Opening Songs
OP 1 - Dream Riser (Choucho)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Enter enter MISSION! (Ai Kayano, Ikumi Nakagami, Mai Fuchigami, Mami Ozaki, Yuka Iguchi)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Slice of life

Episodes: 12

Anime will always be anime, and many a time it will do something ridiculous to catch us all off guard. I would never have watched "Girls Und Panzer", but then again, its just a bunch of girls with tanks. Its like the tank version of "Upotte"....but then again "Upotte" is the gun version of "K-on!"....which is the music version of "Lucky Star"! God....what will they come up with next. Having watched all of the anime that I've listed in the previous sentence, I told myself "Why not? I've survived stuff like Upotte!", and sure enough here I am today with this review. I can safely say that "Girls Und Panzer" is really REALLY similar to how "Upotte" goes. If you like tanks, you'd probably get a better kick out of the anime than the rest of us. If you don't like tanks, this is probably just an anime you'd watch for cliche girl bonding and minor silly laughs.

Even tank warriors can look cute in swimsuits.

Not a huge fan of most of Choucho's songs (Kawaru Mirai was great though), so I can't say much about the opening song. "Dream Riser" is a really cheesy, cliche song about girls trying hard...and well, its not really something that I would listen to. Too cheesy, if it was something catchy, it would be perfect. The ending is among the same area. "Enter enter MISSION!" is sang by all the seiyuus of the 5 main girls of the show, its another easy going song, not something I would listen to.

Rating: 7.0/10

It would be a 7.5 if you like tanks. Since "Girls Und Panzer" takes a huge amount of consideration into its specific tank theme, most of the time the anime goes on and on and on and on and on about tanks, explaining the different types of it. They go really in depth into the name of the tank model, how it served its purpose in wars, battlefields, the type of cannon ammunition, so on and so forth. If you're into tanks, like my friend, you would have your eyes wide open, a huge smile spread across your face as you nod to the facts about tanks when the anime explains it. For someone like me, who knows NOTHING about tanks, I would just stare at the screen, and what I would see and/or hear would just be a bunch of cute girls talking about unnecessary banter....

F**k everything, lets paint our tank and give it flags! 

The Nishizumi household has always been known for their highly regarded tradition for tanks. In the world of "Girls Und Panzer", girls undertake tankery, a sport which involves driving tanks as a team and demolishing other teams in friendly competition. Miho, our heroine of the anime, wanted to step out of the tankery business and take something else, to change her life, so she transferred to a new school to take up something new. Unfortunately, in that new school, tankery was also enforced as a popular fad, and many girls wanted to join it, including her friends. Bent on not taking tankery, she insisted on taking something else, but the higher ups of the school asked her to take tankery, as she is of the well kown Nishizumi household. The school needs to win the upcoming tankery tournament to stay alive, and because of that Nishizumi joins as a member for the team.

"Girls Und Panzer" is what you'd expect. Its tanks, and its girls. There's nothing super interesting about it if you don't dig the initial premise of girls riding tanks, and the way they go in depth about tanks and their specs might not interest everyone. There's a decent anime here for everyone, and probably more if you're into the whole tank thing, but honestly, how many tank nuts do you know watch anime? Most of them would be into model building and army stuff won' they?!