Opening songs
OP 1 - ZERO!! (Minami Kuriyabashi)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Tsuki Hana (Nano.RIPE)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life

Episodes: 13

When you watch a lot of anime you feel like you've seen everything before. Sometimes though, something completely different might find you, and you'll enjoy it a good fair bit. That's "Hataraku Maou Sama" right there, I've never seen anything quite like it, and it creates quite a wonderful world for us to absorb outselves in. The beauty of a fantasy theme set in modern day never ceases to entertain me, and I thought that "Hataraku Maou Sama" was a pretty one of a kind anime filled with wondrous characters, a unique plot, and great animation overall. Its really one of the sleeper hits of 2013 in my opinion, with all the mainstream stuff you'd see out there, "Hataraku Maou Sama"'s unique setting really sets it different from what you'd usually see in anime. Plus, it succeeds in being funny on top of all that, how can you resist?

Alright guys here's some Emi and Chiho for you

I'll be honest, its been awhile since I heard Minami Kuriyabashi sing, quite awhile indeed. "ZERO!!" was a pleasant reminder that she was still strong in her expertise in J-pop. It was a great song, it fit the anime, it felt epic to listen to, and its kind of catchy at that, however, they took a few episodes to fix the opening animation, which was annoying. The ending was is "Tsuki Hana" by Nano.RIPE, and its another slow song, which is not something I would like. Well, it IS an ending song, so what'd you expect. Nano.RIPE has done some better songs IMO.

Rating: 8.5/10

I love "Hataraku Maou Sama". I've been watching quite a lot of great animes recently. Before this it was "Date A Live" (the best harem I've seen in awhile), then "Hataraku Maou Sama" took me by storm. It boldly tries some ideas that worked out fantastically. The comedic value is high, the characters are all pretty damn lovable (most of them anyway), and they all have a ton of character development. The fantasy setting is great, this whole talk about demons and the heroes from an old ancient time living in a modern society just fits so well. The fights aren't too shabby, there's lots of visual flair and watching the characters we love that usually look so normal in their everyday lives dish out some powerful attack is pretty entertaining. However, we could use better villains, in my opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, the great demon lord Satan and his demonic general Alsiel.

Meet the great demon lord Satan, leader of all demons upon the magical world of Ente Isla. Being the demon lord that he is, he decides to rule the entire world himself by spreading his demon armies and 4 most trusted generals to conquer the 4 different continents. The entire world fell into despair as the continents fell to his demons 1 by 1....until a hero rose up to fight against the demons. The entire world looked up to the hero, and they all fought back against the demons under her command. The tide quickly turn as the entire world cornered the demon lord back to his own castle, and when even that fell out of his hands, he decided to open the magical gate to retreat to another world with his strategist, Alsiel. Well, the end up in Earth, as nothing but regular humans, without much of their power left. They decide to live in this world for the time being until their powers return, and Satan, now renamed as Maou Sadou, works at McRonald to earn cash to sustain him and Alsiel....

"Hataraku Maou Sama" is an awesome anime that most otaku's shouldn't let up. Hell, I'd recommend it to everyone, because it doesn't really focus too much on the ecchi/fanservice factor, anyone would get a good kick out of the anime. Easily one of the best animes of the season, and I really hope that they would go with a season 2, just because there is SO MUCH more potential that the series can really pull out.