Today is the day of tsunderes. I'm sure there are many more awesome tsundere seiyuus, but today I'll be talking about the queen herself. Oh yeah, the male seiyuus today are rather seasoned veterans, so if you're a long time fan of anime and games (I really mean long time here), you'll know them for sure.

Marina Inoue

God she's f**king perfect. She's no stranger to tsundere voices (she has a tint of that in most of her characters), but she can do so much more. She has a pretty sexy voice, rather similar to the likes of Yoko Hikasa and Miyuki Sawashiro, but she has her own charm. Lets start with the tsunderes, I guess Laura (Infinite Stratos) counts (though she sounds more dandere to me), Yozora counts too (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), along with a little bit of Tohka (Date A Live), Neito (Kyokai Senjou Horizon) and Tsukiumi (Sekirei). She has her own tone of a "typical heroine" voice in our female MC (Persona 3 portable), Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles), Rei (High School Of The Dead), Natsuru (Kampfer) and Kohak (Tales of Hearts). She can do guys no problem, just look at Male Natsuru (Kampfer) and Armin (Shingeki No Kyojin). Kana (Minami-ke) however, shows us she can do a comedic character no problem!

Characters from left to right

1st row: Laura (Infinite Stratos), Armin (Shingeki No Kyojin), Yozora (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Dekinai), Tsukiumi (Sekirei)

2nd row: Rei (Highschool Of The Dead), Female MC (Persona 3 Portable), Natsuru (Kampfer), Neito (Kyoukai Senjou Horizon)

3rd row: Kana (Minami-ke series), Tohka (Date A Live), Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles), Kohak (Tales Of Hearts)

Takehito Koyasu

Bitch please, you'd all at least head Koyasu's voice once as long as you've watched sufficient anime. He's in so much stuff that its not even funny, but I can only relate to so few. Koyasu looks f**king fabulous for a dude nearing his fifties, and he's got a pretty sexy voice for someone his age. You know, that one voice he uses for everything he does? He stretches his voice well, but I like the villain tone the most, doing guys like Dio (Jojo), Kuroi (The Idolm@ster), Eddie (Guilty Gear) and Oberon (Sword Art Online) fit him the most in my opinion. Jade (Tales Of the Abyss) and Rufus (Atelier Meruru) are just cool and collected, so are Zastin (To Love Ru) and Adam (Needless) to an extent. HOWEVER, Zastin and Adam also have a little bit of his comedic side to them, which is hilarious, might I add.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Dio (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), Adam (Needless), Zastin (To Love Ru), Eddie (Guilty Gear)

2nd row: Jade (Tales Of The Abyss), Kuroi (The Idolm@ster), Rufus (Atelier Meruru), Oberon (Sword Art Online)

Ayana Taketatsu

You don't talk tsundere without including Ayana Taketatsu, because she has a ton of tsunderes in my resume, I'm sure. Sure before everything else, her voice is cute as all heck, and she voices mostly lolis, but its still a voice very much suited for tsunderes in my opinion. Azusa (K-on!) is the an exception, apparently, since she sounds really normal there, kind of like Ayahi (The World God Only Knows). Tsugumi (Guilty Crown) is another high spirited girl like the other 2, though she has a more serious side to her at times. Ako (Kiss x Sis) is just naive and kind of seductive, and her tsundere counterparts Kotori (Date A Live), Kirino (Oreimo), Mio (MM!) make her shine. Koneko (Highschool DxD) is kind of a kuudere, but also a little tsundere on the inside. Lyfa/Suguha (Sword Art Online) is more of the submissive and protective little sister.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Azusa (K-on!), Tsugumi (Guilty Crown), Ayahi (The World God Only Knows), Koneko (Highschool DxD)

2nd row: Ako (Kiss x Sis), Kotori (Date A Live), Kirino (Oreimo), Mio (MM!), Lyfa (Sword Art Online)

Shizuka Itou

Tsundere prevails once again with Shizuka Itou. She voices some really sexy characters, and she has the voice for that. Some seiyuus have the voice for lolis while some have the voice for sexy babes, Shizuka Itou fits the latter. Who can ever forget her legendary voice role as Hinagiku (Hayate No Gotoku!), one of THE tsunderes in the anime itself (she's still voicing Hingaiku up to date, its been 6 years already). Kanzaki (To aru Majutsu No Index) and Christiane (Maji de Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai) are somewhat similar, both being sexy samurai girls....and being tsundere as well. Wilhemina (Shakugan No Shana) is just monotone all the time, and Lenalee (D.gray man) is pretty normal considering the other girls she voices. Yayoi (Psycho Pass) is all business, and Akeno (Highschool DxD) is just a sexy, seductive vixen. Koko (Jormungand) is just fun, probably one of her best voices IMO.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Lenalee (D.Gray Man), Wilhemina (Shakugan No Shana), Christaine (Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai)

2nd row: Kanzaki (To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hinagiku (Hayate No Gotoku! Series)

3rd row: Akeno (Highschool DxD), Yayoi (Psycho Pass), Koko (Jormungand)

Akio Ohtsuka

Do you feel the awesomeness? Akio Ohtsuka may be well over 50, but he's easily one of most badass sounding dudes on the planet. Having a deep, badass voice that can be bending in so many ways really makes the characters he voice stand out to be crazy cool. He voices the legendary Solid Snake (Metal Gear solid), but most of his voices are manly, strong and powerful fighters....with his good share of overpowered villain dudes. Wammu (Jojo), Kyoraku (Bleach), Gio (Atelier Arland series), Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII), Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Series) and Skull Knight (Berserk) come to mind. Jaegar (Valkyria Chronicles) deserves a special mention for being a cool, laid back villain.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Wammu (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), Kyoraku (Bleach), Gio (Atelier Arland Series)

2nd row: Snake (Metal Gear Solid Series), Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII)

3rd row: Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Series), Skull Knight (Berserk), Jaegar (Valkyria Chronicles)

Rie Kugimiya

She destroys you with her tsundere superiority, there is no doubt about that. Rie Kugimiya is known as the queen of tsunderes, tsundeRIE is what they call her. No surprise there, I mean, come on, LOOK AT THIS SHIT. Shana (Shakugan No Shana), Nagi (Hayate No Gotoku), Agnese (To Aru Majutsu No Index II), Iori (The Idolm@ster), Yukimura (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls) and Taiga (Toradora!) are ALL ridiculous tsunderes on their own! How.....HOW?!! She's in her early thirties but she sounds younger than 10 in most of her voices! The power of voice acting man. The closest she's ever come to voicing a dude is in Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), and she does very good clingy girl characters like Rose (Dragon Crisis!) and Marta (Tales Of Symphonia:Dawn Of A New World). Mizore (Rosario to Vampire) is just funny, being bored all the time, while Sharon (Umineko) sounds somewhat mature. Rise (Persona 4) is just a happy energetic girl who wants to have fun. 

Characters from left to right

1st row: Taiga (Toradora), Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Yukimura (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Rose (Dragon Crisis), Rise (Persona 4)

2nd row: Mizore (Rosario + Vampire), Sharon (Umineko), Agnes (To Aru Majutsu No Index Series), Iori (The Idolm@ster), Martha (Tales Of Symphonia:Dawn Of A New World)

3rd row: Shana (Shakugan No Shana), Nagi (Hayate No Gotoku! Series)

Peace, more to come in the future!