Opening Songs
OP 1 - Dramatic Market Ride (Aya Suzuki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Naguse (Aya Suzuki)

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Episodes: 12

"K-on" anime lookalikes always get me, first "Hyouka", now "Tamako market". "Hyouka" was pretty good, but "Tamako Market" not so much. I mean, I do enjoy various genres of anime, "Slice of life" included, but sometimes its the sheer silliness of these slice of life animes that get me going. "Tamako Market" doesn't have much of those, other than having an incredibly ridiculous talking bird. Everything else just seems a little too normal and uninteresting to get my attention. Still, the tale of a mochi making girl belonging to a mochi making family and running into unexpected events can be entertaining. Most of the characters are pretty streamline normal, which makes it rather difficult to gather some gut busting funny moments. If you're just overall bored however and want something super casual, "Tamako Market" isn't bad to the point that it won't at least put a smile on your face.

Yo man, that's not how you do it.

A happy, easy-going anime like this means that its going to get a happy, easy-going song for its opening, and "Dramatic Market Ride" does just that. Its sung by Aya Suzuki (seiyuu of Tamako), and while it fits the anime, I'm not too much into the actual song. Same with the ending though, its also sung by Aya Suzuki, and the song is called "Naguse". It takes on a slower pace to fit the ending, but still feels too easy going for my tastes to be honest.

Rating: 7.0/10

I don't find "Tamako Market" too amusing or funny, but I don't find it bad either. Its entertaining at times, and its just one of those where you sit down, watch it, and just keep clicking the next episode when you're done with one. There's nothing too exciting about it, but if you don't hate the slice of life genre, "Tamako Market" is easy to watch. It does its best during the times where it tries to exploit its funny, fat talking bird, but other than that, most of the other characters....aren't too interesting or funny. There are probably only 4 worthwhile characters in this entire anime, the rest are just paper cut stereotypes. Also, it had the romance genre tagged on, but honestly I didn't catch anything of the sort....(You know me, I won't put the label "romance" unless there's REAL love going on). The animation and art style is cute, just because it reminds me of "K-on" and "Hyouka".

Dera is one funny ass bird.

Tamako is a regular girl that lives in a busy shopping district where all its residents are bonded like good friends. Her family runs a long time mochi making shop, and her family has been in the mochi making business for as long as they can remember. As the daughter in a mochi making family, she joins in on the hard work in making mochis as well. While going about her day as per normal, she suddenly runs into a fabulous looking bird in the local flower shop. She sneezes on to the bird, and the bird suddenly talks, saying that he is honored to Tamako confessing her love to him. Apparently this bird comes from a faraway land, seeking a bride for his prince, and that a custom to his kind is that whenever someone sneezes at him, they confess their love to him. Dera decides to stay in the district to seek his perfect bride, but was actually forced to stay after eating too much mochis and growing too fat, he is unable to fly away.....

All in all that's about it. "Tamako Market" probably won't impress too much of the people who would watch it, but I'm sure that was not what it was trying to accomplish anyway. You won't need a huge attention span to watch "Tamako Market" (just like "K-on") and actually that is beauty of it. Feeling lazy, want to watch something but don't know what? This might be just your thing if you're feeling lazy as f**k.