Monday, 8 July 2013

Cosfest 2013

Its that time of the year again and here I am busting my ass to take cosplay photos. Its been 2 hectic days and I am tired as f**k right now after running around like a complete idiot.  Anyway, like any other year, "Cosfest" is back, and apparently, this is their 12th year doing it. Have Singaporeans been such otakus for such a long time?

The "Heart & Soul" of cosplay, bold words if you ask me. However, in my opinion I enjoy "Cosfest" a lot more than most other anime related events because the amount of cosplayers are just staggering each year. So much otakus, each doing what they love best, be it the photographers/roamers like me or the cosplayers themselves. Gives me a little bit of a confidence boost when I see people with such a passion for games and anime, and that maybe I'm still not TOO old to be into stuff like that (I'm 19, 20 soon). I have faith in the community....and with that, lets get on with the pictures!

Prepare for a long one folks, this post is 2 days worth of pictures combined together (over a 100 pictures), so grab a seat or something. I brought my camera this year, so a pat on the back for me right there. Still, my photography skills are horrible (I didn't bother to take photography classes or any shit like that), so forgive me if some of my pictures can be a bit....."unprofessional".

Right and if you guys never noticed, my camera's date is set a year earlier, so forget the lousy time-stamps (you probably noticed that for many years already). Plus, I may have a crap ton of animes and games under my belt (over 100 anime series watched, more than a few hundred games played when combining all consoles and handhelds AND PC games), but I still can't tell most of these characters the cosplayers are doing....shame on me.

Okay, dig in folks. Presenting the cosplayers of "Cosfest 2013" !

Yo, my lack of anime knowledge still haunts me. I have no idea who these 2 girls are, but damn they sure are cute. Keep those maid/school uniform hybrid costumes coming, because I love it!

"Accel World", I'm sure of it. I never watched it, so I don't know the characters. Guy on the right is Silver Crow, I know that much, not sure about the girl. Sweet looking costumes, I'm a sucker for armored type cosplayers. Great duo.

They look like a pair of fairies, but I can't really assume so because I have no idea what or who they are. Lack of experience once again, though I'd say they look pretty good. A little easter egg....Kurou Usagi from "Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Desu yo" is in the background.

CAN YOU FEEL, THE NOSTALGIA~~ It's been a long time since I did anything "Yu-gi-oh" related, but its been a longer time since I have seen the old school monsters, Dark magician and Dark magician girl! Now THIS surprised me, and I thought they looked great! First generation for the win!

Caster from "Fate/Extra" and Gilgamesh from "Fate/Zero". I'm not too used to seeing Caster being taller than  Gil (because I'm pretty sure she's not), but hey, its great to see love for "Fate" characters, especially Caster! I was quite sure "Fate/Extra" wasn't that popular, but apparently it was popular enough to see some love in "Cosfest".

It's Inori from "Guilty Crown". Inoris and Shus have been popping around everywhere so I guess its safe to say that "Guilty Crown" is finally getting the recognition it received!

Hello Yozora, please don't get too mad at my shitty photography skills. Seriously, if I remembered, there were Sena cosplayers before in last year's "Cosfest", but none of the other girls. Great to see diversity, and despite my failure of a picture, you can see that she looks pretty good!

I am clueless to who this character probably already got used to that. Girls in kimonos are all too common if you ask me, but I don't really mind. Probably a konoichi, I love konoichis :D.

Another girl in a kimono and another character that I do not know. However, she's cute, and she looks good in that. I'd want to say "Touhou", but I won't take my chances.

I don't know who these characters are, but I would be a complete idiot if I didn't know that they are probably characters related to "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" or something around that area. They look good in their ancient Chinese/Japanese warfare clothing.

G-g-g-go go Power Ranger! I wonder who still watches "Power Rangers" are always playing their Ipads and shit. Anyway, this probably isn't their first time here, as I have seen "Power Ranger" cosplayers before. Keep up the good work, or if this is actually their first times here, good job!

Something...something...something...okay I give up. I have no idea who these guys are cosplaying as and once again my lack of anime experience deprives me of my spirit! Still, not a bad duo.

Again, I do not know these characters. Probably belong to some ghost comedy anime or something, because this shit reminds of a japanese cultural version of "Casper".

I'd want to say Harley Quinn, but its probably not, because I suck. Still, have to give her credit for being bold and sexy for wearing that.

