Opening songs
OP 1-M—O—S—O Ranbu (Mariya Ise, Ui Miyazaki, Yukari Fukui) 

Ending songs
ED 1-Pastel (Ayumi Murata)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


When it comes to harems, everybody knows that they're the most common and generic of anime genres. It gets annoying to watch more and more harems when you basically know they're the same thing. Fortunately enough, there are harems that separate themselves from others by being, well, super funny. Macademi Wasshoi does just that. It may be just your everyday harem with some magic and monsters thrown it, but what ultimately makes it better than many others is the fact that its just funny. Like a harem with ridiculous amount of comedy that makes no damn sense? Macademi Wasshoi is aimed to please guys like you. Oh and lets not forget a pair of girls that constantly make out. Yeah, that's hot.

See? What did I tell you?

Unfortunately the songs in this anime are just bleh. The opening with the annoying name "M-O-S-O ranbu" by a bunch of singers, is pretty stupid sounding, like a comedy anthem or something. The animations are pretty lame and stupid as well...guess they're trying to fit the mood of the anime. The ending? Lets not go there, its pretty much the same stuff I'm not interested in at all. There is an insert song, but I forgot how it sounds like XP.


Opinions may differ, but I think Macademi Wasshoi is great. It may look ridiculous, but it is funny as hell, and without a doubt you'll be bursting out a few laughs throughout the show and its ridiculous feats. There are a good ton of characters here (way more than regular harems), and most are funny in their own way. Throw in the setting of a magic school and you have room for so much experimentation! Cat maids? Yeap. Robot students? Got them. Crazy teachers infused with insane ideas? Check. Macademi Wasshoi is a recipe for success when it comes to making us otakus laugh in pleasure.

Not getting enough of your cat-eared maid? Create miniature versions of her!

The story stars a student of the magic academy as its main character, by the name of Hasegawa Takuto. Takuto is your typical forgettable kid with a forgettable face. There's nothing special about him. He attends the magic school because of his family background, and a normal school as well to keep up with human needs. One day during summoning training in his magic school, he summons a powerful demon, and names her Tanarot. As his summon, Tanarot is eager to stay by his side...even when back at the human world. Takuto's cousin Suzuha, who also studies at the magic academy, decides to hitch on the ride to stay with him as well, wanting to make sure he doesn't do anything indecent to Tanarot. Basic Harem rule 101 complete! Thus begins his life with 2 girls....and more of them to come of course!

There really is a lot to like about Macademi Wasshoi. Funny and likable characters are the major selling point here, and an anime possibly cannot go wrong with that included in its premise. If you like to laugh, I don't see why Macademi Wasshoi won't appeal to you. Fear not female otakus! If you're afraid of too much ecchi exposure....this anime swings both ways...if you know what I mean.....