Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Girls as guns? (Upotte! review)

Opening songs
OP 1- I.N.G (Sweet ARMS)

Ending songs
ED 1- Himekuri (Kaori Sadohara)

Genre: Action, Slice Of Life


School has started for me once again, and my thus my shitty life continues. Ever thought of girls, that are guns? We have definitely seen shit like that, stuff like Zanpakutos and weapons from "Soul Eater" being impersonated by something looking like a human. Such is the world of "Upotte!", where girls, who are also guns, attend a military school where they are taught the basics of shooting, handling, and world history. Its a strange world, believe me when I say its completely insane and nonsensical. But in the world of anime, nobody really cares, and at times "Upotte!" may seem really stupid, but you can't deny the charm that it manages to portray. As long as you like cute and adorable girls, "Upotte!" will still draw you in.

In a show where girls are guns~

Song wise there is nothing much to say here. Both songs aren't really to my liking and its pretty expected. The opening song is "I.N.G" by Sweet ARMS, and its a pretty normal peace loving girly song. Its nothing that I would like, but it still fits the overall mood and theme of the anime pretty well. The ending song is "Himekuri" by Kaori Sadohara, and its a slow easy-going song, nothing special here. Once again it fits the anime, but it isn't really to my liking.


Its a decent anime. Its not bad, but its kind of redundant at times as they do a lot of stupid things that are pretty much unnecessary. It has its share of serious and stupid moments, and to be honest, even though its a light hearted anime, it does a better job at doing the serious sections than the stupid ones. It tries too much to be something like "K-on", but lacks sheer moments of comedy or stupidity to make things funny, most of the time its just comparisons of boob sizes. You can think of "Upotte" as an inferior "K-on" but with guns, because that's what I can best describe this as.

Prepare for war people.

Funko is what she is called, FNC is her name (as if that made any damn sense), and she is a well as our main character. Funko, like all the other girls in her school, have always wanted to be held by another strong individual that they admire, and for her, that's the new teacher that just enrolled into their school. Ever since she saw him at first sight at a festival, she has dreamed of being held by him. So begins her new school life with a new teacher, alongside her friends that she likes to fool around with, as they shoot stuff and throw stuff. 

"Upotte" is really another one of those pointless anime that you watch for no apparent reason. You can get by  its sheer randomness and illogical sense of reality. At times, it can be really funny and interesting to watch, while other times it just gets silly. "Upotte!" is those kinds of anime that will get you nowhere, but there's also no reason not to watch it.