Opening songs
OP 1 - Date A Live (Sweet ARMS)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Save The World (Iori Nomizu)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

You'd almost never go wrong with the harem genre of anime. However, harem is everywhere, so much that some people grow tired of it, while others continue to look forward to new ones to quench their thirst for the never ending search for a perfect harem. There is no perfect harem....but sometimes something as awesome as "Date A Live" comes along. The entire concept of the anime spells eroge, and sure enough, there was a game for "Date A Live" shortly after the anime aired. Still, it feels genuinely unique as each "girl" (technically a spirit) feels different and how the anime tackles each arc differently definitely makes everything way more interesting, rather than just having an entire orgy of sexy girls available to the main character right off the start. Plus, romance, there's quite a bit of it here.

Take your pick!

"Date A Live" by Sweet ARMS is the opening songs, and I would say that it sounds great. As an opening to a hybrid harem action hybrid, the epic feel really fits the theme of the anime, and all in all its something that I would like to listen to. The ending song, "Save The World" by Iori Nomizu is something that I would NOT listen to though. I mean, its Iori Nomizu, but the song just doesn't have enough of the catchy vibes that makes songs like these catchy.... (f**k it, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore).

Rating: 8.5/10

One of the best harem animes I have seen, hands down. Trust me when I say I've seen a multitude of harem animes (just look at my review history, LOOK AT IT), "Date A Live" is one of the best ones out there. The tone used when referring to romance isn't as strong/heavy as some others, but as a harem, it does the job well when describing our girls and giving them the appropriate attention. As mentioned earlier, new girls are introduced in each new arc, and the way each one is introduced is unique. Since our harem candidates are "spirits", each one of them has their own individual trait, and its cool to see each of their own ones. Also, since they are "spirits", most of them start off naive, which means that watching them adapt to humans can be really entertaining.... 

Cute AND Sexy! That's our Tohka!

Itsuka Shido is your everyday regular high school kid (like every single protagonist!) that lives regularly with his cute little sister (once again, like every single protagonist!). The two are pretty close knit, and one day they decide to meet for some food after school. Shido's sister Kotori promises to be at the diner where they are supposed to meet at no matter what, and the two depart for school. However a space distortion was about to happen and the entire town evacuates underground. Shido, worried that her sister might still be at the diner where the distortion was about to take place, made a run for it, disregarding his own safety. There he meets an armored girl being attacked by a bunch of mech girls. Shido wakes up in an unfamiliar craft known as Ratatoskr, and is briefed about spirits causing the distortions. The only way for the distortions to stop is to stop the spirit, either by letting the AST (the mech girls) kill the spirit, or making the spirit fall in love. Shido chooses the latter.

"Date A Live" is just another harem, but a very well executed one with great twists which make it rather different from the others. I really enjoyed my time with "Date A Live", and with an announced second season, it just makes me all the more excited to see what's up for the sequel. There are some loose ends that are yet to be tied up, so a sequel makes a lot of sense.