Ahh, here we are folks, the flavor of the Spring season animes. "Shingeki No Kyojin" is so popular its stupid, but its awesome at the same time so I don't blame it. Here we have Armin, Mikasa and probably Sasha posing to be awesome. All are girls but it doesn't really matter because Armin looks like one and is voiced by one anyway. Great stuff!

My hotness! Its Boa Hancock from "One Piece", and while I never watched or read it, I've read enough doujinshis to know which are the sexy ones. Well, she's sexy and she knows it, nothing much else to say.

Having just recently watched "Date A Live", I practically fan-boyed at any "Date A Live" cosplayer. I expected to see Tohka, but who knew Nightmare was the first! She looks pretty badass with that stare and cold look, but it would have been better if she had her dual pistols. Who cares, good stuff.

I requested a photo because she looks like Mana from "Date A Live", but upon closer inspection, she may be another character. Still, she's cute, and that costume looks cools, similar to those mecha girl type costumes.

I have no idea who you are, but keep looking cool with those swords. I'd have to look up which character holds a gold and a blue sword at the same time, but this guy looks good!

God dammit, enjoying your time being the top tier of  "Marvel Vs Capcom 3"? I never played ultimate so I don't know the state of Wesker there, but playing so much Wesker only made it easier to spot him. Well, the suit is there, the jacket is there, his pants are there and so is his sunglasses...looks legit. Yeap, its Wesker alright, and he's looking good! Wherever you are the f**k out.

As I said, "Guilty Crown" is getting some love from the cosplayers! If it wasn't obvious enough, this is Shu, and well....he's Shu, and he's doing what Shu does best, posing for the camera.

Don't know who this is, so I can't even take a guess really. Still, sister/nun characters are cute, and this girl has a pretty nice costume. I dig this.

Now that is cute, but I have no idea who this character is once again. Pretty frilly costumes, the dream of every cosplayer girl. Good job!

Oh shit, this guy is badass. I was never a fan of "Rurouni Kenshin", but well, this guy seals the deal for being a badass samurai. He does the job and he does it well to boot!

Hello there, characters of one of my favorite fighting games! Ragna and Hazama, protagonist and antagonist, are just awesome overall. These cosplayers do them justice, because of how cool they look (especially Hazama, but I may be biased towards my main). Long live "Blazblue"!

"Sengoku Basara"? Not too sure but they look like they belong to a samurai anime of some sort. Cool group shot, though I like the 2nd guy from the right the most.

Eh...its Yuno. F**K! Well, any sane human would stay the living f**k away from her, but this is cosplay, so its legit. The knife she puts to her mouth just makes this all the better. "Mirai Nikki" dude, we need more "Mirai Nikki".

God, sexyness and BOLD  is what I would use to describe this girl. She's cosplaying Neko from "K", but the version of Neko where she just has a coat around to cover her body. This is bold, and SEXY! Points for all that, because she's doing a good job.

I don't have to know what character she's cosplaying to know that she is one cute looking school girl! Nothing much to say, she's cute, she poses well, and everything looks great. The collar though, makes me think she's from "Hentai Ouji", but I never watched that.

This is cool as f**k, but I don't know what game or anime she's from. Still, no words needed, that scythe is totally badass. Add that with a cape and dark Lolita clothing and you have an awesome looking cosplay.

You'd be stupid to not know what "Sword Art Online" is. You'd be even MORE stupid to not know the anime's poster girl, Asuna. She's everywhere, and that may be a good or bad sign depending on how you look at it.

My friend told me that she's from "The Walking Dead". If that's true, then she must be one badass, psychopathic bitch, to be dragging zombies around and grabbing a katana. A pretty cool idea, dragging those mannequins around.

I love me some Taiga, I won't deny that. Before I watched "Toradora", Taiga has already been appearing in multiple cosplay events prior to this year's "Cosfest", and I say that's great. "Toradora" is an old anime now, but its great in so many ways...its practically timeless. Simple and beautiful, I like it.

I had to take this, I mean, come on, HOW CAN I NOT?! I loved "Tales Of Graces F", its one of the few RPGs of late that has gotten me so engrossed. I never expected any "Tales Of" cosplayers during my 2 days of visits, and here I see, f**king Asbel here, with his awesome looking knight outfit. However, this cosplayer is a girl, which I'm totally fine with, because Asbel looks pretty feminine anyway.

