Opening songs
OP 1 - Paradigm (Eufonis)
OP 2 - Kimi Rhythm (Masaki Imai)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Kokoro no Kara (Team Nekokan)
ED 2 - Cry out (Team Nekokan)
ED 3 - Salvage (Team Nekokan)
ED 4 - I scream Chocolat (Team Nekokan)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural 


I had to hold this one back because of the 4 additional CANON episodes that came out at a different date. I must say that "Kokoro Connect" feels like a pretty average anime at first, it least it pretty much did to me. It just felt like 5 average boring high schoolers participating in daily club activities. Well, stick with it. These 5 go through some pretty intense and weird situations, changing their characters overall and opening new sides to their personalities that we would have never guessed. Very soon, you will grow to like these 5 students, and in the end, it finishes up well as a series, making us viewers feel very satisfied. From the start to the end, your love for the characters increase with each episode, and that deserves a shout out.

Meet the kawai girls of the club!

There are too many ending songs..probably one for each ark, but to be honest, most of them aren't up for my tastes anyway. Let's talk about the opening songs. "Paradigm" by Eufonis is a slow, soothing song that is pretty average in every way. Its not something that I would really like or listen to often. The 2nd opening is pretty good, "Kimi Rhythm" by Masaki Imai. It has this "Aoi Shiori" feel that when you listen to it, you just feel calm enough to settle down and nothing but sing along.


I was kind of siting on the fence for this one. Before I watched the extra 4 episodes, I was already settled on giving "Kokoro Connect" a 7.5 out of 10. But after the 4 extra episodes, which were wonderfully done, I told myself, f**k it this is getting 8.0. The last 4 episodes did a great job of boosting up the overall score, and I just feel that the entire journey with the club of 5 members just made me love them even more. Character development throughout the entire anime was superb for almost every one of these characters, and just thinking back on the episodes of how these characters grew was just great. And while it is once again an anime that focuses on the theme on friendship, it actually does it right.

I would be happy too, IF I HAD A LITTLE SISTER THAT CUTE

Taichi is another one of those typical high school student main characters. He just wants to help anyone in the best way he can. He's in a club with 4 of his friends, and together they are going to be in some deep trouble. In the middle of club activities one day, their club adviser comes into the room with a sinister face and voice. The possessed club adviser introduces himself as heartseed, and presents the club with a test. From then on, all 5 members of the club will randomly switch bodies with each other, and this eventually caused distress between them all. Will the 5 friends work together to overcome the difficulties that they face? Or will they crack under the pressure and sour their relationship?

"Kokoro Connect" is a great anime with tons of great moments. The bonding between friends is just beautiful in this anime, and the final few episodes are the sections where the anime truly shines. If you'd like a different kind of anime that threads upon the familiar theme of friendship, then this anime would fit right into your expectations.