Opening songs
OP 1 - Abnormalize (Ling Tosite Sigure)
OP 2 - Out of Control (Nothing's Carved in stone)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Monster With No Name (Egoist)
ED 2 - All Alone With You (Egoist)

Genre: Action, Science action, Psychological, Thriller

Episodes: 22

Ever watched "Minority Report"? If you have, then "Psycho Pass" will be immediately familiar to you. It mixes some themes that normally aren't seen in anime and makes it appealing to otakus. It has an interesting concept, and since it touches some common themes with today's society, its something that we can all relate to. Most media nowadays touch on the same main topic that "Psycho Pass" tries to make clear, and honestly, the way "Psycho Pass" does it, is incredibly badass. Think a modern "NCIS" crew, anime style. They are incredibly charismatic, individually interesting, and their different personalities just makes everything one hell of an entertaining ride to watch. In most cases, it's f**ks with your mind, and since its a detective esque anime, there are some really deep mysteries and psychological themes at hand. 

TLDR, its different from most anime and its awesome.


The songs in "Psycho Pass" are kind of hit or miss to me. Both opening songs are NOT my type. The first opening is "Abnormalize" by Ling Tosite Sigure, and well, I'll say it up straight, its too high pitched for me. Now I don't want to bash it too much, but I don't like it at all when guys try to sing like that, it makes me cringe a little. The second opening "Out Of Control" by Nothing's Carved In Stone, and it didn't really strike me as something I'd like as well. It sounds a little bit old school, which I kind of like, but its also a little "bland" at the same time. Man I suck at explaining these little details....

The endings of the anime however, I DO like them, particularly because they are both sang by Egoist (the same group from "Guilty Crown"). The first ending, "Monster With No Name", is an AWESOME song on its own, because its a tempo/momentum based song. It starts off slow, goes in hard with the chorus, then comes off slow again after that...I love songs like this. The second ending however, "All Alone With You", is a little weaker in my opinion. ITS STILL GOOD, just not as good as "Monster With No Name", just because it feels and sounds a tad slower.

Rating: 8.5/10

Its only receiving such a score from me because I haven't seen anything quite like "Psycho Pass" in anime. The closest things that come to mind are "Darker Than Black" and "Ghost In A Shell", though those don't quite touch on the same themes that "Psycho Pass" does. Its also worth noting that the cast of "Psycho Pass" is uber badass and probably tops the casts from the above mentioned animes (in my opinion of course). Character growth is also pretty in depth here, as we see the characters change over the cause of the anime, and that is always great to watch, HOWEVER though, not everyone goes through this in depth character development, because the anime likes to focus on its core few main characters, which I'm down with. Also, this futuristic world ruled by a system....its pretty tough to think up of such a theme.

Our protagonist is a cute, naive woman. Meet Akane.

In a world ruled by the Sibyl system, talent rules over everything else. The system calculates your worth to society through scores from tests and examinations, then follows up by giving you choices on areas where you could provide your talent to. Tsunemori Akane is a young woman whom is highly valued by the system with her incredibly high scores, and she has a lot to choose from when it came to her future. She chose to join the public safety bureau and work with the enforcers. A psycho pass is the measurement used to measure the mental state of an individual in this world, and those with a very high level will be deemed as a criminal worthy to be executed. The public safety bureau handles criminal cases and is dispatched with dominators to go against said criminals. Dominators are guns that measure the psycho pass of a criminal and the shots fired against said criminal are determined by the psycho pass can be used to subdue or kill its target. So how does our young naive woman stack up against these criminals?

Even if you don't initially dig the premise, you should give "Psycho Pass" a shot. It feels a little bit awkward at times, but its different from anything you've probably ever watched, and it'll probably knock your socks off. It has an amazing cast of characters and a really badass villain, but the best thing about the anime is that it gives us, the viewer, some really good food for thought. It may be just me, but its one of the most thought provoking anime I have seen in a long long LONG time, right behind the likes of "Steins;Gate" and "Chaos Head'.