Remember the "Blazblue" photo above? Yeah, no event with "Blazblue" cosplayers is complete without everyone's hated ice car spammer, freaking Jin. For some reasons, they seem to pull it off pretty well, so here's a good looking Jin, with his sword behind his back.

Man, Dante just can't catch a break can he? Here we have the awesome "Devil May Cry" trio, and even better, they are in their "Dmc 4" egos, which are in my opinion, the best versions of them. Dante is just chilling out with his ladies, Lady and Trish, which is to be expected from a lady killer such as himself. One of the best group shots, and this made me retain faith of the series staying awesome. F**k new Dante, this is where its at!

Some bulky armored dude with an axe and badass helmet. His axe isn't big enough to suit his massively armored body in my opinion, but the design is sweet, and I won't complain. I have no idea who or what he is (I mistaken him for Darius from LoL at first), but hey, he looks awesome!

Another character I'm don't know (excuse the sun, its freaking bright in this picture), but she looks like someone from "D.grayman" or something that's similar. An alluring pose, but due to my shitty photo shooting you only see half her body (f**k me).

When in doubt, wear something that makes guys flock around you! This girl had tons of guys swarming her and taking pictures, which is justified. Well, she's hot, and I'm gonna guess that she's from "One piece", because the girls there mostly dress like this.

Every year we see vocaloid stuff, and every year we see Mikus and Lukas dressed in frilly outfits trying to look pretty. You've probably seen stuff like this before, so you know what's going on.

More "One Piece" (for some reason people love that anime). Its luffy and Nami (I think), which is a pretty common pairing for "One Piece" cosplayers. Simple, yet this kind of posing usually draws a lot of attention.

F** k my poor photography skills, I'll just tell you what this is if you can't piece out the blurry pieces of info from this picture. Its the vocaloid gang from that one "Senbonzakura" song, which is pretty cool, but completely ruined due to the author's flimsy camera hand. F**k me indeed!

I'm clueless once again, but if I were to take a wild guess, it would be Saber and Irisviel from "Fate/Zero", but of course, due to my stupidity, I might be wrong here. Not a bad duo.

More love for "Sword Art Online". Need someone from Alfhiem online? Here's some Lyfa, without her sword. Still alright though, but since it IS "Sword Art Online", a sword would be nice.

Must...resist....inner lolicon. This girl, is uber cute, though I have no idea what character she is. I have 2 guesses, first is that she is Yoshino from "Date A Live" (she has a rabbit icon imprinted on the back of her jacket), the second is that she is Noire from "Hyperdimension Neptunia". Whoever she is cosplaying as, THIS GIRL IS CUTE!

Now this is made a little clearer. This is probably the "Hentai Ouji" and the "Stony cat". I may be wrong, but I see no other alternative. A cute pair, though I do find cosplayers in school uniforms to be hard to differentiate....

Yo, I heard you liked some league, so here's some Caitlyn, so you can play Caitlyn while you look at this Caitlyn. In all seriousness, I'm glad there's some love for league in this year's "Cosfest", and this Caitlyn is beautiful. Not the best, but her outfit and the like is pretty spot on. The cosplayer herself is pretty cute too.

Yo, them thighs and them knee high boots, I'm a sucker for girls with such fashion. I don't know what game or anime she's from, but she looks badass and she has a gun, so kudos there.

I AM YOUR FATHER! Nuff said. Darth Vader? Bad ass. Love for "Star Wars" is always good, and its nice to see my yearly dose of Darth Vader, makes me happy inside.

WATASHIWA, KAMEN RIDER! He was striking a pose with my friend (had to crop it out), and well, Kamen rider suits that don't suck take a whole lot of effort, so this guy does it right. Good job!

You want some?! This guy looks scary as hell, because of how freaking spiky he looks overall. Still, an outfit like that must take some effort, so he deserves a pat in the back!

This shows how friendly the cosplaying community in Singapore actually is. These 2 Jins don't know each other, but when they crossed each other they just laughed at each other and decided to pose together for the fans. Everyone took a photo, and I was one happy guy. I mean, how often would you see two Jins stare off at each other!?

I don't know this character but I would take a guess that she's from "Touhou". I mean, she's holding an apple, and I'm sure the song "Bad Apple" came to mind when I saw this...

