Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greatest game character:20 June 2012

Okay, so I'm super mind f**ked right now. I just finished Darkness II, and I just HAD to put this up, because I am so in love with this character right now. Jackie is like, the world's most bad ass mafia leader. Not only is he cool looking, blood thirsty and the wielder of the darkness, HE IS A MAFIA BOSS! BOSS!!!! Jackie is easily one of my favorite shooter heroes now out there, right next to subject delta of bioshock. Hell, I actually think he surpasses subject delta in so many ways. Jackie Estacado is a hero.


So I didn't play the first Darkness, who cares. I base my love off this character from The Darkness II, which I just completed. In the previous game, Jackie managed to seal off the Darkness, which was supposed to be an incredible force that almost nobody can resist. Regardless, he got rid of it, and tried to live his life as a mafia boss for real. Of course things had to go from bad to worse as he gets attacked and is forced to summon upon the power of the Darkness again.

Jackie refuses to let Jenny go, although she is long dead.

Jackie is a stinking bad ass! For one, being the boss of a mafia, he has superior gun play to most other guys. Also, as a boss, he does an awesome  job, because most of the guys in his group respect him for the man he is. I just WISHED I could live a life like Jackie when I reached the mansion for the first time. With people greeting and talking to him like he's a real bigshot! 

Lets not forget his perseverance. Despite the Darkness being so powerful and assertive, he manages to keep it back. This also shows when it comes to his dead girlfriend Jenny. Though this can be quite a bad thing, he never stopped loving Jenny, even when she died. This is another awesome trait to Mr Estacado, and at one point, he even freaking fought against the almighty Darkness to get her soul free again. He - went - to - hell just to save and free her soul! LIKE A BOSS.

Anyone would shit their pants.

Onto the best part....his powers. The Darkness is a powerful entity, and with that, Jackie becomes a bad ass murderer. The mafia guys are happy that Jackie got the Darkness back in the game, and with them, he gets to do some crazy shit. Brutal executions aside, with the Darkness, Jackie knows he can f**k shit up quite easily. Having the mindset of a Mafia leader, he makes sure whoever defies him pays...ten fold. Like this guy named swifty, whom attacked the restaurant at the start of the game....he really went a whole way to making him pay alright.

Jackie can be really bad if he wants to, and he goes to big extents to make that happen. Every time he gets someone cornered and obtained the information that he wants, its killing time, and in a brutal way too. Jackie is like, the perfect host to the darkness, and even manages to beat the new host when he was stripped of his original darkness powers.

All in all Jackie is a character that I respect. I just finished this game 2 days ago, and I just HAD to get this post up because of how AWESOME Jackie is as a main character. Modern day vanilla and generic shooters should take a hint from Mr Estacado when it comes to making main characters, because THIS is how you keep someone interested in a shooter's main character (CoD main characters are shit, with the exception of Mason).

"Ready to go get some f**king answers?"-Jackie Estacado