These villain posts have become so rare that they only probably come once a year.....Once again, everything is based on opinion.

Spoilers for the following anime:

Eureka Seven AO
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012-2013)
Date A Live
Sword Art Online
Psycho Pass

My name is Truth and behold my awesomeness

5. Truth
From: Eureka Seven AO

The big bad dude from "Eureka Seven AO", Truth takes number 5 today. There weren't much "villains" in that anime anyway, so Truth comes to mind.

Why f**king Truth? I honestly think he was pretty damn bad ass. Borderline OP even. I never thought the "Eureka Seven" franchise would EVER introduce a character such as Truth that could go super saiyan and solo multiple LFOs at once. When they did though, I was pretty impressed, and honestly hyped that someone like him even MADE it into the anime.

In a scientific world where robots fight each other with lasers and rocket launchers, someone who can fly at mach speed, stop the entire impact of LFOs with a single hand and create masses of destruction, Truth IS a deal. Truth basically defies most logic that you'd partake in the anime, and his badass-ery really shows when he's always flying around, causing trouble and showing off that he can take on almost ANYTHING that the good guys could throw at him. 

In a world where your pose represents how fabulous you are

4. Kars
From: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012-2013)

Kars takes number 4 today. Could have easily been Dio, but I feel that part 1 vampire Dio wasn't too badass of a villain compared to the sly, sneaky, god mode Kars.

"Jojo" honestly has a bunch of villains that I really like, SOLELY from part 1 and part 2 alone. Dio was mighty awesome, and Whamu is just a complete badass, but as a villain, Kars shines the brightest. He is crafty, tricky and plays on deception to win. He is the leader of the Pillar man, the smartest, most intelligent and most experienced of them all. He created the stone mask, which resulted in all the nonsense that happened in part 1 and part 2.

He is already strong enough as the leader of the pillar men, but still used a doppelganger, tricked Lisa Lisa and beat her using this cheap ass method. He then forces Jojo to make a move by threatening her life. His arm blades are sharp and gleam like light, cutting through almost anything that it touches (he instantly cleaved Stroheim's new cyborg body made with strong metal). Later he gains godlike abilities, with the power to manipulate matter itself. He cannot be killed by the sun then, and even at the end, he didn't truly die....he just went floating in space. I wonder if someone would pick him up in a later part where he would be another cameo villain.....

Yanderes, say hello to your newest addition.

3. Kurumi Tokisaki/Nightmare
From: Date A Live

I haven't reviewed "Date A Live", but it doesn't matter, because this girl is just too awesome and bad ass for me to not post about her. Kurumi takes villain number 3 today.

"Date A Live" is a pretty normal/light hearted show for the most part, so there really isn't much room for a "villain" of sorts...until Kurumi steps in. Her normal human form is sexy and attractive as f**k, but when shit hits the fan, she goes all out....and I do mean ALL OUT. With that crazy time eye of hers, Kurumi marks herself as pretty overpowered as far as the "Date A Live" universe goes.

First of all, you give anyone the ability to control the flow of time, their going to be broken in terms of power, 100%. Kurumi has two pistols and her angel that hovers behind her (its a gigantic clock). She absorbs the power of time into her pistols to shoot herself or her enemies for some effects. Using it on herself can speed her up and using it on enemies make them stop in their tracks. Also with the power to control time she can call forth Kurumis of the other timelines to come in and kick ass like the true yandere that she is.

You'd never see it coming.

2. Heathcliff/Kayaba Akihiko
From: Sword Art Online

Look at this magnificent bastard, doesn't really look like a villain, doesn't he? Well , he takes second spot today as a badass villain.

You'd NEVER see this one coming, you would have to be mother f**king PSYCHIC to know that he'd be behind EVERYTHING. Kayaba Akihiko created his revolutionary MMORPG experience in "SAO" to trick and trap players in his imaginary world, that much everyone knows. He even disappeared after that, so no one could locate him. Whoever knew that he would be in the actual game itself, hiding as a player, gaining trust and fame from other fellow players?

Heathcliff is the leader of Asuna's guild, a regular frontline fighter, and a man respected by many players. He is usually seen fighting with his famed shield, in which he blocks all incoming damage from enemies. It is said that his health never drops below the yellow zone. When noticing that Kirito is in a relationship with Asuna and wants that she wants to leave the guild, he challenges Kirito to take him in, and wins. Later when Kirito realizes that he is Akihiko after the battle with Skull Reaper, he reveals that he was supposed to be the final boss at the end of the 100th floor.....

Sakurai as Seiyuu = f**king Bijinn badass

1. Makishima Shougo
From: Psycho Pass

And the top villain today goes to Makishima Shougo from "Psycho Pass". He may be bijinn as f**k, but he f**ks with your mind so hard that you'll go down to Chinatown. 

Makishima is like, the fighter of the government. He exists as a thorn to all that spells politics. In a world ruled by something as screwed up as the Sibyl System, Makishima tries to bring it down as one with power. He is one of the very few in the world gifted with an inner ability to always be clean when measured for a criminal coefficient value, no matter what he does. He's probably killed lots, but his case still comes clean as a sheet when being measured. He uses this to his advantage to do some nasty things which he calls revolution.

Makishima doesn't like the current world ruled by the Sibyl System, and wants to take it down so that man can once again take control of his own fate. However he also knows that since mankind has been ruled by this system for so long, they'll collapse when he takes it down. By manipulating many psychopathic individuals, he manages to test the state of the world and prepare for his true master plan (as well as entertaining himself). As his plans are constantly thwarted by Kougami he takes huge interest in him, though its certain that most of the time Makishima is more entertained than endangered. He just gives zero f**ks. He f**ks with the minds of others so well that he deserves an award.