She looks bored. Like -.- bored. "Black Rock Shooter" is awesome, and its unfortunate tat there's not MUCH love for her this time round. Still, at least I found one! And her costume is pretty spot on (except for the cannon not being black)...nice stuff.

Damn, if I see a character from my favorite game, I would definitely ask for a photo. "The World Ends With You" is still my favorite game, and that means Neku is still one awesome dude in my book. Well, this guy plays him just right with that pose alone (though I would love it if he shoved his hands in his pocket).

Yo, Square, WHERE THE F**K IS MY "TYPE-0"!?!!! Seeing another group cosplaying as the class in "Final Fantasy Type-0" makes me cringe inside for 2 reasons. 1, its so awesome, and 2, BECAUSE I STILL DON'T GET TO PLAY IT. F**k you Square I'm looking for an English patch RIGHT NOW.

Girls in tight suits are great, especially if they have nice bodies. Even better if they are Celty from "Durarara!", because I was happy to see my favorite headless horse rider in action. There is no remedy for sexiness, because that's what it is.

This guy.....looks like a gundam. I have no idea what character he is, but judging by his big bulky armor he should be cosplaying as someone badass....

Nope, never seen this character before! Blame me for my inexperience while I admire girls with weapons~~~~~

Now THIS is Yoshino for sure! Yay~~ some awesome for "Date A Live". With her right hand inside her sleeve she just looks cutesy. Plus Yoshinon is there too, so everyone can look at his yapping mouth and derpy face!

Some douche bag put his camera right in front of mine as I took a picture. She looks like she belongs in a fighting game, with that stance and all. Not too sure about this one, sorry~.

Another kimono girl with an umbrella! Why do they all look almost the same? I don't know about this one, and not much comes to mind if I were to guess so I'll just leave this up in the air...

Aha! I know this one! I mean, its freaking Vergil, in all his glory! Yes its the real Vergil, now the cocky douchebag from "DMC". First its Dante and his 2 girls from "Dmc 4", now its "Dmc 3" Vergil! This is a good day for old school "Devil May Cry" fans in Singapore, where cosplayers favor the original look of the characters over the shitty new ones! Well, as Vergil, he does it right, though he needs more bishonen looking hair.

A girl with a sword, this can go ANYWHERE. Though the twin tails do help in differentiating who she is, I'm quite sure I've never played a game or watched an anime with a character that I know looking like this. Still, I like girls with swords.

Levi you pint sized prick! Why'd you gotta steal the spotlight?! More love for "Shingeki No Kyojin", and its the guy that every girl likes, Levi (or Rivalle, I prefer Levi because its easier to say). Not much to say here, he's as you'd expect him to be, a fabulous looking prick.

Holy f**king shit, talk about scary! I don't know what character (or monster) she's cosplaying as, but she nails that spirit of a demonic creature just right! Probably the scariest looking cosplay character this time round. She'd fit right into a horror game as a boss or something....

Hello Suiseiseki, do you like my shitty camera skills? Honestly though, she's not hard to figure out. Nice to see "Rozen Maiden" love as well, especially with the new season coming out. She looks good, but I was hoping to see some of her other sisters.

Squall you fabulous piece of shit, why'd you gotta look so damn awesome?! There's not much to say here, the awesomeness speaks for itself. This guy cosplaying as Squall is one fabuous dude, and he sure looks like he's having fun looking fabulous. Great looking gun blade.

More Lyfa, but I couldn't take a good picture because there were so many hoggers around her. Just take a picture and leave dammit, don't just camp there, switch positions and spam pictures with your fancy ass gigantic cameras! This Lyfa looked better than the other one, just because she's pretty. Not much to say here, everything else is the same.

Ta-da! Some love for "Final Fantasy XIII-2" (the game with a f**king shit ass ending), and its none other than our main heroine Serah. Serah is just Serah, and the bow is really well done. Would have really caught me off guard if she brought Mog along, but meh, this works just fine.

Ciel from "Black Butler", anime's curse for turning all girls into Yaoi fan girls when they watch it. Well if Sebastian was here, there'd be a shitstorm of girls, I'm quite sure that would be the case....Still, as a solo cosplayer, this is good.

