Opening songs
OP 1 - Take your way (Livetune feat.Fukase)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Be (Song Riders)

Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural

Episodes: 13

If its no mystery to you guys, you should know that I f**king love the "Devil Survivor" franchise. 9.5 for the first one and 9.0 for the second....a bit tad high scores for both, but that just shows how much I love the series as a whole. I was super stoked for the anime, and even more so when I heard that the guys that did the "Persona 4" animation were going to do it. However, after everything blew over...I felt that I got cheated. "Devil Survivor 2:The Animation" is a pretty good anime on its own, but it completely puts shame to the what the game offered. "Persona 4:The Animation" was amazing, why couldn't "Devil Survivor 2" receive that same attention? Why disregard so much that made "Devil Survivor 2" awesome, and just rush it out the way it did? Those who didn't play the game might see a good anime, but for those who did, this animation is a watered version of what full potential that we could have possibly gotten.

This, my friends, is good advertising

Well to its credit the anime has some pretty amazing songs. "Take your way" by Livetune is a pretty sexy sounding song. The singer is a guy, no homo, but I did find the song to be really catchy, and the tune was just beast, as expected as the group who does some of the more well known Hatsune Miku songs (though we can all agree that his voice sounds...kinda feminine). The ending song is just badass. "Be" by song riders is a heavy rock song, sounds like something One Ok Rock would do. Its supposed to be Engrish? But its really not, it sounds right and its great.

Rating: 7.5/10

Its good I guess, but its just not nearly at what it could be. Its NOWHERE near its full potential. "Persona 4" was made awesome, why couldn't you guys do it for "Devil survivor 2"? I guess its something to do with the budget. "Devil Survivor 2:The Animation" has great animation, great fight scenes, and some of its characters are really fleshed out (lets see, like maybe 3 of them). The rest of the characters have almost zero least compared to the game. Many other character feels so god damn insignificant, and I just felt like this was the wrong way to go. The first few episodes showed promise, but after the 2nd day everything else felt rushed, like they needed to cram everything in 13 episodes. In my opinion, this could have easily gone 26, and if they did, they could have easily covered a ton of characterization that the characters truly deserve. But alas, it did not.

Too close dude! Too f**king close!

The story stars Hibiki Kuze, a young man who just finished his college entrance exam with his best friend, Daichi. The two were discussing their plans for the future, and on the way home they meet a beautiful young lady who was wearing the same uniform as they did, Io. The 3 talked briefly about a death site app that they downloaded on their phone, which allowed them to foresee the deaths of those close to them. Immediately after that they each received a death clip about each other, and a train collapse over them, causing them to "die". After waking up they realized that they have the ability to control over demons through their app. The 3 soon get recruited to JPs, a corporation built for the sole purpose of eliminating the demons.

"Devil Survivor 2:The Animation" is a pretty good anime, I'll leave it at that. It could have been way more, but with the way it is, it just serves as good action material with not much else. Most of the characters that are in the anime have close to zero character development, which saddens me as most of these characters are way more than how they were portrayed in this shallow representation of the game. Sadly, its not what I was looking forward to.