"Persona 4".....need I say more? This game has been getting a shit ton of love from Atlus lately, and I can't complain, because it's that f**king good. "Persona 4:Golden" for the Vita? Hell yes. "Persona 4:The Animation"? Oh hell yeah! "Persona 4:Arena"? Now you are just pushing it, take all my f**king money Atlus! Even though the game itself released way back in 2008, does that make it any less irrelevant or outdated? Well, of course not.


Bitch please I'm fabulous

Name: Yu Narukami
Traits: Versatility, Wild card
Rating: 10/10

Same deal as Minato/Hamuko or any SMT protagonist ever made. You shape him to what you want to be, and because of that, he is badass. He can equip multiple personas, can switch them in battle, and can change the entire tide of the battle by just being there. As long as you got the personas to back it up, your main character is pretty much an unstoppable catalyst to carry your team to victory.

Captain resentment!

Name: Yosuke Hanamura
Traits: Wind attributed, Physical DPS, Buffer
Rating: 8/10

Yosuke is actually pretty damn good from start to finish. He has some great stats in his persona, though speed is probably the main growth focus. His magic and physical damage can be pretty good, but most of his end game skills mostly spell him as an assassin type character with fast, hard hitting physical moves. Early on he's really good because he has Dia, and during such early levels, he's one of the few that can cover your party when they need it.

He has buffs (mostly speed buffs) which help, and his persona is wind type. So say goodbye to Yosuke when you see Ziodynes come in. Using dual kunais give him points for style, and since he is fast, he'll make a good anchor man. And hey! He's your best friend, and one that's actually not too big of a loser/douche bag, so he's plenty likable.

I'd stand by her decision, meat is the best 

Name: Chie Satonaka
Traits: Ice attributed, Physical DPS
Rating: 6/10

Chie is straight in your face, that's what she is. However, Kanji is also straight in your face, and he hits easily 2 times harder. Chie thrives on physical DPS, so does Kanji, but he does it better. Both Kanji and Chie suck in the magic department, and because Kanji has so much damage, Chie is a little obsolete. You pretty much have to use her early on, then when you get Kanji, you can swap her out. Her early damage isn't bad, but really, she gets outclassed.

She is ice type, but since her magic damage is pathetic, it doesn't really serve much more than a weakness and a tool to knock enemies down, it isn't a reliable source of damage. Since she's based off martial arts, she just kicks people in the face, nothing too cool there. However, she is a funny person, character wise, I do like her quite a bit. Oh, she gets smoked by the Yukiko boss, HARD.

Yukiko overload!

Name: Yukiko Amagi
Traits: Fire attributed, Magical DPS, Healing
Rating: 9/10

Yukiko is awesome. She has no physical damage whatsoever, and she is pretty frail compared to the rest of the cast, BUT, her magical side is super effective. She's a character based completely off magic (the opposite of Kanji), and she brings great damage to the table. Because of her ridiculous damage, she gets to wreck people, and hey, if your team is ever in a jam, salvation will save your ass BIG time come late game. Healing plus insane magic DPS = instant staple for your team.

I did mention she's fragile right? She's fire type, so throw an ice cube at her and she's done for. In fact, most physical based bosses/enemies can smoke her really hard if they get lucky and throw multiple hits on her in one turn. She fights with a fan, stupid, but it's better than some of the cast. I dated her on my first play through, because she's basically a sexier version of Mio from "K-on".

Dafuq you looking at?!

Name: Kanji Tatsumi
Traits: Lightning attributed, Physical DPS
Rating: 8/10

You gotta love Kanji. He may be gay, but he's pretty damn cool. Having easily the highest health/defensive growth in the game, he'll probably be the last to fall in a fight (unless you neglect him in healing you selfish piece of shit). He's basically the Aegis of "Persona 4", with SOME magic. He brings insane, godly DPS to the table, Primal force late game kicks the living daylights out of EVERY (almost) boss in the game. He will just beat the f**k out of shadows when it comes to physical attacks.

Magic? WHO NEEDS MAGIC. He has some lightning magic because he is lightning attributed, but he has probably the lowest magic growth in the game, so he does next to no damage on the magic side. He fights with.....a steel chair? He's a bro, probably one of the most well characterized characters in the game if I do say so myself.


Name: Teddie
Traits: Ice attributed, Magical DPS, Healer, Buffer
Rating: 8/10

Gotta love good ol' Teddie. Other than being a lovable fluffy bear thing, he fights pretty damn well, better than most of the cast. If I'm not mistaken, he is 2nd to Kanji in defensive stats, so he won't be falling in a fight soon. I'll put him under the "tanky caster" classification, as he is mostly a mage type. He does bring some good magic DPS to a fight, but lets not forget that he heals as well, with "Mediarahan", in fact. So if you pair him with Yukiko, you get a max survival team. Lets not forget buffs, his defensive buffs are pretty good in too.

Being an ice attributed bear, fire does scare him a little bit and might burn off his fur. Since he IS tanky, he won't go down too fast even if hit by weaknesses. His physical DPS is pretty bad, but that isn't his fort anyway. And you probably know this, but I think Teddie is awesome, no hating on the bear.

Please let this be canon

Name: Naoto Shirogane
Traits: Dark attributed, Light attributed, Magical DPS, Physical DPS
Rating: 7/10

Naoto is hands down, the sexiest character in "Persona 4". We haven't really seen much confirmation about it yet (when she goes into the female school uniform...DAYUUUM), but I'm going to let my fantasies and the crazy amount of rampart fan art about Naoto go wild. Naoto is a weird character. She is like a mix of Koro and Ken from Persona 3. She has light and dark (which are incredibly luck based) magic skills, she can dish out good physical DPS (You can't look down on that Vorpal blade) and magic DPS (Megidolaon? Yes please).

 But while she has all these cool abilities, none of that really stands out to their maximum potential. Her physical DPS can't match that of Kanji's or Chie's, its Yosuke level at most. And since she only has Megido type spells, she's more of a late game character, to use against bosses with no elemental weaknesses. Also, yes, Naoto has a sexy personality, you can't deny that. WE NEED A GAME WHERE SHE ACTUALLY DRESSES LIKE A GIRL. HOW ABOUT A SCHOOL UNIFORM DLC COSTUME FOR HER IN P4:ARENA EH ATLUS.

Okay here we go.

My Party



Chie tier



Lol not to hate on Chie though, but I actually switch between all characters. Normally for my final slot I'd go for Yosuke, because he has great stats overall. If I'm against most end game bosses, I'd use Kanji, as for bosses without weaknesses, Naoto is great because lol Megidolaon.