Here's a bunch of pictures of a league cosplaying group. As a league player, this made my day. Seeing so many cosplayers cosplaying as league characters and then posing as a group...that was just tear jerking. Plus, the group was HUGE (we have Pantheon, Vayne, Leblanc, Miss fortune, Lux, Ezreal, Malzahar AND MORE), so when they all posed, I had to run around different positions and take pictures from different spots to get the full group. It was impossible to fit everyone into one picture, but man, having all these guys in the group was just awesome....

I don't know what game or anime she's from, but she STRONGLY reminds me of the Witchblade for "C9" because the armor she's wearing looks like an armor for Witchblades in "C9". F**K, MY BRAIN HURTS. Awesome cosplay though, a badass girl always makes me happy.

Freaking guy jumping into my shot JUST as I pressed the shutter, f**king douche bag. Erza is hot, I don't have to watch or read "Fairy Tail" to know that, because doujins provide me with all the fap material of her that I need! This cosplayer does a sexy job, and again, swords make me one happy dude.

Color me clueless, because thats what I was when I took a picture of this cosplayer. This one's up in the air people, because I really don't know!

I'd go with the safe choice and say these are "Saint Seiya" cosplayers. I mean, what other characters would dress like that? Not a fan of the series, but these cosplayers did put some work into their stuff....

Some demon....woman? I can't say anything because I'm completely clueless about this one. At least she knows she looks fabulous in that!

Priestess girls? Eh....I'm not confident enough to make guesses (because saying "Touhou" to everything doesn't simply work), so I'll just leave it in the air. "Tsubasa Chronicle" comes to mind, as the pretty girl in the white robe reminds me of Sakura.

Wow, f**k, that's one intense looking costume man. If you'd want to capture the spirit of True Orge, go to this man, because I bet that he's played enough "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" to figure out how badass True Orge looks. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THIS SHIT, IT LOOKS SO ALIKE ITS CRAZY. He looks like he'll just pound you into the ground and go "KO"!

Inner lolicon, do not emerge. DO NOT EMERGE. Cute girl is cute, and its hard to not like her when she holds that little stuffed toy, looking at all us cameramen so innocently. Definitely a heart warmer! that Riku and Rikku? I mean, it totally looks like it! Riku from "Kingdom hearts 2" on the left, and Rikku from "Final Fantasy X-2" on the right! I'm right aren't I?!?! Or am I just hallucinating?! BRAIN, DON'T F**K WITH ME, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS AWESOMENESS.

Its Kobato from "Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai". At least I think it is. She looks so bored though, Kobato isn't bored! If she did her signature "KEHEHE" pose with her fingers over her eyes that would be PERFECT. Still, this cosplayer's cute, I won't say no.

Its easy to scream Miku at anybody cosplaying as a character with long blue/greenish hair and having a variety of different clothing, because Miku is one cosplaying slut herself (look at how many costumes that woman has!). On a more serious note, if this isn't Miku, I have no idea who she is.

Some weird group shot with that woman from before, a samurai dude and a pirate? Completely mindf**ked here. The samurai guy looks cool at least.

Them sexy legs. Looks like Miku cosplay, but it probably isn't. However, having no clue about the character she's cosplaying doesn't mean I don't want a picture, wouldn't let up a pair of sexy legs :D.

Eh, I'm clueless once again. Fancily dressed napoleon looking dude...if I were to take a guess I would say that he belongs to "Hetalia", because that's where all the fangirls are at and that's where guys dress like this. Not bad overall, he has the costume down. 

I never watched it, but I'm quite sure its the main girl from "xxxHolic", an anime with some weird ass animation and visual styles. The cosplay looks pretty good, but you probably can't get the most out of it because of my shitty camera skillz.

Gah, I'm just gonna say its Rin and Len, because I know of no other blonde twins that are a guy and a girl. Pretty sexy clothing, I'd say, the girl on the right (Rin, I guess) is pretty badass looking.

Well, only 1 character in the entire world looks like that, and its Tao! As in, Taokaka, from "Blazblue". Great  to see more love for the game, and well, she looks just like Tao should. I can't remember which year, but I did remember seeing an awesome Taokaka cosplay before.....

Dude, its a good day to be a "Final Fantasy" fan, because after all these years, I finally found a Cecil cosplay! Its paladin Cecil, which is great, and he definitely looks the part! How amazing would it be if one day a dark knight Cecil cosplayer and a paladin Cecil cosplayer just stood side by side and posed for the fans.... 

