Que GlaDoS voice, "Hello, how have you been? It's been a loooooong time..."

Seriously though, its been a good 9 months since our last "Greatest boss fights" post. Its not that there aren't any more epic bosses to me, I just couldn't find any that would match up to par with the likes of  Kurt Zisa, Lucifer or even Isolde. As I play more games, my standards for "epic" bosses get higher and higher, eventually it becomes really hard to find something that pleases me (I got nothing out of "Tales Of Graces F", seriously).  

And here I am today with a boss from a pretty niche game. I reviewed "Dengeki Gakuen RPG:Cross of Venus" some time ago, and today we discuss one of the game's 3 secret bosses, Accelerator. I love Accelerator, he's easily my favorite character from "To Aru Majutsu no Index", someone as broken as him shouldn't really be allowed to exist, because he outshines everyone else. In "Dengeki Gakuen", Accelerator becomes available to fight after you defeat the game. Most bosses in the game can be manageable through grinding (even Crowley wasn't too hard once you hit the 70s), but Accelerator is a different story.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a clearer picture

The thing about most bosses in the game is that they hit hard, but their attacks have leeway and are predictable if done right. The key to beating most bosses is to memorize attack patterns and dodge/defend against their particularly powerful moves. Accelerator breaks most of that. For one, you have to lose to him the first time. Nope, nothing you can do, you have to lose once before you can do anything. After losing to him your party can go to academy city to grab the special effect card that you need to equip for fighting him. That means you'd have to lose one card slot to beat him.

And then when you finally get to fighting him, you have to worry about 2 things. His reflective ability and his blood reversal one hit KO move. With your new card, you can negate his reflect ability which will f**king screw you over 100000 times when you're spamming railguns from Misaka and Phoenix fire from Shana. You have to keep note of the time when Accelerator is disabled, this is the only time where you'll get the chance to hit him with whatever f**king skills you have. Keep note, he is tanky. Also, you can't go too ham, because you might never know when your card effect might end, and when it ends while in the middle of a skill cast, you're gonna eat it back and probably lose a character.

Hail the ultimate badass

So when your card effect wears off and he gets his reflective ability back, you're going to want to play cat and mouse. Dodge around all his attacks until your card comes off cooldown before you try to hit him again. His blood reversal is stupid, he just touches you and you die, that's it. Its a 1 hit ko, but the chances of your character dieing to the attack isn't 100% (he has a chance to whiff it, though the chance of you dieing from a direct hit is pretty high). Its completely melee, but Accelerator teleports around the map, making it extremely unpredictable, probably the reason why a lot of players keep dieing to him.

Remember how I said memorizing the attack patterns of bosses help you in this game? There's no way to memorize what Accelerator is going to do because he basically teleports around without you being to do anything. He can teleport away from you to hit you with a ranged vector attack (not too much of a threat), or teleport straight right up to your face to one shot you. Either way, he is mobile in both running away and catching you, making this battle extremely frustrating. However, even when his reflective ability is down, he can still f**king murder you without any problems, that means you need some method to actually hit this guy!

Long melee combo chains can still work here, but you're constantly at risk of being one shotted if you're up close. Long ranged, spammable skills work wonders here, since you can basically blast him safely from afar. This is probably one of the reasons why Misaka is such a godly pick, constant railgun spam will wear him down quickly. Shana, Kino and the MC are also good choices. Healing cards don't matter all too much, he's going to kill you instantly if you get hit anyway. Boosting your attack stats works wonders here. He's one tanky douche bag.

Difficulty: 8/10


Credits to Renkozuku