I'm thinking whether or not to do one for "Eureka Seven AO", because my favorite guy is Truth, and I already listed Truth in "Top 5 Badass Villains". I dislike writing the same thing about him if I decide to put him into "Favorite Anime Characters".....

"Girls Und Panzer" is about girls riding tanks trying to fulfill their dreams. Its very cliche in a sense that its another anime all about friends and how they are the best things in the world (we all know that feel when we watch similar animes), but hey, to each his own, its for you if you like tanks. I'm not sure if I did one of these for "Macademi Wasshoi", but when I hit it up on my search bar they say I didn't, but I'm quite sure I did...

"Macademi Wasshoi" is about a magical academy where students attend to....learn magic, and then use that knowledge to solve problems that are related to magic that may affect others. It also has a psuedo harem feel to it. "Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai" is a full on, action/harem hybrid, which was adapted from an eroge. Great for harem lovers.

Girls Und Panzer

I wasn't really into "Girls Und Panzer", but that doesn't mean it was bad. Girls in tanks galore, everyone loves tanks and most of them are happy young girls. Here's my favorite.

Agreed Mako, agreed....

In an anime where most characters act so happy/normal/peaceful, its always good to have a character that's different from the rest. I'm into spoiled brat loli girls like Mako, so it works even well that she is vastly different from the rest of her team. When I saw her for the first time I was like, "Damn, she's my girl!" Unlike all the other students of Nishizawa's team, Mako is a complete 180 from what you would expect from a girl who belongs in a tank.

I think we can all relate to Mako. She's lazy, she's constantly tired, she hates to do work, she doesn't really like to socialize, and when it comes to talking with others, she always on the lower end. She was actually not convinced to join tankery, but because she was constantly late to school and did not have enough credits to graduate, she needed tankery to pass. So, sad as the little girl she is, she took it up and ended up in Nishizawa's team as the team driver.

She's a natural genius. She didn't take long to learn how to operate the tank like a pro. Easily the best driver out of all the teams, she makes driving a tank look like "Initial D". Still though, despite all that, she cares for her team. She shows up for practice (though late), she hangs out with them, so on and so forth. She also has a badass grandma and some really funky quotes about life.

Macademi Wasshoi!

I don't remember too much about this, but I do remember my favorite character. Even if you only vaguely remember about an anime you watched long ago, you'd still remember a favorite or two.

You wouldn't hate this pretty son of a bitch if you watched "Macademi Wasshoi". He may look like a cool, powerful, badass pretty boy that girls go after, but believe me when I say its the complete opposite. Sakuma is cool, but he excels in the side of being "retarded". He's funny as all hell, he's a pervert, and even though he is a teacher in a magical academy, he doesn't act like one most of the time. We can all fathom how powerful he truly is, but with the way he is, it doesn't seem like it.

Being a teacher who likes girls, he is essentially a perverted man with a dream. Because of this, most of his beloved students are girls, and to make things worse, he has a sexy maid cleaning up after him all the time (although she herself detests his pervertic attitude). When he gets two sexy demons working for him later on, things really get out of his when he forces them to cosplay and do lewd things for his entertainment all the time..

Dude even brews a potion for Takuto to become a girl, now that's OP. He over-reacts to many things, and when all is said and done, he is still ridiculously powerful (he is shown to be able to summon some f**king demon from hell to blast at others, and others consider him really powerful). What I find fascinating from characters like Sakuma, is that underneath all that crazy exterior, he really is a kind hearted teacher reaching out for his students deep within.

Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai

Harem rules, and you know it. There are those that move beyond harem animes, and suddenly there's so little left to watch in the world of anime. "Maji De" is a pretty awesome harem that mixes in some wicked comedy (dick jokes, we all love those) and nice girls, which is what we're all here for!

Yay for German girls~

Christiane is awesome. Not only does she have the best weapon of choice among all the other girls (in my opinion), she is tsundere, she is hot, AND she is voiced by Shizuka Ito. What's there not to like? Sure, all the girls in the anime pretty much have equal screentime, so there's pretty much not really any room for focus except for Momoyo. So all in all, Chris is just character preference.

Her character is surely fleshed out in the eroge version of the game, but in the anime, she isn't THAT detailed or shown in-depth. We can only know that she's addicted to freaking old Japanese drama, which is kind of weird. When Yamato runs into her in the bath and catches her naked, they both have a very...awkward conversation to say the least.

Like all the other girls, Chris listens to Yamato, because she knows for a fact that while he cannot fight, his tactics carry the girls to victory. Also, she collects teddie bears, how can you f**king say no to that? Its nothing against the other girls, but I do find Chris to be the most attractive, and in most cases, she seems to be the most "normal" out of the bunch.