Gravelord Nito
HP: 4317
Skills: Slash, Sword slam, Plague storm*, Grab, Gravelord Sword*, Revive skeletons
Souls: 60000

Difficulty: 2.5/5 (With divine weapon), 3.5/5 (Without divine weapon)
Times died on 1st playthrough: 5+

After killing the joke of a boss that is the Pinwheel, you will traverse into the deadly tomb of the giants, a terrifying area with tons of gigantic skeletons and a deformed four legged skeleton being that hits for ridiculous amounts of damage. Its also completely dark, and you will f**king die without the help of a sunlight maggot or skull lantern. Nito is the second of the soul lords that I would recommend for you to defeat, because he's fairly easy compared to the other 2 left. However though, how difficult this is going to be depends on whether or not you have a good divine weapon, because Nito is a necromancer, and that is just depressing. He is the boss of the Tomb of the giants.

Big massive skeleton dude = immediately intimidating

Nito is not that tough of a boss alone, but he has f**king skeleton dudes in there with him. How the fight goes depends on whether or not you have a good divine weapon. If you do, dispatching these skeleton once and for all in an easy feat. If you don't, Nito revives them for days and weeks as you continue to kill them, and the battle soon becomes an undead orgy fest with Nito himself hitting you along with all his little skeleton buddies. For someone his size, he obviously hits hard as hell, with massive attacks. But at the same time, he is rather slow, making him easy to dodge and predict.

Slash - A regular slash that does moderate damage and is easy to block and dodge. He telegraphs this heavily.

Sword slam - He raises the sword horizontally above his head and slams it down for some good damage. Heavily telegraphed. Can be dodged, blocking not advised.

Plague storm* - Nito starts to draw black miasma within him, before releasing it all at once to cause a huge explosion in a big radius around him, dealing heavy damage. Start running as he soon as you see him charge.

Grab - He grabs you and starts to squish you hard for some good damage. Can be rolled away, but if caught you can mash buttons to break free.

Gravelord sword* - He stabs his sword into the ground, causing a gravelord sword to impale you from under the ground. He uses this far away. Hard to avoid from afar, can be dodged.

Revive skeletons - If his buddies aren't killed with a divine weapon, Nito revives them forever until he is defeated.

Despite having a lot of skills, Nito is actually not that tough without his buddies. If you go in with a divine weapon the fight is much, MUCH easier. Without one and this can become a pretty frustrating fight quickly. There are regular skeleton enemies at the beginning of the arena, and 3 big ones waiting at the other end. No matter what happens, its advised to not make the 3 big skeletons at the back take aggro, because we all know how much of a bitch they are. Fighting Nito with 3 big skeletons and 3 small skeletons that revive is a complete nightmare.

If you have a divine weapon, kill the small skeletons that approach you the moment you enter the arena. No problems there, the tomb of giants is FILLED with big ones, so the regular sized ones should be no problem. You should be able to kill them before Nito reaches you, where you can then fight him man to man. If you do NOT have a divine weapon, dodge around the skeletons and try to kill them fast with your best weapon (you should be able to one or two shot them), then focus on Nito. They will come back to life, so you don't have much time before they become an annoyance yet again.

This isn't fun.

Nito himself has some huge area covering attacks, so he'll be killing his own skeletons in a fight if they are around him, though it doesn't f**king matter as skeletons killed by him will get revived (this may screw your plans if you actually have a divine weapon). Most of his attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed, so dodging and then counter attacking is your best course of action here. His slash is slow as hell, and can be blocked/dodged without issue. Sword slam is slow as well, though dodging from this one would be good. Both of these attacks can set you up for counter attacks easily. His grab is harder to look out for, but spamming buttons will break you free no problem.

Gravelord sword is his most ridiculous ability. It snipes you from anywhere in the map and does stupidly high damage, as well as inflicts toxic. He sometimes does this the moment you step into the boss area, which is f**king cheap. Its quite predictable when hes nearby, but most of the time he does this when you cannot see him yet, which is what makes it such a cheap ass attack to dodge. Note that sometimes he will spam this, and in that situation you're probably f**ked unless you move TO him.

Plague storm is a huge AOE explosion that takes a long time to charge. Its very similar to the explosion from King Allant in "Demons' Souls". When you see him charge it up, back the f**k away. This usually kills all his ally skeletons around him if they are alive. Sometimes he will just decide to spam this, you can get a hit  or two on him at the beginning of his charge.

Props for creating such a menacing big ass skeleton dude.

And that my friends, is Nito! He's a big ass skeleton douche bags that is pretty hard with his buddies, but alone he's not too bad. The difference of having a divine weapon and not having one here is staggering, as it can either mean making a battle an average battle, or a very tough one. You've fought tougher guys, believe me. He gives 60000 souls, which is a hefty amount, no matter who you are. 

Next time, more soul lords.