slam- He flies up...and slams back on to the ground. Nothing special, he likes to use this to reposition himself to facing you. Just move away when you see him fly.

Consume*- His only potential dangerous attack. He consumes you and constantly chews on you until you are dead. Keep spamming buttons to break free.

As I said, this fella has a lot of moves, but is easy to take down. He is huge, so hitting him anywhere that isn't his front is a great idea to do tons of damage without receiving any. He will be lifting his torso most of the time, and that's when his consume is available. Just remember not to stand in front of him the entire fight and you're in the green.

Its ideal to be hitting him at his sides or his tail at all times. Chopping off his tail almost disables his tail whip attack and it gives you a free axe, so why not. While hacking away at his tail, be careful of the slightest movement of his tail, since that means he's going to use tail whip, which hurts quite alot. But once his tail is off, you shouldn't be worrying about this attack at all. 

Body slam and dash shouldn't be hitting you at all if you're always behind him. Acid spit can be deadly since it breaks your armor and weapons, so be careful of that. Its easy to dodge though. And since you are always not in front of him, prepare to see flying slam a lot, because he uses this to reposition himself to face you again. The slam can damage you, so get away when you see him start to fly, and once he lands, get around him and continue to hack away.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Okay, now time for consume, the attack that can potentially one shot you. This only happens when you're in front of him though, and because of this, you should never get hit by this. But in any unfortunate circumstance in which you do get are probably dead. When consumed, spam attack buttons until he spits you out, because if you don't he'll nom on you until you're dead. Spamming buttons until he spits you out will reduce the damage dealt, but survival isn't 100% guaranteed.

Well, that's really all I have to say for this boss. He is really really easy, and if you really want to, you can even summon sun bro to help you! He can soak up most of the damage from the boss easily. The big guy drops 25000 souls, which is quite a lot for someone so weak. He also drops the key to blight town. Now that's where to go next.