Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mobster! (Baccano! review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Guns and roses (Paradise lunch)

Ending songs
ED 1-Calling (Kaori Oda)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Supernatural


Sorry for not posting anything for like, 4 days. I have been rushing a good amount of games and have been quite busy on some other stuff with my friends. Anyway...some bad news. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF MY HOLIDAYS. School is on tomorrow again and its back to my miserable miserable life. Well I'll be sure to enjoy my final day by playing and screwing around as much as I can. Back to the topic....Baccano! Its hard to describe this anime, as it was made by the dudes who did Durarara! They did Baccano before Durarara so there's kind of a old school feel here. Still, they did a spanking good job here!  If you like Durarara, Baccano is something you'll easily enjoy, altough it has a more action theme to it, with more focus on the mafia life.  Like mob related stuff? Baccano is for you.

Prepare for a story involving great characters!

The opening song is aweseomee!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress ENOUGH that although "Guns and roses" is a song without singing, it is amazing and I can't stop grooving to it. Being like a mix of light rock and jazz thrown in together, "Guns and roses" is an amazing piece. Lets not forget the opening animations! Its very much like Durarara, and definitely feels epic with it introducing all of the anime's characters. The ending though, it's not so good. "Calling" by Kaori Oda is nothing more than your average run-of-the-mill slow song. Next please.


Baccano loses out to Durarara in my opinion (Duh, Durarara was made AFTER Baccano), but that does not mean Baccano isn't great. Baccano is a great anime, more than most modern day ones. It separates itself from most animes by not being cliche, with a great cast of characters, an awesome plot setting, and tons of emotional impact. It is easy to like many of the characters, and its definitely great to see an anime that doesn't have a generic harem setting. The amount of action is substantial enough to please almost anyone, but don't expect the craziness of animes like Bleach or Shakugan no shana, think more among the lines of Durarara. I can safely say this has more action content thatn Durarara, so more points for that.

Behold! The chick of Baccano!

Like Durarara, there isn't much of a main character to Baccano. It focuses on the lives of different individuals that are part of a chain of events that take place in relevance to each other. Focusing on events that take place in the city, where mobs and mafias are fighting over a war of terrain and ownership rights. Or events that take place on a train, where mobs want to take control of it for taking a certain leader's family hostage, and ended up compromising the whole train instead.  The anime switches between many different characters, a pair of jokers (Issav and Miria), a young mobster (Firo), a wanted wannabe mafia leader (Jacuzzi) or a crazy man who kills for fun (Claire stanfield). Baccano is a story of crazy proportions.

Like Durarara, you need to have the same mindset while watching Baccano. Its an anime where crazy stuff happens, and there isn't a true main character, but multiple ones instead. Its a great anime on its own, but because some episodes are wasted on being pretty boring, I can't really recommend it to everyone just yet. Its definitely better than generic everyday harems, and is no doubt, a great anime. Try not to miss this out if you're an anime lover.