Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pervertic post 2:Flat is justice!

Greetings and its that time again. I just got a new PC, my pictures and shit were completely wiped so there have been issues, but I'm coping well. During the end of April I shared with you my few favorite anime females with big boobies, but today its all about the lolis. As quoted from Mayushii in Steins gate, she says "Flat is justice!", and that is indeed a wise choice of words. Lolis play a huge part in our anime community, and how can we do without our loli tsunderes hm?

Enter the power of lolis!

Everyone's favorite tomogara hunter

From:Shakugan no shana series

First up, everybody's favorite flame haired hunter, Shana! Shana is hot, that you cannot deny. She is the very definition of loli. She's flat and she is super cute, plus she has quite a lovable body. Ever since she appeared in episode 1, I started to like her already. When she changed into various outfits, my love for her just went higher and higher. Its unfortunate we don't get to see much fan service from her, but I'll just say it, Shana is hot. Also, how can you resist a girl that fights in her school uniform most of the time?

Flatness levels over 9000!

Name:Tachibana Kanade
From:Angel beats

Kanade is practically an angel. Silver hair...wings...a kind and gentle personality. Plus, her body and face just makes you want to hug her and squeeze her tight. She is so adorable, and overall, she's just beautiful. Its hard not to like her, really. Her hand blades are just icing on top of the cake. Its too bad we don't see much exposure of her, since she is mostly just in her school uniform for the entire series. Not to mention, kana hanazawa as her VA....overkill! Still, I must say I am a fan of her monotonous and more emotionless voice, it fits kanade's character.

Sweet baby jesus! That's how you make someone flat look sexy!

Name:Noel Vermillion
From:Blazblue series

Noel is THE blazblue goddess. She is flat, though it doesn't look like it from here, I can guarantee you that she has a very small bust size. Most of the BB female cast criticize and tease her because of her lack of boobs, but still, they all got nothing on Noel! She may be flat, but damn is she hot! Everything about her is sexy, and her outfit plays a huge part in that. Seriously? It exposes her freaking back! Not to mention most of the time during fights, you'll just wish for her to flash her panties in some of her more acrobatic attacks. And her voice is just too awesome! Both her english VA and  seiyuu are AWESOME! Kanako Kondo and Cristina V FTW!

An angel in hell!

From:Disgaea series

There's something about Flonne you cannot deny. She isn't the kind you will drool over and wish that you can hound over her body like a mad wolf. She is just undeniably cute, and you know that's true. The biggest airhead in the underworld, and the cutest one with that voice and bunny outfit, Flonne is the very definition of the ANGEL OF LOVE! Mind you, her case is the same as Noel. Both her english VA and seiyuu do a great job portraying her. Oh and of course, she is pretty much flat, so she instantly qualifies into this category. When you look at Flonne, there are times that you just want to go DAWWWWW


Name:Konata Izumi
From:Lucky star

Konata is awesome. She is just like Flonne in  a way, you won't drool over her. She isn't hot, she's just super likable and super adorable. Being probably the most popular loli chibi in all of anime history, she practically wins in many areas. She is flat, and that just adds to her appeal. She cosplays in many different costumes, and her voice is so ridiculous that its likable! There's not much to describe about Konata, you just like her. If you don't there is something quite wrong with you as an Otaku.

As you can see, there's much to like about the world of loli, but of course, we are far from done! There is still the category that is most overlooked, the ones with medium sized boobs and proportioned bodies. Stay tuned!

Peace out.