Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dragon loli OP! (Dragon crisis review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Immortalist (Yui Horie)

Ending songs
ED 1-Mirai bowl (Momoiro clover)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy


Dragon crisis is another anime that is simple to identify. Its another standard harem with some fantasy stuff thrown in set in a modern day world. Nothing we haven't seen before, and while it trys to throw in a unique concept/setting, its nothing special. It does get its share of good and epic moments, but these come rarely, and the ending is SUPER chessy, like "love will prevail and save the world" cheesy. Still, there is a hint of romance here, but its not really a huge factor until the end, where something love related actually happens (unlike in most animes). If these sound appealing to you, there's quite a lot to like about Dragon crisis.

Girls galore! There are quite a variety of girls in this anime.

The opening song is "Immortalist" by Yui Horie. Its not the best song, but its pretty good and very memorable once you get into it. It sounds weird at the start but begins to step up and sound more epic towards its chorus and conclusion. Not to mention that the opening animations are quite slick. The ending is another cute-sy song that tries to be catchy. The name of the ending song is "Mirai bowl" by Momoiro clover, and while it is catchy to an extent, its not really something that I would enjoy. However,  Eriko swinging her arms can get a little bit addictive.


There is quite a lot to like her if you like action, harems and romance. There are some scenes with legit action in them, but that's not saying much. Most fights end quick and aren't really epic, but some do draw a little bit of tension and can be enjoyable to watch. There is more basis on the harem and romance part though, and you really do get to see something romance related towards to end. Stick around and you'll be surprised...though I must say they could have done it in a less cheesier way. The setting around breakers and artifacts is pretty damn cool as well, and they really go in depth into that. And lets not forget the character cast! The characters are pretty epic and likable, ESPECIALLY a certain few. They tried not to be too mainstream, and they managed to succeed in some parts, which is definitely a good thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don't keep a dragon around the house.

As all main characters have to be, the protagonist for Dragon crisis is another high school kid, and he goes by the name of Ryuuji. He wants an average life, but due to his parents being godly breakers, his life had tons of ups and downs. One day his cousin Eriko drags him away on one of her jobs and they discover a dragon. Attempting to rescue that dragon, they got into a ton of trouble, but eventually succeeded. After a whole bunch of shit, the dragon (named Rose), now lives with them. Strangely, Rose has taken a huge liking to Ryuji, and things start to heaten up as they teach her basic human lifestyle. Now with Eriko leeching off Ryuuji by living in his home with Rose, they begin a life of everything abnormal as Ryuuji and Rose get dragged into Eriko's jobs.

Dragon crisis is a good anime. It doesn't go over the top and plays it safe with its great characters and somewhat interesting concept. Its not too funny to excel in its comedy part, and the action isn't really amazing, so its kind of a half/half deal. Still, putting everything together will give you an enjoyable anime with plenty of things to like. However, I still think the ending battle is too cheesy -.-. One more thing, Rose is voiced by Rie kugimiya, get moving Shana fans.