Ah, never watched it, but I'm damn sure that its "Chobits". Never knew the characters, but well, these girls look sweet together!

Erm...a pair of modern samurai people? I mean, they hold katanas and stuff, but the clothes they wear sure don't seem to belong in the olden days. Cool combo, if I only I knew who they were.

Another fabulously armored dude cloaked in gold. I don't know who he is, so I'm going to make guesses again, and I would say "Saint Seiya"...because I know of no other series where freaks cloak themselves in shiny armor and still try to look fabulous. Well, he DOES look fabulous.

Errr.....bunnies? Bunnies in punk clothing? You lost me there guys, but hey, if you guys did your characters right, then I stand by your decisions! Not a bad duo.

Now this I didn't expect. Its Kurou Usagi from that one anime with a ridiculously long name...."Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Desu yo", there we go. Didn't expect to see any cosplayers from that anime at all! Great to see some love and variety in characters!

Well we have here a cute looking silver haired samurai girl. What? Her name? I don't know! Once again this is another that I'm completely clueless about, but who cares. She's cute.

Hoho, kimono girls again (nothing against them, its just that there are such a handful of kimono girls). Well, she looks good overall, so I've got nothing to complain about.

I'm buying a 3DS just for this game, so don't question me. Its the protagonists from "Project X Zone", Kogoro and Mii. Its great to see exposure for these characters even though their game just came out in English about a week ago! They must have prepared for these costumes since the Japanese release I guess. Cool stuff!

Top 5 cosplays of Cosfest 2013

I'm pleasantly surprised actually. Most Lightning cosplays I have seen are of older women and they pulled it off well. This is actually the first time I've seen a younger looking girl do it, and well, I'm stunned. Never have I seen Lightning actually look cute...this might be the first. Well, what else can I say? I'm captivated, I love it! Probably among the best of Lightning cosplays I have seen, in my opinion.

Dude, no homo, but this is one "pretty" guy. I know, that's not the right word to describe a male, but still, this is what fan girls always say. "Pretty boy", I'm quite sure that's what's used to describe Vlad, and that was probably what Riot had in mind designing Vlad. That pose is like saying "you mad bro?", which is both an insult and an awesome job. In game, Vlad is a trolling master, with troll pools he makes people rage...this is the perfect representation of Vlad in a cosplayer. He's got the looks, costume, attitude and feel to pull it off perfectly....bravo.

Now I don't want to fight Vlad in league even more.....

LOCK AND LOADED!! Well, nothing to say here, let the greatness flow into your heads right now.....Done? Okay. Raiden, is one badass looking mother f**ker already. Having a cosplayer pull it off must be hard, btu well, this guy did it. It isn't a perfect costume, but I'd give him 80/100, which is already amazing considering how hard it is to pull off a costume like that. Mad props to the dude in this, and enjoy the fans taking photos of you. Now I gotta play some "Metal Gear Rising:Revengance" to cool off some of the awesomeness in my mind......

Nope, its here. I can't resist anymore, my inner lolicon is coming. YEAH! What's cuter than Annie from league? How about Panda Annie? Its the freaking cutest thing I have ever seen in league? What's better than that. A cosplayer of Panda Annie that ACTUALLY LOOKS AS CUTE. BUAH! NONSENSE! Well, just let it all soak into your brains for a second. This cosplayer, she's a little girl, probably not as young as the real Annie, but she's small and short...which makes me tingle inside.

 F**k I must sound like a complete pedophile right now. Ignore me while I go drown myself in shame.....

Bah I don't have to say anything here don't I? You all must already know that "Dark Souls" is probably in among top 5 favorite games this generation (maybe even of all time), so I obviously fanboyed like an idiot when I saw an actual Artorias cosplayer. He might not be the perfect representation, but he does an amazing job! Enough to make me drool (not really, but still). Now if the sword was longer, this would have been the perfect cosplay.

.......Yo you still here? Great job sticking through all of it! That's an insane amount of pictures for one post, but well, it might have been worth it for you (hopefully). I didn't buy much this time, as I already have a shitload of unused anime goodies from previous conventions that I couldn't find uses for...Well, what did you think? Two days of pictures into one post isn't a bad idea if you ask me. Whelp, that's it for now!

Usual content continues with the next, I'll see you guys then.