Opening songs
OP 1-Blood queen (Aki Misato)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hizamazuite Ashi o Oname (Ali Project)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Supernatural


Not much games under my belt yet, so it'll probably be awhile before my next actual game review, so bear with anime reviews for awhile. For today we have another generic harem anime with action and supernatural stuff mixed in. Its quite old, so it may actually be one of the first original harems out there. Still, old or not, its an entertaining watch. It may not be the best, considering the fact that modern anime has improved drastically, but it gets the harem feel right, and the anime didn't list itself under the "romance" genre, which was actually the right thing to do considering there is zero romance in this one. If you want something to fill your daily anime needs, Kaibutsu oujo is an anime that is great for casual viewers.

Maximum harem overload.

The songs are actually pretty good here. "Blood queen" by Aki Misato is a great opening song. Aki Misato has always been a good singer, and "Blood queen" was actually one of my more preferred songs from her discography. Lets not forget that the song name "Blood queen" was great for an anime like Kaibutsu oujo. The ending song with the stupidly long name is "Hizamazuite aishi o oname" by Ali project. It may not be their best, but its still a good song. I still think "Blood queen" is better though, because its just that good.


Its not fantastic, no way in hell. Its generic, yes it is. But there's something about Kaibutsu oujo that I just like. The characters are all pretty likable, and it kind of gives me the "Hayate no Gotoku" vibe. Its like they're just liking their everyday life, but its so fun to watch! To see the characters get into different situations of everyday life is what Kaibutsu Oujo is about, and there are definitely some "unique" creature types that the cast will battle that may or may not pique your interest. While there weren't many epic moments and the anime has a rather incomplete story, as an overall experience it was rather memorable.  

Yes!.....I mean no! Not at all!

Protagonist Hiro is an unlucky young man. He is sent to town because of his Sister's job (they are living together), and on his first day, he sees a pretty yellow haired girl. When construction beams fall  and Hiro saves the girl, he gives his own life in exchange. Though he was supposed to die, he awakes in a hospital and finds this girl in front of him. She has given a flame of life to Hiro, and he is now on borrowed time. To put it this way, he has become a zombie to serve this girl. The girl introduces herself as "Hime" (Princess in japanese), and coincidentally, she is the new host that is supposed to host Hiro and his sister for her job. And thus begins Hiro's new life as a servant to Hime, who has shown herself to be a demon princess.

Kaibutsu Oujo does not have an epic story. In fact, its more fooling around and harem goodness rather than storytelling. Some things clear up towards the end, but if you ask me, its rather incomplete and has some plot holes. I'm not too sure about a season 2 since it has been awhile since its release (the OVA completely disappointed me so I gave that up). Still, if you enjoy lighthearted casual anime like Hayate no Gotoku, Kaibutsu Oujo can easily serve your daily anime needs.