Not doing one for "Mai Otome", because my favorite for that is still Nao.

I reviewed "C3" not long ago, its about a crazed loli that likes killing shit...lets just leave it at that! It has psychological themes, as well as action, while also retaining a little bit of school life/slice of life in there. "Campione" is just a sexy harem with action mixed in. Its about killing gods and making love with sexy girls to "absorb"/"take in" information from them. Despite all the sexiness and fan service, it is legitimately cool and awesome to watch. "Jojo" is just "Jojo", I reviewed it recently and its just what it is! A crazy experience with a really awkward visual style that not everyone can appreciate...although I really liked it.

C3:Cube x Cursed x Curious 

Animes like "C3" don't come often. The typical high school action anime feel is there, but rarely do they introduce their main characters to be so incredibly screwed in the head. "C3" is like that, and to me, there was one character that totally made me go gaga. 


Kuroe is f**king adorable. She is the mascot of the hometown that Haruaki belongs in, as it should be. Being voiced by Yui Ogura is one thing (she has one of THE most loli-fied voices in the seiyuu industry), but she has the most adorable design out of the entire cast. Yes, she's cuter than Fear. Bring out the lolis because  I have a sudden craving for them! Oh, did I mention that she's also funny and a troller at that, a really really cute troller?

Kuroe doesn't appear until quite a bit later, and when she does, you'd already fall in love with her ridiculous antics. She opens up by tentacle raping Fear with her hair powers. She was also a cursed doll that had her curse removed, as she stayed in Haruaki's home. Without her curse, she is but a cute little girl with powers to help others, how can anyone hate this? Of course, to be somewhat useful, she opened a barber shop in the town district and gained a lot of love from everyone, before long she was the mascot of the district.

She became good friends with Sovereignty almost immediately (dolls unite!), and is not to be laughed at in combat. I mean, she generally uses her hair to attack her enemies, and as a small loli doll, she mostly just uses her hair to do stuff. No one should underestimate this little gem of a doll. I did want her to have for fight time tough, because for the most part during the end, she was just a target for being paralyzed and didn't do much....


"Campione"....its great. I mean, its boobs, its intense kissing, its fan service, its fighting, and its about slaying gods. The term "Campione" is used to refer to god slayers in the anime and that is really freaking cool. Also, its a harem/action type anime, how do you refuse that?

This is hella cute, but I'm damn sure she isn't THIS flat in the anime.

Hehe, many of you would be expecting Erica. Erica is the hottest, sexiest and most seductive out of all the girls in "Campione", that's for sure. But for me, I like Mariya the most. In some matters, sexiness matters, but for other times, other traits do shine. Mariya is the best character in "Campione" for me, because of how she is from time to time. Also, its worth noting that I have a soft spot for shy characters, so Mariya fits right in for me :).

Mariya starts off as a shy, humble young woman who treats Godou with care and strictness. She tells of Erica for her constant acts of indecency, and tries to stray Godou down the right path. Of course, she showed so much care for Godou that even Erica says that Mariya should be the second lover after Erica herself, and even mentions that Godou can only have feelings for her and Mariya. At least that proves that she backs her up!

Mariya is an important addition to the team, but not in the ways of combat. She doesn't fight, but she has magical charms and seals that help during battles when the need arises. Of course, she's there for Godou to kiss when he needs the information, but other than that, she's mostly just a main support character of the anime. A really attractive one.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012-2013)

Do I really have to? I reviewed "Jojo" not long ago, and well, I won't go too in depth. What can I say about "Jojo"? Crazy, just like my favorite character of the anime.

Thinker pose. Still fabulous.

What can I say about Joseph? Well, he's the complete opposite of Jonathan, his grandfather. Okay, not literally, but he's so different that you wouldn't think that they were a good way. Jonathan was too justice driven, too "by the book". Joseph just does whatever the hell he wants, and because of his boisterous personality, he is easily one of the most liked characters in the anime.

Joseph is like Dante in many ways (old DMC Dante, not DmC Dante). He likes to rile up his opponents, make fun of them, make a silly joke about how they look or fight, then go out all, beat him in a fair fight (or in some cases, not so fair) and respect his opponent. His smart ass attitude makes his opponents hate him, and whenever he goes "YOU'RE GOING TO SAY THIS NEXT", his opponents usually say it and they'd go "WTF?!! How did he know?!". That's how he reads his opponents and eventually drive them into a corner.

Joseph fights with the Hamon within him, which is normal for he IS Jonathan's grandson. Since he has a really nonchalant attitude, he really doesn't give a f**k or realize that it is a power that he can harvest. He likes to chase after pretty women, and doesn't really work hard until he has to (see how he trains his Hamon under Lisa Lisa). He cares for his friends and family, above all however, he is one respectful mother f**ker. I literally saluted along with him when he defeated Wamu.