Its been over a f**king YEAR since the last villains post for gaming. I won't say I forgot about it, but screw it, here are more villains from more games. As usual, this is MY opinion, you may or may not agree, so let's just get to it.

Spoilers for the following games:

Disgaea 4:A Promise Unforgotten
Final Fantasy 13-2
Tales Of Graces F
Corpse party:Book of Shadows/Blood Covered

2000 attack points!

From: Disgaea 4:A Promise Unforgotten

First up in the 5th place is Judge Nemo from "Disgaea 4". First off, when you look at him, you get am evil feel out of him, but nothing major. If anything, he looks just like a scheming businessman or just a wacky con artist? What gets him here?

Well first off you won't get to see him at all much in the game, at least for the first half of the chapters. When you do see him appear after the takedown of the nether world president, he starts to reveal his major evil plot. He isn't much of a pushover. He's not a demon, he's not an angel, and he despises human on top of not being one, what is he excatly?

Well Nemo is actually a phantom, a living regret of his past self of sorts. He tries to destroy Earth for fueling his hatred (like 99.5% of other villains in the world), through a lot of ways, and while doing that he was trying to tax and control the netherworld through the distribution of hate energy. Through the many chapters you will see his hatred bear fruit and learn to grow some sympathy, as he does look like a sad demoralized demonic monster towards the end. He was cool during the final boss battle though.

That's what they all say.

4.Caius Ballad
From: Final Fantasy 13-2

Next up on 4th place is Caius from "Final Fantas 13-2". He's a simple dude actually, and when you look at him you'd say, "a hippie Siegfried wielding a copyrighted Soul edge made in China"? That's the vibe I got anyway, so lets get to him.

Caius appears throughout the game so many times, its not even funny. The first fight against him was easy, but subsequent ones got harder and harder VERY quickly and he WILL kick MASSIVE ass if your party isn't strong. Like Noel and Serah he is a time traveler, but unlike those 2, he treads across the different times for a different purpose.

Caius is the previous guardian for Yeul, and he has not put down his duty yet even though Noel already took the new place as one. Yeul is under a curse where she is to predict the future and eventually die from having all these future predictions (the same thing Serah is experiencing throughout the game). Caius is trying to stop that, and he goes to all these worlds to try and save all these Yeuls....failing most of the time, A valiant effort indeed, hes quite a noble villain.

Well I couldn't find a good picture, don't look at me.

3.Admiral Havelock
From: Dishonored

3rd place goes to Admiral Havelock from "Dishonored". All who play the game know this shaggy man for the complete asshole that he is. He might not be a very powerful villain (in fact you nail him like all other normal dudes in the game), but he is a shrewd one nonetheless.

Havelock is one of those guys you can read from miles away. Right off the bat you KNOW he's going to become evil at SOME point in the game. But anyways, he starts off with this welcoming posture and demeanor as he welcomes you into the part of the loyalists. You'd think he was just going to help you and brief you through missions as a friend and mentor. After all, he saved you from prison right?

Wrong, it was all to make use of your abilities in order to seize himself a high position. After you take down the lord reagent he gets rid of you, trying to cast you away as he takes credit for EVERYTHING you have done, as well as wanting to turn you in, the "assassin" of the queen, to earn even MORE praise. Still, the power hungry faggot couldn't keep his power, so he killed Pendleton and Martin, but still succumbed to his deeds in the end. Asshole.

Welcome to the land of Bishonen.

From: Tales Of Graces F

2nd place goes to Richard from "Tales Of Graces F". I really do like Richard, even after all he has done, I'm quite damn sure many of you do too. And even though, technically, Lambda is the true villain, it IS Richard you are fighting, so lets just go there.

A pretty charismatic young fellow if you ask me. Richard is a prince, and as a prince, he IS to succeed the throne. However, everything fell to shambles as his uncle desperately tried to take the throne. Richard's father, the former king, got assassinated, and Richard knew he was next. After a successful attempt at poisoning Richard, he fled for the catacombs, but succumbed to it. That's was where everything changed.

Lambda possessed Richard, and Richard could not let go of Lambda as his host. He sympathized with the otherworldly visitor, and through that they made a pact of friendship as he worked together with Lambda to build a better, ideal world by erasing the old one (like 99.9% of all villain in the game). He went around the world, absorbing eleth to further strengthen himself for his plans and to weaken the other parts of the worlds. And the final confrontation with him was just excellent to boot.

I absolutely love this guy, believe me.

1. Yuuya Kizami
From: Corpse party series

For first place today, its going up to Yuuya Kizami from "Corpse party". I wanted to give it to Sachiko, but I'll save her for another time (you know she's coming out sooner or later). Being the awesome sick dude that he is, lets see what he has.

Kizami is a sick fellow by heart, and you can see that in "Book Of Shadows" as they explain his past. Since he was a kid, he looked into a different side of things. He killed animals, beat up kids and took pleasure in all of it. He thought himself different from the others, and yes he is. When he got sucked into Heavenly Host Elementary, he was in for the time of his life. Lets go through his deeds.

We can never forget his pedophile chase against Yuka, that crazy man wanted a little sister through sheer force of obsession. If Yuka gets caught, Kizami can be seen tying her up and torturing her before he finally kills her (although he doesn't do it eventually). He is also responsible for the murders for most of his schoolmates. Fukuroi got beaten up bad by the crazy hammer guy, but Kizami finished him off. He caught and killed Mitsuki, he killed Kurosaki (his best friend) for talking back at him, and he beat up Tohko while she was trying to be nice to him. A crazy, violent bastard to the very end.

Peace, more to come. You know it.